Back to Basics: Buy Prices for Refrigerated Staples

Update: I feel the need to add this due to some of the comments. These posts are not meant to make you upset or make you feel bad, instead they are to encourage you to create your own price points and be aware of what you are paying in stores. I NEVER advocate the Keeping up with the Joneses. These prices (or close to it) are obtainable for 85% of the readers of FTM.  It takes lots of work. If you cannot do that work because of time and other committments, it is ok to have a higher price point – but know your price point.

However, I would be doing a disservice not to let everyone know what is obtainable should they want to. As I said below in the disclaimer, your price may vary by state, but these deals can be found at almost every major chain store in the country.

Welcome to the Back to Basic Series. This series has included Stock Up Prices on Meat, Stock Up Prices on Household Staples, Stockup Prices on Toiletries , Stock Up Prices on Pantry Staples and finally Refrigerated staples.

Today, I am going to cover Stock Up Prices for Refrigerated Staples. I will list my stock up prices vs. my buy prices for these.  Refrigerated items are different from some other items, not at will have a stock up price – because of being perishable.

The buy price is the absolute max I will pay for the product. (unless there is an absolute dire emergency or party,  but when you have a stockpile like mine, that doesn’t happen often) The stock up price is my normal buy price – meaning this is what I would pay and I would buy more than 1. Of course, there are always opportunity to do better than these prices.  All of these products are based on the average sized containers for each product.

Disclaimer: Dairy Items vary greatly from state to state.  Some states have regulations for dairy items – including what you can use a coupon for. Please take that into consideration before figuring your own buy prices.

Cream Cheese block – $1.00 Buy Price , $.50 Stock Up Price *

Shredded Cheese 8oz.  $1.50 Buy Price,  $1.00 Stock Up Price

Sour Cream 8oz  $.75 Buy Price, $.50  Stock Up Price *

100% Juice, 59 oz   $2.00 Buy Price, $1.50 Stock Up Price

Butter l lb. $1.75/lb Buy Price, < $1.75/lb Stock Up Price – butter prices have went up drastically in the last six months, this price may need to be adjusted.

Spreadable Butter $1.00 Buy Price,$.25 Stock Up Price

Block Cheese 8oz $1.00 Buy Price, $.50 Stock Up Price

Yogurt (cups) $.35 Buy Price, $.25 Stock Up Price *

Yogurt (4 Packs) $1.25 Buy Price, $1.00 Stock Up Price

Coffee-Creamer $.75 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Cheese Singles (individually packaged) $1.50 buy price, $1.00 stockup price

Refrigerated Bisquits or Rolls $1.00 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Cottage Cheese 8 oz  $1.25 buy price, $1.00 stockup price *

Cool Whip $.75 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Eggs $1.00 Dozen

Premade Dip $1.00 buy price, $.50 stockup price

*can be frozen, however, changes consistency – good for cooking/baking

Are there any other items to add?

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  • Jenny

    Love this blog & stock-up list! Thank you so much for your time and efforts!

    I am in southern PA, usually shopping at a local grocery store, Giant Foods (mine only doubles 1 coupon up to $0.99), and Walmart or BJ’s.

    I do great with the drugstores, still trying to get my saving down further at the grocery store. With four hungry teenagers, I have a hard time keeping the pantry stocked!

    I find that I am spending so much time couponing, that I am spending less time in the kitchen and with the meal planning…maybe that would be a great series:)

    • Shannon

      Hey Jenny,

      I did a meal planning series once. It didnt go so well. Everyone has their opinions on what is good food and well, I obviously cannot cater to everyones special needs – so I am not sure I will venture down that road again!

  • Beth

    How many papers do you buy? I know someone who buys about 9 papers every week. I really can’t justify buying that many papers. Do you think it’s worth it to spend $13,50 each week to possibly get some deals/stock up items?

