Reader Question: SmartSource No Longer in Newspapers?

When I start getting the same questions from different readers, I like to share it on the blog.  I recently received these emails and many more in regards to the Smartsource Inserts.

From reader Twila –

Ever since the New Year we have not been getting the Smart Source in the Sunday paper- (The Daily Item). I talked to my niece in Ohio, and she said it seems to be happening in several areas. Do you know anything about it? Also, my daughter called the paper and they said they have no control over what coupons they get to put in. Is there any way to contact the Smart Source company? I hate paying for a subscription when I don’t get all the coupons and then having to buy online if I want them.

Also, some of the coupons I’ve been printing have been printing without the bar code and I just wondered if this is happening to anyone else and why it would be.

From reader Sarah K.

Since the beginning of 2011 my local paper has been without SmartSource inserts.  I am considering cancelling my paper and buying a larger market (Reading, Philly, Pittsburgh?) paper at the store every week– so I’m wondering if you can offer any insight into which paper tends to have the better value/regional coupons? Or if this question is something you would/could pose to your readers. It seems the lack of SS inserts is pretty widespread, so I imagine I may not be the only one wondering about this.

I honestly didn’t know this was happening, because both the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily Local have continued to carry the Smartsource in the Sunday Paper.  So are any of you experiencing this?

It is true that the papers have no control over the coupon inserts. The coupon inserts are decided upon by P&G, Redplum and Smartsource. This happened last year when Redplum pulled out of alot of cities.

As far as Philly area papers go, The Inquirer only has Smartsource and P&G.   I have not received a Reading Eagle recently , so I am not sure if they include the Smartsource.

So we need your help – could you comment on which paper you purchase & metro area – with a listing of coupon inserts included.

Also, have any of you had a problem with Smartsource bar codes not printing?

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  • Linda

    I do not know how a person can get the insert and sell them>> COUPONERS LOOK WHAT I GOT EARLY 12-8 SS Columbus Wall Street ( they don’t come out till this Sunday )…PLEASE PM ME ORDERS OR QUESTIONS ( WILL NOT HOLD Must meet 12-5 Thursday at 3:30pm in Findlay New Walmart ) Thanks so that is where the missing inserts are ..someone is some how getting them before the paper is sold and reselling them on a facebook page…is that leagal. that is one question I like to know.

  • Ryan Healey

    Hi. I can speak to this from a publishing angle. It is ABSOLUTELY true the newspapers have no control over SmartSource or RedPlum suddenly dropping their market and no longer sending coupons. Sadly, newspaper subscribers normally pick up flaming torches, call and scream at the newspaper and even cancel their subscriptions “in protest”. This protest accomplishes nothing and only hurts the newspaper as they loose subscribers, revenue and can’t eventually employ as many reporters, etc. It’s a nasty cycle.

    That said, I would NOT ever write as that goes to the people who run the site and have nothing to do with where SmartSource goes. IMHO, SmartSource has been dropping far more papers than RedPlum. is the best route but each and every person has to complain directly to SmartSource or RedPlum or NOTHING will happen. You should see how few people actually complain… so more and more papers loose the coupons.

  • John

    SmartSource magazine with the Heart Smart logo is misleading at best. The front of the most recent insert was covered by heart unhealthy coupons from Steak ‘n Shake. All nine coupons featured high saturated fat items: double burgers, fries, fried onion rings, cheese slices, and shakes of unknown composition.
    The inside coupons for food items were, in general, not significantly better. Hope the people looking for these coupons are aware of the dietary flim-flam under the Heart Smart logo.

  • Moira

    Seattle Times, Seattle WA and local Skagit Valley Herald, Mount Vernon, WA are not getting Smartsource inserts.

    SVH gave me these two email addresses

    and (I know this is the printable coupon website however IMHO it can’t hurt to email them as well)

    Perhaps with a flood of concerns to the email addresses above an explanation might be forthcoming.

