Rite Aid: Take Survey, Get $3/$15 Coupon

NOTE: If you are having trouble with the Rite AId SURVEY – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Have you ever noticed the “Tell us about our service and you will be entered to win $10,000″  at the bottom of your Rite Aid receipt?   That has never enticed me to take one of the Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Surveys. However, they are now offering a $3/$15 Rite Aid Coupon for taking the survey and that entices me!

All you have to do is find the code on the bottom of your receipt and head here to to take the Rite Aid  survey. The coupon will be available for print and expires 14 days after you take the survey. Looks like its a limit of 3 per person per month. That is OKAY by me! I will take 3!

See all this week’s Rite Aid Deals Here and the Rite Aid preview for 3/6 here.

Thanks, Bonnie

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  • Helen

    I love the rite store,so many saving,and discountsand what I really like about is the super savers on being apart of the wellness points wow rite I do believe you will never go out of business ,as long as you keep up the good job to improve your skills,and keep a customer happy. Thank you.

  • Hi,i leave my comnent because I like how the rite store in the 110 broadway st give to me good tha the most important attention.

  • Lyudmila

    I got a coupon too on five dollers. It was cool.

  • Kara

    Friendly service, clean store, easy to find everything you need.

    • All store staff at this location was verry helpfull and nice the store was clean ,and when your come in to the store thay greet you with a big smile and say wellcome to Rite AID . Store #11682 Conyers GA

  • code0208 1211 6540 3142 at this riteaid store they are very nice to you when you shop at this .the store is super clean.

  • Terry Carlos

    Hi . Yo siempre voy a Riteaid . siempre tengo buen trato . y me gusta mucho que tienen especiales todo el tiempo. los reprecentantes de la store son amables . y mi seccion favorita es la de los licores………… bueno tambien donde estan los maquillages… jajajajajaja………..

  • Norbert

    I am having a problem with the survey site

  • I have made my comments

  • The store had all of the items I was looking for.

  • I have shopped at many Rite Aids in many towns and today I was surprised at the service.

  • You may shop every day but hopping is a pleasure at Rite4 Aid.

  • Rite Aid is a drugstore waiting with big smiles to help you.

  • The service at Rite Aid is un-comparable.

  • The service at Rite Aid was much better than I expected. .



  • el servicio de RITE/AID, es muy bueno se encuentra de todo los productos y los precios comodos la atancion es buena y las tiendas se encuentran en todos los lugares que los nececitan, es muy buenos
    mi codigo #1015 2103 4050 2919
    1010 1703 4050 3579
    1004 2103 4050 2730

  • Theresa Parco

    Love the attention I get and personal customer attention.

  • Nanci Parshall

    This is terrible, now that I am > 1000 points in the up-reward program are you going to delete that too? I want a response!

  • donna kozlowski

    did the survey a couple time but no 3.00 spend 15.00 coupon!! What should I do about it??

    The code number is


    Thank you,


  • I cant get the survey. like it use to come up. Why?
    My 16 diget number is 0730180246602418

    • I also have more numbers
      0803 1302 4660 1839 pharmacysurvey.
      0723 1802 4660 2771 storesurvey
      0729 1102 4660 1022 pharmacysurvey

      please let me know what is wrong

      what could I do ? This gets me upset.

  • Bev

    I did the survey and did not get my $3.00 coupon. Whats going on?

  • joan mcandrews

    I always enjoy viviting rite aid and especially when I receive coupons. I do a lot of shopping at rite aid and what a great program.

  • Sylvia

    I did the survey and was suppose to get a $3 off of $15 purchase and once survey completed no $3 coupon was there. What’s is going on with that?


  • Don Barton

    i took the survey and did not get the$3/15.00 coupon

  • cashier was very friendly

  • show me the coupon

  • its a good store which gives good deals every week

  • Riteaid is one of the best store in the town.It carries best deal.I visit riteaivd morethan any other stores.