    • Jenny

      Beth, I read a recommendation somewhere that you should get 1 paper/person in your family…

  • Heather

    Shannon! I love your series! It makes me so happy to see what can be accomplished and I have been using your lists to compare and shop smarter! I cannot wait for it to be on a spreadsheet :) Thank you so much for your time and efforts !


  • Christie

    Thanks Shannon for all you do. I have saved a ton of money with your help. I think I’m borderline obessed with my couponing actually. I realized after I left Target that she missed rang one of my coupons and I was tempted to go back over 40 cents. I didn’t as I was on my lunch break and it would take so much time but I’ve realized that ever cent counts! So thank you and my husband thanks you :) Gone are the days that I walk out of Target with $50 in one little bag. A suggestion would be to possible bold or highlight items that are stock up prices in your weekly posts. I’m not sure if that would be additional work for you but it would really stand out to people on when they should stock up vs holding for a better deal.

  • dori

    another idea is could you put down what the “normal” price for an item is in ur area, then buy price ,then stock up? i know its more work but thought maybe , everyone could see how much u are saving and can use it for a gauge in their areas. But thanks for ur hard work. i love reading ur blog.

    • Shannon


      I work with other bloggers who do 30 stores throughout the country, honestly, these numbers CAN be obtained by 85% of the country. The normal price for a 8oz package of cheese is $3.99, but I pay $1.00. I think if you read these comments from all over the country, you will see that this is the case.

  • Kristy

    I love that you marked the items that can be frozen. I often wonder what items you are able to freeze esp when they are on sale for a good price or free! I’ve wondered about sour cream for a long time and others I talked to say no you can’t freeze it. Do you have a list of food that you can freeze?

  • Katie

    Hi! Thanks for your post. I always like comparing my buy/stock prices with yours! I also live in Nor Cal, and things are VERY expensive here. We only have a Raley’s and Safeway from the major chains, and their deals are usually not too great besides the “hot” deals. I also have a family of 4 and subscribe to only one newspaper. No doubles.

    I find your buy/stock prices are right on, with the exception of block cheese ($1.00 is buy, $0.75 is stock for me), and sour cream ($1.15 is buy, anything less is stock). We have dairy laws here.

    May I offer to Jason and others who feel they can’t find these prices with coupons, maybe you should check out a Costco or “Low-Price-Leader” grocery store? I find that I keep my Costco membership for an amazing discount on auto insurance, and for dairy products. It TOTALLY pays for itself here in Cali, and may be a good option.

    Also, we have a FoodMaxx which will beat any ad here in my city. I usually don’t find that they are a better deal for promotions (they don’t have many), but I’m able to purchase my produce and a few other things here and it saves us quite a bit of money.

    Thanks for the guide. I appreciate it!

    • @Katie,
      You are absolutely right-I try to stock up on dairy @ Costco. We recently switched from Sam’s and they have the same awesome prices. It pains me to pay for milk or half and half anyplace else. Also butter and eggs-but I recently got free butter and cheap eggs at Shop Rite.

  • stephanie marchak

    Shannon, AWESOME post!
    Time =Money
    Therefore I typically save 50% on my groceries using coupons every week. My total is usually about $50.00 per week with coupons & freebies etc. I am making $25.00 an hour clipping coupons. Pretty good for sipping coffee, watching tv and clipping.

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I have been wondering what good stock up prices are. Prices tend to be higher here in NY than where other bloggers live but it’s great to have a list of goal prices to reference.

  • Lynn

    I love your blog. Thanks for the list. I have a hard time getting low prices like this, but this is a great starting point. We don’t have any stores that double coupons where I live. I agree with Cathie that prices are going up, and it’s hard for me to come to terms that a good stock-up price from a year ago probably won’t happen anymore.

  • Beth

    I also live in a suburb of Detroit that is consider wealthy. I find these GREAT deals all the time and think the price points are right on the money. There are many stores in this area that double coupons to $1. You just have to find the right store. Thanks for the list!

  • Tori Leitch

    I wish I lived where you do. Our prices are 3x the price of that in southern Maryland! :) But thank you for the list. That was very generous of you!