  • laura copp

    South Bend Indiana no longer has coupons either, I tried to look on line to contact smartsource but no luck yet. I am not happy

  • Carrie

    SmartSource is no longer in the Decatur Daily paper I get. Only Redplum :(

  • Linda

    How can consumers contact Smartsource to let them know how dissatisfied we are that they pulled their coupons from our local newspaper? I believe that if enough people put pressure on them, it would help.


  • Rachel

    After July SmartSource & RedPlum are no longer in my local papers. Newsday & Daily News in Astoria, NY. There seems to be no way of contacting SmartSource.

  • Tiffany

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sometimes get the smart source inserts …. but it’s been rare. The past three weeks, there have been NO coupons. I cancelled my subscription today. :(
    In the past two months, I think I have only had one insert. Not worth the subscription price.

  • Ingrid J. Rincon

    Hello, i just moved to PA and signed up wit the Philadelphia Inquirer because i saw that this one would carry the smart source and the P&G coupons…. its been 3 weeks since i have been getting it daily and have yet to receive coupons…. absolutely no coupons…. i’m really disappointed…. any one have any ideas as to why this is happening???

  • sara

    I get the Daily Item as well here in Lewisburg, and this week there are NO coupons. That’s happening more and more frequently every week. So frustrating. I know I can use, etc., but it seems it is very difficult to find all the coupons online that are offered in print. What are your favorite websites for printable coupons?

  • Jennifer Waggoner

    I live in SE Kansas and have been receiving ss only sporadically in our KC Star. I think I’m going to start trying ebay. :(

  • Jenny

    I didn’t get Smartsource coupons this last Sunday in the Salt Lake Tribune. It only had one set of coupons, since we get Red Plum in the mail….

  • Elizabeth

    Well it’s some comfort to know I’m not the only one having trouble with Smart Source. Both my local (Chronicle) and regional (St. Pete Times) here in West Central Florida haven’t had Smart Source in probably 6 weeks! Does anyone know if you can order the entire Smart Source inserts? If so, where?

  • I am in the DC area and the Washington Post has had all of the coupon inserts. One weekend there was suposed to be two of something and we only got one in the papers that I picked up at the store. I was thinking about signing up for the home delivery but I was really freaked out about signing up and loosing the inserts. I can’t wait to hear how this turns out.

  • Val B.

    I live in Green Bay,WI. Milwuakee Sentinel- smartsource Sunday State Journal- all of them Chicago Tribune- smartsouce was in it one week ago,this week nothing, mainly nothing since Dec. it used to have all and was the best. Green Bay- all but alot of pages of junk ads.

  • Rachael K

    I live in NW Ohio and I noticed in the middle of the week we get the ad for Giant Eagle, and since the new year the Smart Source coupons have been included with the circular and other ads.

    • Rachael K

      @Rachael K,

      I wanted to make sure I was more clear. The Giant Eagle circular and other ads have always come in the mail mid-week and now the SS coupons have been a part of the bundle.

  • Maribeth

    I am from Ohio and get the Columbus Dispatch but they have not been having a SmartSource and sometimes a Red Plum since December or maybe even November, I can’t remember for sure. I stopped getting them and trying to find other papers in my area that would carry them. Now my local paper didn’t have an insert 2 weeks ago and this past week so I don’t know what is going on. I have also contacted the paper and they said the same thing about not having control over what gets put in there.

  • Rory

    We have still been getting SS here in York, but for about a month and a half in the fall there was no Redplum. Then suddenly they came back. Home delivery.

    I used to pick up the Washington Post at the Giant PA down the road on Sunday to get additional coupons and good news coverage — the coupons would pay back for the out of market surcharge — but then they stopped including coupons in the out of market copies. So I stopped.