  • Bobby Pipolo

    Hi I am trying to enter to participate in the my rite aid survey
    after I enter my 16 digit number to tells me to hit the start button and it then takes to a screen which says thank you for your participation hope to see you again. No matter what link I try, i have the same problem. Can anyone she some light on this roller coaster.
    Thanks Bobby

  • lyly

    great idea. thank for the tip

  • ma balnca


    very good

  • Kel

    Are the coupons that print out from taking the store surveys tied to your store card? For example, if I took the survey from my receipt where I used my store card and printed the coupon, would I be able to give the coupon to someone else to use?

  • I love shopping there , because it has great prices and i find evverything I need/want here. That is because I count this as my favorite pharamacy.

  • Pearl Powers

    the staff of riteaid treat you with sincere helpfulness and always make you feel as you should return.

  • Barsoum Israel

    I save a lot of money and time. Thank You

  • Barsoum Israel

    I save a lot of money and time. Thank You.

  • I just love the coupons buy one get 1 free that’s my favorite part when I see the weekly circular on line and that is so great that we can now shop online for the things we need in our everyday lives. I save a lot of money and time. Thank You.

  • I have not yet receive a coupon yet, this is my first time .


  • Used my first coupon last month. Enjoyed all the terrfic bargains.

  • yo siempre comprava en otro lado pero ahora solo compro en RITE AID porque si se nota la diferiencia de en sus precios y el descuento en sus cupones es lo maximo y no imparta si mi cupon ya esta vencido solo sigan asi lo estan haciendo bien. gracias

  • etta

    enjoyed shopping at rite aid it was very neat, They helped with me finding what i couldn’t. It was a pleasure to shop there.

  • mattie

    riteaids is my store,and i love to shop there,why?because the people are like family,they help you when you don”t need help and when you do that is why riteaids is the place to get all you need and more.riteaids is there for you.my code/0615 1602 2800 4411

  • robert lee

    it’s good and i’ll take any deal

  • I go to riteaid for all my needs in general, since they have almost everything you need . Better prices then some stores have.

  • I go to riteaide almost every other day since i live right by it. I get all the stuff i need for the 20% discount prices. They have good deals on almost everything people use in general.

  • Mary S

    I don’t know if this the survey, but I like shopping at Rite Aid.

  • Ruby Bautista

    It was a great promo for everyone, $3 off is a big discount for my next purchase. Thank you

  • Clare Deery

    These coupons are almost impossible to get. Several times your system does not allow me to continue. Why don’t you just print these coupons at the end of the receipts. If we were not happy with the store, we would go else where.

    • Shannon


      You may want to express that to Rite Aid.

  • MommaSmurf

    i filled out 8 surveys this month and printed out 8 $3.00 off coupons. not all my reciepts ( i picked them up off of the ground) and completed the surveys online. i was able to use these COOPS (coupons) in the store. another tip. you will save ALOT
    of $$$$ if you keep your transactions small, get them right @ $15.00 to maximize ur savings. and your subtotal does NOT have to b $15.00, Awesome, your total including taxes does. example kotex pads (4) pkgs @ $14.00 plus tax is $15.15 minus $3.00 off coupon then (2) manu coupons $4.00 off = $8.15
    Always, always, always, scan ur rite aid card, then $3.00, then coupons. hope this essay helps.
    p.s. there is a maximum of these coupons you can print out.
    im still trying to figure it out. ill get back to you all. Happy shopping. :)

  • elisa says

    i don’t have any comment about the store any employees. my code 0603141138302917.

  • elisa says

    i don’t have any comment about the store any employees.my code 0603141138302917.

  • Rhonda Smith

    Love it! love it! love it! : ) Rite Aid Its The Best Store we have here in Chattanooga and any of the surrounding tri state areas the Brained Store is the Best of the best. I drive 10 miles past the other Rite Aids for this one.

  • elisa says

    i don’t have any comment about the store any employees. my code 0603141138302917.

  • Elisa Ellis

    i don’t have any comment about the store and employees. my code 0603141138302917.