    • Shannon


      Are you just outside of DC? Prices may be 3x’s without coupons, but I even shopped Whole Foods down there and still got way closer than that.

      There is a Giant Foods and Safeways in Silver Spring area, and if my memory serves me still, there is a Giant Foods too.
      – it is slightly more expensive than Philly, but I think its doable to get within 20% of these numbers for sure.

    • @Tori Leitch, I am in Northern VA, 8 miles of DC and I think that these prices above are generous. I went to Harris Teeter last night and got 10 pillsbury refrigerated biscuits for a little over $1 for all 10 containers. I consider that stock the fridge pricing. If it gets to the pull date and I haven’t used them, I might cook them and freeze them to heat up later but I have until the end of April to use them all. I also try to get shredded cheese cheaper than $1 because you can usually find $1 with normal sale and coupon match up and they freeze great!

      I took me two years to really know what my stock up pricing would be and I think that the above chart is a good target for many starting out and would have been helpful for me in the beginning. I always tell my mother in law who is learning, you might have paid $0.50 at the beginning for a tube of toothpaste but now you wouldn’t spend a dime. After you stock up on items, it gives you the ability to be more picky on the prices you pay which brings your budget even farther down. Sad for me because it also means that I can’t figure out when to defrost the freezer because I can’t stop stocking up!!!! These prices are great targets for everyone in the country to use while trying to come up with your own (if you want to put in the effort).

      • Tori Leitch

        I am about an hour maybe more from DC. I wish we had a harris teeter. But I was talking about before coupons. Milk on average is $3.35, and grated cheese $2.99, expensive, I to find a cheaper place to live. Where we both still make good money lol. Any suggestions? :)

  • Becca

    Thank you so much for sharing these lists. I love seeing them and can’t wait until I can print them all out for my binder.
    I work full-time, am a full-time housewife, and a mother so some weeks I don’t have time for serious couponing and I’m ok with that. I take advantage of the weeks that I have a little extra time.
    THANKS! You are wonderful!

  • Thanks for this post! It’s a great guideline to go by.

  • Thanks for this information! It’s a great guideline to try and go by!

  • Ginny

    I appreciate this list. I used to get hung up if I had to buy an item at retail with no coupons, but then I realized it won’t kill our budget to buy one item we NEED. I just don’t stalk up on it. When I have ran out of something I need and can’t wait for a sale, I just know I only have to buy one of the item and continue to look for a deal on the product in the upcoming weeks/sales.

  • Kathrine

    So I guess I just have one question…

    What about everything ELSE?
    Say you’re making a dish…and you have everything but…heavy cream.

    Since there aren’t coupons for it, do you just buy it at full price?

    Say you need broccoli. Do you just buy that at full price?

    I’m new to couponing – am already rolling rewards and such – but I think that’s the question that gets me every time.

    • Shannon


      I do not pay store prices for veggies – I shop at Farmers Markets and discount produce places such as Aldis. I also meal plan. For example, I recently bought heavy whipping cream with a coupon – it was organic, but with the coupon it cost me less than the regular. This is also where I would use generic brands to save money.

  • Amanda

    THANK YOU for taking the time to do this! I really appreciate your blog, and especially this series!

  • I have been couponing most of my 51 years. I have my “buy” prices firmly planted in my head, but to be fair to some of the commenters I have noticed lately significant increases in LOTS of staples. I mean, jaw-dropping increases. But if you do whatever you can, you can balance out what you CAN make a killing on with what you need, but can’t get at a great price.
    Also, many of us work outside the home, and Shannon admitted that she spends a lot of time doing this work. I spend many hours on Saturday getting ready to go to RiteAid and Shoprite, and I do alright, but I’m ecstatic if I find block cheese for $1.25. Actually, I was pretty happy to find sliced cheese on Sunday for $1.99.
    I have a feeling maybe Jason and I live in the same area.

