{Reminder} Giant Gas Deals Rules {Effective 6/28/14}

Giant Gas Deals

The rumors surrounding the Giant gas deals rules changing have been flowing lately! So here is what we know for sure starting this week:

  1. Limit of 25 Gallons per fill up.
  2. Gas Points will expire at the end of the month following the month they are earned.

These are the ONLY TWO Changes that are being implemented at this time. Any other changes can not be confirmed and are hearsay.

We have checked the gas deals and there is still 10 gas deals per household.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 4.35.14 PM

So, any and all other changes that you might have heard about, cannot be confirmed and are NOT in next week’s paper.

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  • veronica

    my kid both today visa gift cart and expiration date is 7/31/2014.what a ?

  • Joe

    Im going to complain to giant this week about limiting to 25 Gallon. I recommend everyone else does the same.
    Does anyone know if the pump now stops at 25 gallon or still goes to 30 but charges full price for 5 gallons?

  • jenn

    Also no more gas can use. They told me at the gas station the other day