  • gerald lester

    people make the store.w/o them. it’s justr another plac t shop

  • Jeanne

    May 27 @ 7:45 pm

    Have shopped at RiteAid since they opened here is our

  • thomasine benton

    code 0512 1211 5370 3132

    • thomasine benton

      like the store

  • Wilma Cooper

    May 25 at 10:33

    I love the Inwood store. The people are really friendly My code is
    0525 1407 8820 4329

  • rani

    love the store,coz getting lots of discounts my code is 0523110572904204

  • rani

    just love the store,great n frindly people my code is 0512110572903407

  • Edward Agba

    Whoever attended to me was very professional,but,too slow. 0524 1004 8360 4588

  • Conch says:

    I don’t have any comment about the store and employees. Everybody are friendly . The branch i went to is every clean. I would say its an A plus rating. **** my code# 0523160057202087

  • Bonnie Detamore

    love riteaid the people are so friendlyand the store is very sharp!!!!! enter code 0520 1501 3050 2119

  • pastor lampley

    you never gave me my coupon

  • Rick

    Have tried, repeatedly, to get the $3.00 coupon by entering riteaid.com/storesurvey. Aht message, repeatedoy, recieved
    states: “Based on the information given we are unable etc.”

  • Cecillia

    They have good services and great price

  • A. Botton

    Hi Shannon, thank you so much for this helpful post. I read through all the responses and found that others, like myself, had a problem taking the survey, with a message on RA site that reads, “The page you are looking for cannot be found. Please check the URL and retype into your browser.

    If you continue to have issues, please contact our Customer Support Team at 1-800-RITEAID.”

    In frustration, I Googled “RiteAid Survey with code” and your post popped up. Thankfully, you provide a direct link to the actual survey. The problem with those of us who are getting the error message is that the web addy provided at the bottom of our receipts is incorrect. It reads: “Go to http://www.riteaid.com/storesurvey.”

    Your link is, which takes you directly to the survey, is: https://www.riteaidstoresurvey.com/

    Using your link, I was able to take the survey and print the coupon. I am new to the practice of “Couponing with Verve,” but did notice this offer immediately upon coming home to calculate my savings. This is the first one I have noticed and was able to access it thanks to you. So, THANKS!

    • Shannon

      Hi and welcome. Couponing is a great way to save, hopefully you will join us each week for the Rite Aid deals :)!

  • Beverly Thompson

    I just moved to the Liberty Heights area and visited the Rite Aid in the area. Every one was very helpful when I couldn’t find iron on patches I needed. Code # 0505 1400 3560 2345

  • JW

    I engoy going to Rite Aid because all of the people are very nice and happy to help. Code # 0509 1607 2510 4671 (Reply)

  • J.W.

    Every time I shop at Rite Aid I am very pleased with the
    service. Everyone is always nice and helpful. I have never
    had a bad or ugly person that was waiting on me.

  • Josephine Stewart

    No problem whatsoever.

  • angela

    everyone in there is very nice

  • Lisa

    I just tried to use my code but it was refused saying I had exceeded my maximum number of scans. That is NOT true. I only found out about this last week and used my code from last month.

  • kim

    i tryed to use my $3 coupon today but they told me they had to scan my other coupons first and if it was under $15 after that then i could not use it , they said they could not use it first have you ever had that problem i dont see why they could not scan it first i should not have to buy more things to use the coupon…should i call corpret

    • Shannon


      That is incorrect, the policy states:

      Rite Aid may feature total purchase coupons which discount the total purchase amount based upon meeting specific
      requirements. For example, $5 off a $25 purchase price threshold coupon.
       These coupons are accepted under the following conditions:
      o The coupon is valid and in date; only one total purchase coupon per transaction.
      o Total purchase equals or exceeds $25 before tax (before any coupons are applied).
      o Coupons for individual items can also be used including another “48” coupon that is tied to an item in the
      o Provided the total of items purchased is equal to or greater than the purchase requirement, other coupons can
      be used in conjunction with the total purchase coupon.