    • Sheila

      @Cathie, You’re right. I work in the selling side of food and prices have been really shooting up lately.

  • This is a great list Shannon! I agree 100% with them. I think one thing that people don’t understand is that just like drugstore items that you get cheap you need to stock up on the cheap items! My freezer is PACKED with chicken that I got from Vons two weeks ago because I got it at $1.97 lb (boneless,skinless) and I probably can’t fit anything else in there but I will not have to run to the store and buy them at an outrageous price.
    If you are paying attention at the grocery store–you can find these prices! It is up to you to take action.
    It takes more work than drugstore shopping but it is possible in any state!

  • Bonnie

    I live in a very populated suburb of Detroit that has a rep for being “wealthy” and I don’t see the prices from your series on most grocery items. I’m not upset about it – just jealous:) One thing I have noticed is that the coupons in my weekly circulars are often for less off than other parts of the country. For example: If a coupon database lists that there was a $1/1 colgate Q in such-and-such insert, I know 80% of the time I will find it to be 75 cents off in my area – or a $1 off TWO instead of one. Kind of a bummer:)

    I also notice that often – almost ALWAYS at Kroger – our grocery stores’ advertised sales are not as low as other parts of the country. For example, during the recent Kroger Mega sale, people were talking about getting .39 canned vegis and ours were .49. About 85-90% of the sale items were like that… not a huge deal but it adds up. Now, I am just taking a guess here but I think our prices are higher because labor costs are higher here than many areas of the country – I can’t think of a local grocery store that isn’t unionized here and I don’t remember that being the case when I lived in Florida although maybe things have changed. I’m not blaming the higher costs on unions or expressing any kind of opinion about unions, just saying that passing the costs of operation onto the customers is a part of normal, every day business and if you are paying your employees more per hour and have more benefits, operating costs are higher.

    One other thing that I am jealous of – doubling & super doubling (not even sure I know what this means, lol)… both my Kroger and Meijer will only double up to .50 and only on the FIRST “like” coupon and only on a total of 5 coupons per visit. As you can imagine, stocking up becomes a test of endurance when you can only get the good deal one time during each visit, ya know? Ironically, I recently had a conversation with a Kroger cashier that used to work at Meijer for 5 years after working at Farmer Jack before they went out of business. She was very coupon friendly and we were chatting about doubling, coupon blogs, etc. She said that in the last 5 or 6 years she has only seen doubling up to $1 once – and it was for just a day… they called it “customer appreciation day”, hahaha:)

    I really appreciate the time you took to make these lists – it helped me to buckle down and create one of my own. I admit that I sometimes get very frustrated about the prices where I live but mostly I just try to focus on how much I am saving every time without comparing it to how much someone else is paying.

  • Tracie L.

    Thank you so much for this list. I have only been couponing for 6 weeks and I have to say that I think you are right on with your prices and I live in N. CA where they don’t double and we only have premium stores! Just in the little time I have been doing this I have seen how things go in cycles and then when it is a great deal Stockpile it!!!! It does take work (lots) especially at first but now even just after 6 weeks, I am to the point that I have a good little stockpile and can hold out for better prices, Thank you so much for all you do!! This is one of my fav blogs!!!

  • Karen

    Thanks for this list!! I have always loved couponing, but never was die-hard about it. After my husband was unemployed for 10 months this past year, I realized that I was literally throwing money away at the stores. I have made it my mission to not pay full price for anything– well, maybe that is going a little too far. To try to save money by using coupons and deals if at all possible. I have done pretty well, starting to have a nice little stockpile going. Some of the items that I buy, I never know if I am getting a “good deal” or not. Sure, it’s better than paying full price, but I never knew what any “stock-up” prices were.

    I have a question, though. For clearance deals that you might come across- say at Target, Wal-Mart or even the drugstores, do you go ahead and purchase the items (impulse) or do you just keep walking?? I have a horrible time with this one!! I love to go to Target, I have found some awesome deals there. But I find it so hard to pass them up!!! Most of my clearance buys get put back for Christmas or birthdays. (Just for example, this morning I found a Lego Star Wars playset on clearance for $7.48. Regular price was $39.99. I couldn’t NOT get it, you know? Do you have any guidelines for clearance deals/specials?