  • Gwen

    Lancaster Sunday News still has everything, I think. This week I got a P&G and the SS.
    The Patriot News still has everything too. In fact, last week (or maybe the week before?) I even received a GM insert that didn’t show up in my Lancaster paper.
    The Harrisburg inserts are almost always better than Lancaster, but this was the first time that I noticed an entire extra insert in Harrisburg. (I don’t get the Harrisburg paper every week, though, so maybe it’s more common than I think).

    • azia

      on what day does these papers have coupon inserts?

      • For the Mommas

        Sunday :)

  • Melissa

    I have been having this trouble also.

    On 1/9 my DH bought a Press Enterprise (Bloomsburg, PA) but there was only a Red Plum. This week when he went out, I asked him to look at the papers, if they didn’t have the 2 inserts slated for this week– SS and P&G– don’t bother to get one. He ended up with a Citizen’s Voice (Wilkes-Barre) which had both. Since there wasn’t a RP for this week, I’m not sure if it is included all the time or not. I plan on looking this weekend.

    I also noticed on 1/2 while visiting my parents house north of Pittsburgh, the Post Gazette did not have the RP in the paper. They do get the inserts in the mail, but that makes it difficult to get multiple coupons.

    • Laura

      @Melissa, That’s right, sorry for my misinformation! The Pittsburgh Post Gazzette includes all except the Red Plum.

  • Laura

    I printed some coupons at my mother’s house, and had to throw all of them away! They were from all the different sites like, redplum, target… They printed without the small print that gives the store all the details on how to redeem them, and without the size & product specifications under the pictures, and without the numbers under the barcodes! I didn’t notice this until I had printed AN AWFUL LOT of them :( I felt awful having to throw away all that ink & paper. I was also wondering why that happened. If you find out, will you please let us know in an e-mail feed? THANKS!!!

    Also, the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette has all three inserts in it, and if you pay for a year (even just a year of Sunday papers only), they offer an AMAZING deal!! I think it is around 60, maybe 68 cents/paper! You can have them deliver as many Sundaty papers as you want each week at that rate, use one coupon, and your paper is paid for!!!

  • tina

    Rachel I live in Sacramento and there was no Smart Source in this Sunday’s Sac Bee. Only on the Jan 3rd paper.

  • Stacy

    Northwest Ohio and South East Michigan has been getting the Smartsource and Redplum inserts in the “Junk Mail” on Tuesday’s. So go through your junk mail!

  • Karen

    I live in KY, and we never get the extra inserts. (The regional ones.) I don’t subscribe to the newspaper anymore, it was costing just as much for the weekend subscription as it was to go buy the paper at a stand!

    I usually get my paper in Lexington, since it is a big city. I haven’t been missing inserts lately, but I have had inserts missing before. I figured it was the newspaper people not putting it all together correctly. lol

  • Romi

    Hi. We are getting the SS, RP and PG (along with occasional GM) in Sacramento, CA. I get the Sacramento Bee delivered. We also get the SS & RP in the mail. :) We are quite lucky here and I hope this continues. :)

  • Rebecca T

    I’m in NE close to Central PA-
    1/2 only received the RP
    1/16 only received P&G
    No SS since the beginning of the New Year and no RP this past week.
    I’m frustrated and considering not buying the papers any more!

  • Linda C.

    Scranton Times (PA): Smartsource, Redplum, & P&G.

    Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin (NY): Smartsource, Redplum, & P&G.

  • Amy

    The Reading Eagle always has all the coupons, but they tend to have a lot more of the $1 off 2 coupons. The Pottstown Mercury always has all the inserts too. They are usually the better ones 50 cents off 1, so you can end up getting that doubled somewhere. Hope this helps!

    • Shannon


      interesting, the Mercury has better denominations. never knew, I will try and pick up one this weekend to do a comparison..

