Organizing Loose Coupons

I use the simple file method for my coupons. Each week I put my coupons in a file with the date on them and put them in the file cabinet. I clip the coupons I need for the sales I am shopping. I previously tried to cut and keep a binder full, but it didn’t work for me. I may miss out on a few clearance deals. Typically, if I want it bad enough, I go home and clip, and return to the store.

I had a big problem though. My printed coupons, peelies and coupons I received in the mail were quite a mess.


I had several large piles of coupons laying around and they were expiring. So to solve my coupon mess, I purchase two small photo albums. (on clearance at Rite Aid). I bought two different colors. One for my food items and one for my household items.

photo album

I divided the photo album into sections using labels.


The coupons fit perfectly in the slots!


So now I will be able to atleast bring my lo0se coupons to the store with me!


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  • shelby

    I use this method currently too. I cut the outer edge of each sheet off so that I can slide the coupons in on either side and the longer ones can hang out a bit, which seems to work just fine.

  • NINA

    LOVE that idea!! Thank you!

  • I have been trying to find a better way to organize coupons. I recently purchased 4 pocket (3 ring size) pages for a zippered binder I have, even though I feel awkward shopping with something so big. But this just may be the solution I’ve been looking for, I love it! And I know I can pick up these albums inexpensively. Thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing! I bought a great photo binder this summer for a dime and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it – I now know what it’s purpose is! Thank you!!

  • Elizabeth K

    Thank you!! I needed a new idea my little book is just not working anymore!

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  • Barbara

    What a wonderful idea. I have piles of coupons in pencil bags i got cheap from office max (1 cent each) but i like this better – you can see them better.

  • Natalie

    Great idea! I noticed you have a black and white printable coupon in your stash. The last time I tried to use a coupon I printed on a black and white printer I was accused of photo copying. Do you ever have that problem? I’m so nervous about it now! Thanks!

    • Shannon


      I have never had the problem. Right on the coupons it says that coupons may appear in black and white from Smartsource. Remember they all have an individual code on them too. I no longer have a color printer anymore – I upgraded to a laser and couldn’t afford a color laser.

    • JEN C

      @Natalie, If you were going to photo copy coupons, you could color copy just as easily as B&W copy. I only print coupons in b&w and have never had problems.

  • Vicki

    Like your idea! Need to do this ASAP!

    • Claudia Betrand

      like this idea, must try ASAP