    • Shannon


      Great question. I am the person who buys things for the “gift closet”, BUT I am not one to buy everything I see. If it is 75% off or more (and I mean 75% off a normal price, not the inflated price) then I would consider purchasing it.

      This will make a good topic for a post.

      • Annie

        @Shannon, Yes, that is a good topic. I sometimes feel like I am saving so much money on groceries, but maybe throwing it away on gifts or eating out. I try to use coupons for restaurants as much as possible, but would love to hear more tips on that topic, too. (Like when hubby says let’s eat out tonight, and I run for my coupon binder, but I can’t find coupons to suit his mood, so we go anyway and pay 5x the cost of dinner from my stockpile!!!) Thanks for all your great tips, Shannon. Every little bit of savings helps!

  • Sherry

    Great post and your prices are pretty close to mine and I live in an area where prices are more expensive. I’m also fortunate enough to have a large number of grocery stores in my area. Some of the stores I would never do regular shopping in due to the prices but usually can get a few hot buys each week and that is the only thing I get there. I also always have a plan ahead of time of what I’m getting. I never just go and walk down the aisles picking stuff up as this will lead me to just getting stuff I don’t need and paying too mcuh.

    I have to say the longer you do it the better you get at it. I have been couponing for about 4 years and it is so worth the time to do it. When I first started I was excited to get a box of cereal for $1.50 and now I would not pay over $1.00 for a box. The key is definitely stockpiling the items when they are on sale and having multiple coupon inserts.

    I just want to thank you Shannon for all you do to help save us money. I know it takes lots of time and you are always on top of the deals. You have been a great help to me.

  • Jenni

    Thank you for this series Shannon! I have printed out the past lists and reference them often. Some of the prices I have edited to match my area and what I feel comfortable spending! Which is what I am sure you have intended us to do! I get so excited about teaching and sharing with my friends and family what I am saving! I could not do it with out this site and all your great insight! THANK YOU!

  • Rebecca Wagner

    Thanks Shannon! I’ve been slacking on my bargains lately- haven’t been paying full price but haven’t been hitting my normal “buy” prices either. Been too busy keeping my preschooler twins busy with all these snow days! Looking forward to you putting out the spreadsheet with all of your “buy and stockpile” prices listed. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Cindy

    I think your price points are right on the money! These are almost exactly what I pay for these items. Wouldn’t it be a lot less work for all of us if the manufacturers and stores would just agree to sell things at these prices all the time?

  • I suppose you may not see every single one of these prices if you walked into your grocery store today. But odds are good that you’ll find a few of them each week. The goal is not to buy every item at rock bottom prices every week. The goal is to shop what’s on sale at rock bottom prices so that you can pay the prices that Shannon listed here.

    I live in rural Ohio, and I only have one grocery store that doubles coupons. They only double them up to $.50. So our coupons are so-so. But I can easily pick up a few of these items each week and pay the prices that are listed here. I just need to pair my coupons with the store sales. That said, I don’t necessarily get all of these items at this price all of the time. But when I see the stock-up price, I stock up! That means I don’t have to pay $2.99 for shredded cheese. I can walk to my freezer and pull out a pack I bought for $1 when it was on sale. The key here is buying a bunch when it’s at the stock up price.

  • Amber

    Thanks Shannon, I live in the expensive state of California and I thought your prices were pretty accurate. It takes some time to see all of these prices come around and sometimes you can’t wait for certain things, but I have seen pretty much all of these. I have the most difficulty finding savings on dairy, but it does come around. Eggs at Albertsons were $.99 today and I bought 2 and used the $.55/2 eggs printable we got last week. I have been couponing for three years, if you are new you just have to be patient and you will see these kinds of prices come around. You have to work really hard, but it’s worth it in the end.

