Shopping Trip: Walmart Price Matching

I gave Walmart Price Matching another shot this week.  This time I took Evan with me and went at a busier time of the day. I was able to price match with no issues at the registers. I price matched Acme, Genuardis, Giant and Redners.   I price matched the Mission Tortillas, Fuze, KC Masterpiece, Corn, Swiss Tea, Pepperidge Farm Bread and Borden Cheese.  I used a free coupon on the Ore-Ida fries.

I estimate that this saved me about $6 on gas. I normally would not have taken advantage of the few deals at Genuardis.  I even got the overage on the KC Masterpiece coupon. The corn was priced at $.40 each, with the price match I paid $.17. The Mission Tortillas were regular price of $2.09 at Walmart. I priced matched $.99 plus used a $.75 coupon, making them $.14 each.

Even though Walmart doesn’t double coupons, the gas savings made up for it. I really think I will be able to cherry pick the best deals and price match at Walmart.  I did find that they didn’t have a few brands that were on my price match list.  I am going to work on a spreadsheet – hopefully I can get that made and share it.

So far, I am very happy with the Walmart price matching! See more information about price matching at Walmart here.


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  • Stephen Hertz

    With Walmart price matching in my area from what work assosciates have said is that they can only use ads from the surrounding area. Me going to the local Walmart by my house does not and use all the ads that come to the house a great savings to save the wallet some money

  • Walmart is great.

    I highly suggest that you ‘cashier profile’ while you are there. especially if you go several times a week.

    My Walmart is 5 minutes away and i have 3-4 cashiers that I use all the time.

    If you start out nice, say HI “name” from tag and talk to them and get to know them a bit its helpful.

    The last day of the ‘dial soap’ $2/1 coupon I had to buy the $1.47 soap there since they where out of the trials.

    My Cashier price matched a sale price for me, that I had no clue about, and gave me the items for 97cents. I had 15 items. That gave me a pretty good overage and I got over $5.00 cash back in my pocket instead of having to pay for my order.

    It really is worth the effort to price match and get to know your local cashiers

  • Sharon

    I can never remember to price match at Walmart. But I went there yesterday and was dreading having to go to another store on the way home to get milk for a decent price. Then I remembered that I could price match at Walmart. Except that I had forgotten to bring the one page of the other stores ad that I needed. But, I talked to two cashiers and they both said I didn’t need the ad. They price matched the milk, no problem. They didn’t even have any other stores ads (at least that I could see) to verify the price I was matching! I was glad it wasn’t a hassle at all. But it seems like they could really be taken advantage of if people lie about what prices they are able to find at other stores and don’t have to back it up.

  • Tyedye

    One thing about Walmart is that when the drug stores are out of stock, generally Walmart has it. It’s such a good feeling to walk out of there knowing you got item(s) cheaper then most everyone else who shopped there. We can always hope that if enough people price match, it will drive down the prices too!

  • Jamie

    does walgreens, cvs, and rite aid considered competitor?

    • Just Jess

      Yes, if it is local. The store manager considers the store’s radius. I would say about ten miles.

  • Allison

    So you just tell them what the price is at another store and they take your word for it and match their price?

  • jill b

    let me get this straight, walmart pm includes ecb rr and up? So I need to put my foot down and cause a polite scene? I don’t want to be a pain in the butt at walmart, but if they will pm and I get something free or better right up front… I wish the pm policy was more specific about the rr ecbs and ups, it just says it doesn’t give a gift card.

    • Shannon


      There is no specifics about ECB RR and UPR in the policy. I have not attempted to price match it because of this fact. I don’t think there are real grounds to put your foot down on this one.

  • Twila

    The one time I tried to price match, they then wouldn’t honour my coupon, so for me I decided it wouldn’t be worth it. Do different Wal-marts have different policies on this?

    • Shannon


      No they recently changed their policy – they are all the same.

  • Vanessa

    I just started price matching at Walmart and it is working out very well. I wasn’t sure what Walmart considered a “local competitor” so I tried price matching with another big grocery store chain and a drugstore with stores about an hour away and they price matched with no questions asked! I am able to take advantage of some of the great deals at these stores that I normally would never be able to get!

