Ask FTM: What Does NLA Mean?

Today’s ask FTM comes from reader Jenny from FL:

Shannon, I often see the letters NLA after a coupon.. what does this mean?

Good question Jenny!

If you see a coupon that looks like this:

$1.00/1 Skippy Peanut Printable Coupon  NLA

The NLA means No Longer Available.   This means the coupon has run out of prints or has been pulled from a website. 

You might think – well why list the coupon then? 

I try to list recent printable coupons because many of you already printed it and can do the deal.

You might think – why link to the coupon site? 

There are two reasons for this..

1. Many people keep their coupons organized and know what site they print them from.

2. Sometimes, a coupon may get restocked and you might get lucky!

Hopefully, that answers your question Jenny.  If you have any questions about NLA coupons – leave it in the comments.


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