  • Amy

    These prices are possible. You need to research more if you are not doing it now. Stack a Target/Safeway Q and MQ, work CVS ecb’s & Walgreens RR programs. Look for a Catalina promotion and stock-up. Love your blog…

  • I think this is a good list to start with and strive for. YES prices vary regionally, but with coupons & sales these prices are achievable. BUT you have to remember these may not be YOUR BUY prices overnight. When I started, $0.50 off was a deal – woo hoo. Now that I coupon more, have built up a stockpile, know that a sale will be coming again, my BUY prices get lower and lower. Start with a list of your current prices you pay and strive to lower them – you will see over time, the price you are willing to pay will reduce.

  • Elizabeth

    Do you freeze the cream cheese or shredded/block cheese? I have heard that you can freeze shredded cheese easily (for example, it’s everywhere on frozen pizzas). We aren’t much for cream cheese, but I couldn’t resist buying (free after super double coupons at Harris Teeter, North Carolina) the new Philly cooking cream product.

    As far as people being curious about price points, it is also important to note that the couponing rules vary from grocery store to grocery store. I do much better in North Carolina than my mom does in Wisconsin, just due to the fact that Harris Teeter doubles up to 20 coupons a day and her local store will only double 5 coupons if you spend a certain dollar amount.

    I think the point you are making is that it is ridiculous (unless absolutely necessary) to pay full price anywhere, grocery store or big box, for anything! A little time, effort, and couponing equals a huge savings at the store. Following your blog has easily increased our monthly savings from 5 to 15% (sometimes even more) of our monthly income, AND I am able to donate significantly more to our local homeless shelter.

    • Shannon

      This is my point exactly Elizabeth. I shop at a store that only doubles one like coupon on an item, but I manage to do really well with my shopping. I also live in one of the most expensive areas in the country — now I do this everyday and spend COUNTLESS hours doing it, but it is my job so I can save the money my husband brings home.

      I have an idea {its a big one and would require alot of work} but I would love to be able to list all the freebies and cheapies at every major chain each week . Someday.

      I do freeze cream cheese, but only to cook with. Block cheese and shredded yes —

      • Kathrine

        @Shannon, I live in an area that only doubles coupons for days out of a month. Most of my grocery stores don’t even accept coupons – internet or otherwise! So I definitely understand.

        But I still manage to get some really good deals. Just focus on those, I think!

  • Marie

    Geez, I think these are great stock up prices. I can get these prices and even better using coupons all the time. Great list…good to have on hand for those to shoot for when clipping coupons.

    Philly Cream Cheese $0.49 after coupon
    Yoplait Yogurt Cups $0.19 after coupon
    Oikos Organic Yogurt Free after coupon
    Yoplait Greek Yogurt $0.30 after coupon
    Coffee Creamer Free all the time after coupon
    Helluva Good Dip Free all the time after coupon

  • Tina Horst

    Thanks! I want to print these out and keep them in my coupon binder. I love your blog. I do not think these prices are are doing a little better than me on some of these but for the most part this is very achievable in central Pa. I always struggle with knowing when to buy certain cuts of meat and things like Tp and paper towels.

    • Shannon

      @Tina Horst,

      I think you have to set the price you are comfortable with, but I am comfortable with these numbers – i see matchups from across the country and these are about the averages.

  • Jason

    I like your blog I do honestly & have been following since last summer


    this series of yours makes me upset & quite honest I would move if I could
    these prices are ridiculous low

    I will never see these kind of prices here.

    I have never written in before but I figure I would this time.

    Are these prices for discount food stores? I couldn’t get those prices not even at my target stores.

    I try not to read this series but it got the best of me this time.

    • Tonya

      R these prices after coupons we may have on the products? I could easily get those prices if it was after qs. I rarely see these dairy items on “clearance” here in Maine where I live, but, maybe others may find them.
      Btw, I love your blog too :)
      Thank you for taking the time to help us all :)

    • Shannon

      Sorry that it upsets you Jason – I dont know where you live but the prices aren’t ridiculously low.