      You can print and take the policy into the store here -

      • carolyn snell

        The coupons are great

  • Ramon Villarino

    Thank you for your good and helpful service

    Code : 0502 1705 6150 4949

  • Mahbubar Rahman

    Service was very good
    Code: 0502 1305 9830 4515

  • Arnold Jackson

    service was excellent @ Store #10500 on 4/25/11. Cashier #
    105001528, Charmaine Kimbrow, was very helpful.
    0425 1910 5000 2488

  • Jackie & Bart Ingoglia

    the manager there was helpful and a good salesman, He was good looking too.
    0429 2100 3690 2888

  • Jewell E. Ashton

    I took the survey but the coupon came and disappeared
    before I could print it out. So I am a looser.

  • Jewell E. Ashton

    I purchased 1 Silhouette Sand Vanilla for 4.67. While driving I
    decided to open the package and eat one. To my suprize it was
    partially melted and refrozen so I had to return it back to have my money refunded.
    They gave me the money back without a problem and it was the
    only one there at the time.
    Thank you, without a problem.

  • Liliana

    Hello ladies,

    I just got 3 surveys I did them and now I have 3, $3 off your $15 purchased. Can I used all 3 at the same time?

    • Shannon

      no you can use only one at a time.

  • Barbara Garrett

    I tried to submit my code 3 different times all times failed what do I go to

  • al_amin elder

    Enter Code: 0421 1300 5990 2292

  • sherwood

    i enjoy shopping at rite aid

  • Maria Lira

    thank you very much I am happy to go RA

  • Laura Melvin

    hello your doing a great on helping people save money

  • Jana

    I haven’t previously had a problem using the $3/$15 couopns but there must be a limit. I’ve taken the survey several times and it keeps printing coupons but when I tried to use one the other day she said that it said I had already used the coupon. Is anyone else having a problem using it if you’ve been allowed to print the coupon. If the Wellness plus card is tracking how many you’ve used it shouldn’t give you the offers anymore.

  • Joy

    I couldn’t beleave the amount of coupons I received just for purchasing cat food. I be back .

  • Bleenders

    I went to RA today and made 6 transactions,….got 6 surveys plus I got 3 from my last 4 transactions the other day. I will use the tips you guys have provided to get all of my coupons. ;-) Thanks!

  • Dori

    I am wondering if its just a clich, but I was able to print out the 3 of $15. 4X’s.

  • hi rite aid

  • rite aid has very friendly people working there.

  • I would like to get my $5.00 coupon for rite-aid drug store

  • jaime

    I have been looking for weeks and have not a single code on any of my receipts. how and where do u get the codes from?

    • Shannon


      They are random on the bottom of your receipt.

    • Brooke

      @jaime, I haven’t gotten one on any of my receipts either! :( I just keep hoping one will pop up one of these weeks.

  • daksha

    i just did 2 surveys & iused both coupons. i have 2 more to go.i love rite aid store 7 the staff is very friendly& nice. better than walgreen. this is my favorite store. i just want to know howmanysurvey i can take? please reply me. thankyou.

  • Hi For The Mommas,

    I have been having technical difficulties trying to take the online survey for 3/$15. I’ve tried in different web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome and nothing has changed. I have contacted Rite Aid but I have heard nothing. To make matters worse my survey codes expired on 3.19.11. I tried since last Wed to get to take the survey but it kept say we are having technical difficulties. Same for Thurs., Fri., & Saturday. I wonder if I am doing it at the wrong time? I would try around 10am then again at 8pm. I stayed up til 12:00am Saturday trying to enter my survey but no luck. Are you or anyone else having difficulties? Or do you have any tips?


    • Amy

      @Tanesha, Same thing with me. I went to the site every day for like 2 weeks and never could take the survey.