  • Jessica

    I get the Hartford Courant in CT and get all three inserts. Also the Wall Street Journal never has coupons but the last two weeks it had the same SS insert from 1/9. Strange

  • Alice

    A friend of mine called Redplum to see if she could get the mailed insert and they said its all based on zip code. The man she talked to gave her the impression that throughout the year Smartsource/PG/Redplum evaluate certain zip codes and may or may not make those inserts available to certain areas. I can’t tell you how they evaluate this but they do. Frankly I have stopped buying the paper because as a couponer for almost a year I’ve gotten to the point that its cheaper for me to just pick up the coupons I need from Ebay or a clipper website. I stepped back and realized I was only using maybe 1 or 2 coupons per insert so why waste all that money. I usually get packs of 20 for less than a buck and split them with my sister since I’m not one to buy more than 5 mostly of anything let alone 20 lol. But the 20 packs are the better deals. I recommend getting a coupon buddy:) share and compare

  • John

    I live in Decatur, AL. The Decatur Daily has not had Smartsource since the first of the year. Before that, we got Smartsource, RedPlum, P&G and the occasional General Mills insert. But, they were usually abbreviated versions. This last week, we only got a P&G. I guess I need to find a new paper. Maybe the new one will actually have some stories worth reading, too!

  • Bethany Haskins

    I live in Crystal River Florida. The Citrus Chronicle no longer is carrying smart source (started the beginning of the year). I purchase my papers directly at the news paper office. They had no idea why ss wasn’t being carried. I told them to figure it out or I would be purchasing from another newspaper. Ocala paper seems to be carrying smart source, red plumb & proctor & gamble. I don’t know on general mills yet. I now purchase my 6 news papers weekly from them.

  • Paige Harshbarger

    I live at the Jersey Shore and get the Asbury Park Press since they have more inserts that the other papers in the area. I have always gotten SS, RP, and P&G inserts. I hope that it continues!

  • Anita

    Memphis Commercial Appeal (for Southaven, MS) carries P & G and SmartSource. It’s good that they carry the SmartSource because I can never get them to print online. Had a computer guy look and I have everything necessary loaded, but all I get is a “compliance error.” When I email SmartSource customer service, they never respond. I’ve resorted to notifying each brand when I can’t print the coupon. Perhaps notifying individual brand companies when your paper stops carrying the inserts would put pressure on SmartSource to reinstate them.

  • tina

    Northern Ca has not been getting the SS

  • Los Angeles Times (via my Mom): SS, RP and P&G

    San Diego Union: SS and P&G

    The SD Union used to mail out the Red Plum but that ceased about a month ago, so I think they have pulled San Diego. Thank goodness I can get the one from the LA Times

  • Rachel

    The Lewistown Sentinel had the smartsource coupons earlier this year when there were 2 inserts but I don’t think they had any of the inserts this weekend. They normally don’t have everything. The Harrisburg Patriot still has everything and the Sunbury Daily Item only has RedPlum & P&G. Both home delivery and store bought Daily Item papers are missing the Smart Source inserts this year. I noticed sometime last year that they started carrying a different Smart Source insert than the Harrisburg Patriot.

  • Paige

    I live in south jersey. I usually buy the Philadelphia Inquirier and the Courier Post. The Inquirier has P&G and Smartsource, while the Courier has all three. But I’ve noticed that the Inquirier will sometimes have different value(better)/different coupons in its smartsource vs the courier.

  • Leighann

    I live in Gautier, MS. We can get either the Mississippi Press (out of Mobile, AL) or the Sun Herald (out of Biloxi/Gulfport, MS).

    The Press is a sad, sad paper. On a good Sunday you’ll get all the inserts, but your Redplum might have 2 coupons in it (the other 10 pages taken up with ads selling plants and shoes and that type of thing!).

    The Sun Herald is better about coupons – you USUALLY get all the inserts that are supposed to be out for that week, but also usually the value is different (not always lower, actually, usually higher) and you only get a fraction of the coupons that are supposed to be in that insert. There might be 25 coupons listed in the Smart Source for that week, but inevitably the Sun Herald will only get 5-7 of those coupons.

    Anyone else lives in this area and knows of a better paper, let me know! I will be indebted to you!

