Update: $20 UPR wyb $100 at Rite Aid


I have received quite a few emails asking me if I knew if the $20 UPR were before coupons or after coupons.  It has been confirmed that is before coupons (not including Video Values). You also need to wait 48-72 hours to see your tracking updated.

Reminder: Select Rite Aids are offering a $20 UPR wyb $100 worth of merchandise in the month of October, at select stores only.

You can check here to see if the Rite Aid you shop at is included and track your spending status here.

Thanks, Beth &  Kristen

That shouldn’t be hard – are you doing this awesome Rite Aid scenario this week! 

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  • Jessica G

    @Shannon – (since I figure you might have hit it more than once) did you get another $20 for spending another $100? I am past the originial $100… wondered if I go back in the next 2 sundays and hit 100$ again if I would get another 20 UPs… this is a further rite aid Im going to JUST for the extra $20 UPs!


    • Shannon

      My tracking stopped updating at $100

  • Melissa

    No stores in my area either…so unfair because I’ve spent a lot more than that between the Cover Girl deal and all these good freebies with +UP Rewards this week :( I deserve my extra $20 +UP :( And Corlein- I live in Ohio, where we have to pay full sales tax on everything except food (even if it’s zero balance after coupons) and my county’s sales tax is 7.75%!

    • Corlien

      Soooo sorry to hear about your sales tax, Melissa. Come live in De!! I agree that it is so unfair that Rite Aid chooses only certain stores. There are NONE in my area, or even close to me at all. If anyone knows how we can express our dissatisfaction with this, PLEASE let us know. It should be like last year’s Winter Rewards program. :)

  • sarah

    no stores in my area included :( So weird that it is only select stores. Are the stores included only new locations?

  • Maggie

    I live in eastern PA, just checked mine and I’ve only spent $1.34 so far. Darn.

  • Corlien

    Did you ever find out how the stores were chosen to do this $20 UP when you spend $100?? I shop so much at Rite Aid, but there are none in my area (Wilmington, DE) that are included. It is hard not to be envious; Rite Aid should not play favorites!! Oh, well, I guess they think since I never pay sales tax on anything!! LOL
    Have a good day!!

    • Shannon

      I have heard its stores that arent doing well…but who knows.

  • Maryanne

    It may print now…like I said, it was more than a week before mine printed. It doesn’t actually show you how much you have spent once you reach the $100. It just says, you’ve spent $100 and qualify for the $20.

    • Sheri

      Oh thanks. That’s what I wanted to know if it showed more than $100. (I’m only at $75)

  • Sheri

    Maryanne, could you click on Shannon’s link that says “track your spending status here” and see how much you’ve spent? That might give you an idea of why 2 have printed if you’ve reached $200 but not $300 yet.

  • James

    I spent $100.00 on one trip to a participating rite aid store and my $20.00 UP+ did not print. I called the company and they are sending my UP+ via USPS. Wondering, since it has been over a week, if I go back to that store, will it print now?

    • Jillian

      This happened to me once. My UPR didnt print so I called Rite Aid and they sent them to me USPS. Then, I went to Rite Aid a few days later and my UPR did end up printing then. Hope this helps!

      • James

        Jillian, I went back to the same rite aid store and my up+ reward did not print. I guess I have to wait on the usps to deliver it.

  • Sheri

    Ok, that would be too cool if they printed an additional one every time you reached another $100 :)

  • Maryanne

    I got mine on Sunday!!! I reached my $100 spend the first week my store had this deal running. So it is definitely BEFORE all discounts because I never spend any money OOP. It took at least a week after I reached it to print. Also, it would NOT scan at the register. It kept saying “No matching item”, even punching in the numbers wouldn’t work. She had to force it off as a misc discount. It was really weird. And then get this…at my very last transaction it printed ANOTHER $20 UPs. Is there a limit on this deal??? I know I have probably reached the $100 2-3 times since they started this. I was one of the lucky ones and my regular store was participating. i am in there a couple times/week. Just wondering why it would print a second $20 UPs!?