      • Rodney


        When first heard about the $3/15 survey in late Feb., got 3 codes in a row and 3 coupons, but when got more codes on receipts in March, they would not work at the survey site, got a message that there was a problem with the site several times (even tried different browsers)… called C.S. at Corp. who had no idea what was going on, told me there was a calendar monthly limit but they did not know how many it was. Since then, have not gotten any more receipts w/codes, and the March ones expired.

        It was sweet while it lasted because I enjoy praising the staff at our local RA who are friendly and work so hard to help with the complicated marketing schemes, hustling to get the stickers up and apologizing when the computer doesn’t print out the expected +up. Anyway, hopefully HQ will get the survey coupon site up again.

        • @Rodney and @amy ,
          Well wouldn’t you know it’s April and I haven’t got a survey yet. I wonder what corporate will do if that’s the case? (You get survey codes and the sites down which is there fault? Wondering if they’ll send you some +Ups instead?)

  • Shelbie

    I enjoy Riteaids good sales they have this week.Cashiers are always funny.

  • nancy k

    Always enjoyed shopping at my local Rite Aid store. Friendly people and great service.

  • Mary

    Our Rite Aid is a great store for friendly people and everything we need.

    Code 0306 1205 7460 9407

    • fatlume veseli

      code 0624 1211 2090 3190

      please let me know what is wrong

      what could I do ? This gets me upset

  • Chris

    What a great idea to try a different browser to use more receipts to get the $3 off 15!! I usually use Firefox, and already did 3 surveys this month. I just tried Internet Explorer and just did 3 more surveys complete with 3 more coupons. Yippee!!!! I’m smiling………all the way to Rite Aid. Thanks to Shannon and all for the work and comments

  • jacqueline stringer

    i think its a great store and would tell all my friends .

  • I enjoy rite aid for the variety of products. I always buy milk here for $1.99 every week. The Sunday newspaper always has the weekly specials to help you save money.

  • karen murphy

    we have used the riteaid story and pharmacyfor many years now and have found the local store the be very helpful and willing to go the extra mile in some cases.

  • mailienle

    CODE 0306170558803369

  • mailienle

    CODE 0306170558803369

  • papa gning

    I am saving a lot of money every week.Thank you for that opportunity.

  • Mrs.Linda Deans

    I love going to Rite Aid because I love save money on coupon,differ things

  • monika

    i like rite aid i use lots of coupan. because they have good deal & great pries.

  • lucille mariconda

    love this store

  • geoff johnson

    You will need to go to this link in order to recieve your coupon I spoke with customer service and this is where they told me to go http://www.ritaidpharmacysurvey.com

  • code#0308 1201 3630 1699
    code # 0303 0901 3630 1178

  • i just did the survey twice and two coupons

  • Marie

    A questions unrelated tot he Survey….but I know you are all Rite Aid SHoppers;

    Is the Lays Stax supposed to be giving a $1 UP reward this week? How many do you have to buy?

    • Shannon


      it is over now.

  • I enyoy shopping at Riteaid. The people are very friendly and helpful.
    I hope I am not to late to get my $3.00
    Thank you

  • Walter Baker

    The staff where very helpful

  • Can,t find a space to put in entry code?

  • jesandjim

    I love shopping RA and appreciate how they save my family a bunch of money on things we need and would love to keep it that way.

    From what I was told, these NEW online surveys are being issued on receipts printed at certain stores that need more feedback on customer service, stock and ways to improve our shopping experiences. It’s great that they are offering to “pay” us to take the survey, but shouldn’t be abused by using old receipts issued for the phone survey. Do you all remember the $5/$25 coupon that Rite Aid took away after 12/31? I’m afraid that continued abuse of their generous offers will cause Rite aid will take away the $3/$15 also.

    • Shannon


      You can only take the survey for 14 days after you shop, and the code becomes invalid –so I don’t think there is an issue here with abuse.

    • @jesandjim,
      i did not get the coupons? or deleted them

  • Nina

    None of my receipts lately have that survey thing at the bottom.