  • melissa

    I can’t wait to see your list. Im going to try this and hopefully have your luck! THANKS for sharing and encouraging me!

  • Michelle

    We had absolutely no success price matching yesterday with Walgreens and CVS ads!!! Very frustrating, my husband spent over 1/2 hour with the manager…he was denied by the cashier who was not cooperative at all! Since they don’t give Reward coups or ECBucks, they will deduct that amount from your total BUT since their prices are lower, red flags go up all over the place when you try using coupons and esp. B1G1 coups, oh my lord, they almost had a heart attack right there because god forbid we actually might have overage!! They advertise all over the place price matching but when it comes down to it, they really don’t want to take the time to do it because the cashiers are sooo lazy!!! Oh and the ad has to completely match the item, if a picture is shown in the ad and the color of your bottle isn’t the same, NOPE, FORGET ABOUT IT!! I am very discouraged and will never try it again.

    • Shannon


      Sorry you had a bad experience, but this just wasn’t the case at my store. They were all very happy to do it. I used coupons on every item except the corn.

    • Ruth Jenkins

      Never argue or waste your time with a hard headed manager who doesn’t want to follow his store’s policy. He needs to find another job if he doesn’t agree with the store’s policy.
      I have all the customer service phone numbers on my cell phone and within the first two minutes of a conversation, I can determine if the manager is just being a jerk. I, then, call customer service as we are standing there and have them talk to him. It has worked every time. I also will email corporate offices if I have a bad experience at a store. I find it comical when those same managers call me to grovel and apologize after then get a call from their corporate office. It is the only way to have managers and cashiers educated and next time they will think twice after giving coupon shoppers a hard time.

    • Walmart will match any advertised sales price.

      Walgreens and Riteaid included.

      This does not include RR/Up items as that is not a ‘sale’ price but a promotion.

      They even have it, vaguely, in there coupon policy that they do not match the price with reward offers of competitors.

    • Just Jess

      I am a cashier at Walmart…
      We are not too ‘lazy’ to price match. It is our job.
      Although I will say, it is annoying and time consuming.

      I work in a WalMart in Omaha, and people lie about price matches all the time. That is why a lot of cashiers are sour about it.

      How would you feel if you had people lie to your face, thinking you’re stupid eight hours a day?

      Anyway, the price matching is simple. We just override the price shown in the ad for the EXACT product and description. Not that hard. But we have to follow our policies and rules.

      We also have to keep Asset Protection in mind. Because with every million dollars we lose, expect everything in the store to cost more very soon. Candy bars just went up from $.50 to $.74 last week. That’s just the beginning.

    • Anne

      Michelle your Walmart it’s not following corporate policies. As long a the item you want to price match is the same brand and size they have to price match it. Also if you are and using coupons the only way they won’t accept coupons is if they are expired and, in done cases, if they don’t scan. I have the Walmart coupon and price match policy bookmarked on my phone so if I have a problemi can show them what their site says. I also always take the add(s) I’m matching just to maker things run smoother.

  • Joanne Minium

    Does CVS or Target price match?

    • Annie

      Target does, not sure about CVS. Don’t think so…

  • Natalie B

    I price match at Walmart all the time. So many people here do it, they don’t even want to see the ad (takes too much time). I just write out the list for myself and which store it’s from and tell them as they go. (They always have the ads if they ever have a question). It’s wonderful to get all the loss leader prices at one place. We’re in the land of no doubles anyway so that’s off the table for us anyway.

  • Amber L.

    I price match at Wal Mart frequently just because we have one other store in town and they are always expensive. I’ve noticed the Wal Mart in the town I work in has been asking before starting a transaction whether or not you have coupons or price matching.

  • Tina Seymour

    I do this every week since its the only store in town that has a grocery store. (we have RA, WAGS and KMART too) We get 5 grocery inserts in the Wednesday paper and I probably save about $50 to $80 a week price matching. Definitely makes up for the gas I would have to spend to go to the stores. The next closest store is 18 miles (one way) away and in my Tahoe, thats ALOT of gas lol

  • Jamie

    What do you need for the price match? just the stores flyers? And will they match anyone prices or only certain stores??

  • Holly

    So you just take your pile of adds and show them at the register?