Back to Basics: Buy Prices for Household Staples

Welcome to the Back to Basic Series.  This series has included Stock Up Prices on Meat and Stockup Prices on Toiletries.

Today, I am going to cover household staples. Household staples can mean alot of things, so I am going to cover a wide variety of items. Also, I will list my stock up prices vs. my buy prices for these.

The buy price is the absolute max I will pay for the product. (unless there is an absolute dire emergency, but when you have a stockpile like mine, that doesn’t happen often) The stock up price is my normal buy price – meaning this is what I would  pay and I would buy more than 1. Of course, there are always opportunity to do better than these prices. Many of these items I can get for free as well.

Your prices may vary and this is just a guideline.

Paper Towels (single roll)   $.75 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Ziploc Bags (sandwich sized)  $1.o0 buy price, $.75 stockup price

Ziploc Freezer Bags $1.00 buy price, $.75 stockup price

Tissues (brand name) $.75 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Trash Bags (kitchen sized) $1.50 buy price, $1.00 stockup price

Trash Bags (large container) $2.50 buy price, $2.00 stockup price

Dish Detergent $.75 buy price, free stockup price ( note – Dawn is free on a regular basis, I don’t pay for dish soap).

Dishwasher Detergent (Finish 20qt )  $1.75 buy price, $1.00 stockup price

Paper Plates (Dixie) $1.00 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Hand Soap (dial) $.50 buy price, Free stockup price

Laundry Detergent (26loads+) Laundry detergent varies greatly

Purex Buy Price $1.99, $1.00 stockup price

All Detergent Buy Price $2.99,  $1.50 stockup price

Glass Cleaner $1.00 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Toliet Bowl Cleaner $1.00 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Fabric Softener $1.00 buy price, $.50 stockup price

Next week I will look at Pantry Staples.

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    And desinfecting wipes?


    Thanks for this! What about JetDry, for the dishwasher?

  • Liz

    What is your buy and stock up prices for toilet paper?

  • Kathrine

    Hi Shannon,

    When it comes to your All and Purex prices, to which size are you referring (ounce wise)?

  • anna

    the prices you have listed for paper towels are for single rolls….for the packs that are 6 or 8 would you just multiply the single roll stock up/buy price? for instance 4.50 ?

    • Shannon


      actually no Anna, they would be less —thats a good point, I should update this.

  • Liz

    I see those prices and in my area one would never be able to find those kind of prices;
    around here stock up in detergent is $2.00 and I fell like I got it for free.

    Of course I am talking about free and clear kind.

    I just bought a few today and had to go back out and get some for my aunt and dad bc that was such a great price.

    I will wait and see the trash bags bc again I am happy and have yet. Bags for $.99. I just started shopping at RA

    Things in Boston prices are much much higher that yours seems to be, I am always stump on the food prices on your neck of the woods.

    • Shannon


      I respectfully disagree. If you have a CVS, Wags and Rite Aid – you can meet all these prices, regardless of where you live.

  • Brenda

    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents…something I figured out in the last few months was how to get the things I struggle to get at a rock bottom prices at a lower pricepoint. I’m talking about the things that I am brand loyal to (and there aren’t many left). For example, with lotion I have sensitive skin so I stick with the brand I know works well. If I have depleated my stockpile & need some, I can use the deals for the week at CVS to get my total high enough to use the $4/$20 coupons they e-mail out every few weeks & then use the free $4 credit from the coupon (& hopefully pair with a sale & coupon) to drop my price for buying the lotion. This idea can be used with a variety of things & really helps keep my specialty item costs low.

    • Shannon


      Excellent point Brenda – and these are strategies I am going to address during this series. There are ways to get everything for less! Thanks for the input.

    • Brenda

      Not only do we share the same name, but, we have the same tip!
      I don’t have a CVS in my area but I do the same thing with Rite Aid.
      Also, with the recent changes to Target’s coupon policy (accepting coupons at face value, regardless of item price) I have found that it’s a great place to purchase items that I don’t have coupons for with the coupon overage on other items.
      BTW, Shannon I really appreciate that you are doing this back to basics series. As someone who has been couponing for a few years I have found it helpful to have a refresher course and pick up some new tricks of the trade!

  • Leighann

    For paper towels, I have gotten really picky and do not want to pay anything for them. I wait for the marcal small steps coupons (haven’t seen any for a while, hoping that some pop up in the next month) for free or $1 off, and I get the single rolls for nothing at my local grocery store.

    I won’t pay for dish liquid, either, other than to get the coupons to get the dish liquid. I use the 50c coupons to double at my local Fred’s on Saturday, and when we were getting the $1/1 Gain dish liquid coupons, I stocked up with about 60 bottles of that.

    • Jenna

      @Leighann, I saw those marcal q’s last year around this time. It seemed like there was a new coupon every month! However, no store in my area carried them! At least not the singles that were free. I was so sad :(

    • Brenda

      Don’t know if you already used it, but, there was a Marcal Small Steps coupon in the RP 1/2/11.

  • Kristin

    Thank you Shannon! This is a great tool! I’ll be sharing with my fb friends :)

  • Morgan

    Thank you so much for this guide!!! I just started couponing and was wondering what other people consider good stock up prices. This list is wonderful and I can’t wait to see your pantry stock up price list!

  • Kandy

    Thanks for this guide! I call myself a Krazy Coupon Lady, but I also have this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that questions whether or not my fellow Krazies would think I made a good purchase. I will definitely be using this and your other guides!

  • anna

    where/how do you get the trash bags so cheaply? Is this for store brand or name brand? This is one thing we always use but I can never find them as cheap as you listed……am I looking in the wrong places??

    • Shannon

      Well, this week they are $.99 after coupon at Rite Aid. Target, Kmart – sales are not frequent, but when they come up, I take advantage.

      • anna

        how did I miss that deal at Rite aid? lol. I am going to have to go find the rite aid post :)
        thanks for all your help. There are 8 of us (6 kiddos) and every penny we can save helps so much! Thanks :)

        • Shannon


          he he you didnt it starts this Sunday! sorry :)

          • anna

            oh okay. thats why I couldn’t find it. what coupon is required?

            • Tina

              @anna, I am curious. What garbage bags are going to be .99? I looked at the ad a million times. I must be slipping – lol!

      • Jenna

        @Shannon, I saw at Rite Aid that Glad was on sale along with RA tall kitchen bags… are you referring to the RA kitchen bags? They are BOGO with $5up wyb $15. Is it $.99 after $5 up? I haven’t stopped by RA to check their prices yet.

        • Jenna

          @Jenna, Nevermind, I just remembered that there was a $3/1 offer on the Glad that expired. :( Didn’t get that one!