  • Rod Guerrero

    riteaid always has specials and the thigs i cannot find at another drug store.thanks rite aid.

  • Sue

    I am pretty sure I did call the number and did the survey on the phone! My two receipts just worked for the online survey as well and I was able to print two coupons!

  • Emily

    I looked back through my receipts and most of them have the survey codes. So far, I’ve been able to complete 8 surveys and all 8 gave me a coupon. I took these from the same computer too. I still have more survey receipts, but I think I’ll wait a few days to complete them and see if I can find something to buy with all these coupons. My store is overflowing with Lay’s Stax, Combos and Bodi Heat patches so hopefully I can pick up some more tomorrow.

  • Kim

    Hmmm……I wonder if its a limit of 3 per computer or 3 per wellness card? I already did two…..hmmm…..is March a new month or will I need to wait another 30 days? (providing I reach my limit of 3 by the end of the day today.)

    We have a laptop and a desktop here, there are only two of us that use computers here. I’m really thinking we need another few laptops or netbooks.

  • Marissa

    What a bust. I have done these a few times over the phone when a computer wasn’t handy and have totally missed out on the coupons!

  • Ruth

    Remember that even the receipts that don’t say the $3 off $15.00, you will get you a coupon when you take the survey so you can take the survey even if your receipt just says to take the survey to be entered to win money.

  • Katie H

    Ive tried entering in 3 different codes all from 22nd Feb and newer and each time it says I cannot complete the survey based on information given. Am I doing something wrong???

    • linda

      @Katie H,

      Odd I just entered a random code from Jan. 22 and the little thing worked.

  • Melissa S


  • Marcia

    I took the survey twice and printed 2 3/15 coupons. On the third try it said based on info I had give the survey was closed at this time. Does anyone know why this happened?

  • Becky

    Thanks Shannon. I just did my survey. I found that you almost always get a survey when you fill a prescription.

  • carol

    And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better….!!!!

  • Ruth

    You can only print 3 per computer. The survey site probably reads the IP address when you take the survey. I got three so far so I want to try and take more at my other laptops at home. Another reason to go to Rite Aid, this week, this week, the deals are not very good. Walgreens is the place to go but I’m saving my 3.00 rewards for a good week. If you have more than one card (I’m not advocating get more than one card), you can probably get more $3.00 coupons.

  • Pauline

    I too looked back on several receirts and did not have any (dissaponted). I know I have seen them before, now will know to wach. Thank You Shannon.

  • Diane

    How does it know how many surveys you’ve taken? What if you take from different computers, or is it tied to the wellness card on the receipt maybe?

    • Ruth

      @Diane, I didn’t have the time to try it at home yesterday on my other computers but I will today and post if I was successful in getting more coupons. Every computer has a unique address (Internet Protocol=IP) address in form on numbers, like an house address and I think that when you take the survey, that is what they are reading. I’m not sure yet though. For the register rewards, the register rewards you get are tied to your card when you are receiving them, for example if you the limit is 2 items, you will get only two UPRs. However, you can use any register reward from any card when you pay for your order. Sometimes my mom gives me her register reward from her card and I can use them with my card, no beeps, no issues at all.

  • JR

    Thanks, Shannon. I got one for today’s receipt and one for my purchase on February 13, which would have expired today.

    One note. I took the first survey and then when I attempted to take the second it thanked me and said they valued my opportunity, but wouldn’t let me take it. If you get that message, haven’t entered three in a month, and are sure the survey opportunity hasn’t expired, try using a different browser (I used Firefox for the first and Internet Explorer for the second). You might be able to close and reopen your browser for the same result, but I don’t have anymore surveys to test the theory.

    • Chris


      I had three surveys already done for this month in Firefox, and just took your idea and opened Internet Explorer. I got three more survey codes to work and three more $3 off 15!!! Excellent tip, I’m psyched!