      All my prices are obtainable – here are some examples from this weeks sales at stores — I happen to live in the 6th most expensive area in the US. You might not be able to get them EVERY week , but using stockpiling you definitely can. Again, your prices may vary slightly, but these are GOOD numbers for these products.
      Where are you shopping?

      Here are sales that are this week 2/22 – from PA, California, TN and NY so a good sampling of the country..

      Buy (4) Chex $11.96
      Get $6.00 off Instantly
      $5.96 after instant savings
      use (2) $0.75/1 Select Chex Cereals printable (will take off $1.75 with first one doubled)
      and use (2) $.85/1 Select Chex Printables (will take off $1.85 with first coupon doubled)
      $2.36 for 4 or $.59 each (my buy price)

      Yoplait Yogurt – $0.50
      Use $0.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, exp. 4-9-11 (GM 02/13/11)
      or use $1/10 Yoplait Cups (GM 02/13/11)
      or use $1/10 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, exp. 2-26-11 (GM 01/02/11)
      or use $0.50/8 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, exp. 2-26-11 (GM 01/02/11)
      or use $0.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, exp. 2-26-11 (GM 01/02/11)
      or use $0.50/4 Yoplait Cups printable
      or use $1/8 Yoplait Cups, Original Smoothie or Light Smoothie printable
      as low as $.25 each after coupon WYB 4 (my buy price)

      International Delight Coffee Creamer – $1.50
      Use $0.55/1 International Delight printable
      $.50 each after coupon (my buy price)

      Land O Lakes Large Brown Eggs – $2.00
      Use $1/1 Land O Lakes Eggs, exp. 4-3-11 (SS 02/06/11)
      or use $0.50/1 Land O Lakes Eggs, exp. 4-3-11 (SS 02/06/11)
      as low as $1.00 each after coupon (my buy price)

      Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Breads – $1.99
      Includes Loafs and Deli Flats
      Use $0.50/1 Pepperidge Farm Bread or Bagels, exp. 4-10-11 (SS 02/13/11)
      or use $0.40/1 Pepperidge Farm Bread or Bagels (SS 02/13/11)
      or use $1/2 Select Pepperidge Farm Rolls/Bagels, exp. 2-27 (SS 1/2/11 #2)
      or use $0.40/1 Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats Rolls, exp. 2-27 (SS 1/2/11 #2)
      or use $0.60/1 Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats, exp. 2-27 (SS 1/2/11 #2)
      or use $1/2 Select Pepperidge Farm Rolls/Bagels, exp. 2-27 (SS 1/2/11 #2)
      as low as $.99 each after coupon (my buy price)

      Safeway In CA
      Kraft Singles $1.99
      Use $1/2 Kraft Regular Singles (SS 02/13/11)
      or Use $1/1 Kraft 2% singles
      Final Price: .99 (my buy price)

      I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter $1.99 with in ad coupon (limit 4)
      Use B1G1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Item, exp. 2-27 (RP 01/30/11)
      Final Price: .99 each

      Publix, South
      Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 16.3 to 17.3 oz can – $1.00
      *Participating Item in Italian Days Sale
      -$0.30/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! or Grands! Jr. (exp 3/2/2011)
      -$0.30/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits (exp 3/2/2011)
      -$0.30/2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands Biscuits 2/13/2011 GM Insert (exp 5/7/2011)
      -$5/20 Italian Days Publix Coupon
      *More Pillsbury Grands coupons available in my Coupon Database
      Final Price: As low as $.45 ea/ wyb 2 & use $.30/2 + $5/20 Publix coupon

  • Wow. If I waited for those prices, I’d never have any of those on hand! In whic state do you live?

    • Shannon


      These prices can be found all around the country. It takes work to get them, but I just pulled prices for sales this week from across the country and they are at my prices.