  • Tracey

    Hi Shannon! I actually went back to some of my older receipts from last week and they went thru and I got the $3 off $15 for each one (I was able to do 3). Only one of my receipts had a code at the bottom that said to take a survey and get a coupon. The other two receipts didn’t mention the $3 off $15 (only stated that I had a chance to win $10,000) but they worked anyway using the code! The code at the bottom of your receipt is good for 14 days so make sure you take the survey before the code expires. Thanks for all you do. I love For The Mommas!

    • Shannon


      he he notice how wrinkled my coupon is,, I retrieved it from the trash :P

      • Tracey

        @Shannon, That’s great! I look at it this way: I have NO shot at winning the $10,000 so I am very happy with $3 off $15!

  • R

    Oh man, I’ve been throwing money away! I looked through all my February receipts and had two with the survey code, but one was over 14 days old. The other expired today, so I’m so glad you posted this! Is it just random when it prints a survey invitation?

    • sandra

      @R, they werent always there, I have taken them before and there wasnt anything

  • Kristyn

    stink, my receipt from my latest trip doesn’t have this on it! guess i’ll have to wait until next time :(

  • Karla

    Wow, this is awesome! So much faster than watching VV videos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brenda

    Thanks for the tip!!! Just took one and got the coupon. Will wait to enter others so I don’t have the coupons all at once. Thanks for all the money saving tips and match ups. You have been a huge blessing to my family!

  • Katie W.

    I took te survey yay!!! Thank you for all the deal matchups I did really well! :)

  • Anne

    I was able to take 3 with three different receipts but when I entered a 4th, I received a message thank you for my interest but I exceeded the number of surveys per month and could take another next month

  • Katherine

    Wow! You are the best, Shannon! Thanks for sharing this little morsel of happiness!

  • keli

    hmm i did 3 transactions at 2 rite aids yesterday and didn’t get one code!

    • Hi Keli! The survey opportunities print randomly. I’ve had back-to-back transactions and have gotten them both times. I’ve also gone long stretches without getting any! Hopefully, you’ll get one soon. :)

    • Lisa


      I think the code thing just started today.

      • Shannon

        It has been around for a long time, it just is random when you get one.

  • Stacey K.

    Off topic…but in regards to Rite Aid. How do you find the Monthly +UP deals and how do you know the limit? (ie. The Lays Stax). They were wiped out the entire week last time at all my stores so hoping to land some this morning. Thanks.

    • Shannon

      @Stacey K.,

      There is no booklet or advertisement, they are marked in the stores.

      • Stacey K.

        Thanks. Is there a limit? or does the tag say it…

        • Katie W.

          @Stacey K., I just went andit didn’t say anything about a limit. :)

          • Marisa

            @Katie W.,
            my store didn’t say anything about a limit, but when i got to the register, she told me a limit of 2 per customer…:(

            • themommyliza

              @Marisa, perhaps she made that up so people wouldn’t clear shelves? I got four stax and four combos yesterday with no problems. I suppose it could be a regional policy?

              • Jessica

                @themommyliza, I read their coupon policy online, and it says the store manager has the authority to limit anything, even to how many coupons on the same item you can use. I guess some don’t want 1 person getting them all and leaving the rest emty handed.

  • Alyssa

    I was excited by this nice surprise today.

    Also excited because hopefully if not a lot of people do the 10,000 surveys I have a better chance at winning lol!!!

  • Maria

    OMG Thank you for the tip – just got my coupon.

  • <3 this!

    • Fred Evans

      I completed the survey twice and did not receive a coupon. Is the coupon deal now a hoax?

  • Lori

    I just printed my $3/$15 coupon…thank you SO much!

  • melissa

    Great tip! Do you get one for each survey you take or how does that work?

    • Shannon

      Sorry, I am not sure, we are going to have to wait to see as people try it.

    • Mary

      I just did the survey twice and got two coupons.

      • I was able to priint coupons a few times .. others I just get thank you … but even withThe Wellnes card their prices have gone out of site… better to shop Topps or Walmart.

        • Lyudmila

          I got the coupon too on five dollers. It is cool.