  • Andrea

    Looks like some of you are not far from me. I’m in Williamsport, and our paper (the Sun-Gazette) had Smartsource and P&G on Sunday, but no Red Plum. Interesting to see this post, because I mentioned this to my husband yesterday (and I, too, usually blame my husband for not checking for one with all the coupons).

  • Dana

    I also subscribe to the Daily Item, Sunbury, PA. I just started on 1/9/11 since I was told the reason the newsstand issues were without coupons on 1/2/11 is there are not always enough to include them, but the subscribers always get them. After two weeks of only receiving one Red Plum and one P&G I knew something was up. I emailed the gentleman who discussed this with me and await his response.

  • Tammy

    I am in Salt Lake City and receive the Salt Lake Tribune. They have the Smart Source and P & G inserts. The Red Plum are delivered with mail earlier in the week.

  • Tiffany T

    I live in Adams County PA. I have the Evening Sun delivered and I am lucky to have 1 insert which would be the SmartSource. Now I go to the gas station and get Sunday Patriot News and The Baltimore Sun. Now these are the papers that normally have all of the inserts. Now the York Sunday paper will advertise they have the coupons and most of the time at the gas station there are not any in. I have called and they explained to me that they can not guarantee at the stores and gas stations because their subscribers get it first. So basically sorry about your luck! It is very upsetting and now I have to spend $2 per paper to get the coupons! I am thankful that I can at least get them. So I always check every paper too!

  • Teresa

    No Smart Source in Mt. Airy News either since January 1 in NC; however the Winston-Salem Journal out of Winston-Salem, NC seems to still be carrying them.

  • Dawn

    I live in Lexington, KY and get the Herald Leader, and I still get SS in it every week. I have also been getting an extra Cincinnati area SS in the mail on Wednesdays (this is a new thing). Must be regional.

  • Linda

    I live in Texas & I got Smartsource coupons in my paper yesterday.

  • Linda

    I live in Texas & I got Smartsource in my paper yesterday.

  • Andrea V.

    Macon, GA. I live in Cochran but I get the Sun paper from Macon, Ga.
    I don’t have problems with Smart s nor P&g.
    I’m not getting the Red Plum insert.

  • Irene

    In Wilkes-Barre, PA: the Times Leader and Citizens Voice carry all 3 but when I pickup a Philly Inquirer, it usually has MORE coupons in the smartsource than the other paper does. We get the “filler” pages with stuff you can send in to purchase. Why bother with that?? omg!

  • Debbie

    I live in Reading, PA and the Reading Eagle gets both smartsource and replum (and P&G when available). I also purchase the Philadelphia Inquirer and receive them both as well. However, for some reason the 1/16/11 inserts in both the Reading and Philly papers did not have a redplum insert.

    • Shannon


      The Philly Inquirer stopped RP last year?

  • Nicole

    I live in Palm Coast, FL about 30 minutes South of St Augustine and 30 min North of Daytona Beach. I buy either the Florida Times Union (out of Jacksonville), the St Augustine Record, or the Daytona Beach News Journal. All 3 of them carry SmartSource, Red Plum, P&G and the extra General Mills inserts (the times when they are in there). If you are reading this and are from my area, buy either the Florida Times Union or the St Augustine record. They carry the same inserts and they almost always have the good coupons. :-) The Daytona Beach News Journal is usually missing a lot of the ones that I want.

    • Tara M.

      Thanks Nicole. I also live in the St Auggie area and have noticed a big decline in the inserts. Some weeks St Augustine Record as none :(

  • In Bayonne NJ, I get The Record on Sunday which has P&G, Smartsource & Redplum.

    You have me in a panic over here, I hope this doesn’t happen to us :(

  • Marci

    I get the York Daily Record, and in my newspaper yesterday was a Smart Source, and a P&G.

  • Janice K.

    The Reporter from Lansdale, PA , The Mercury from Pottstown, PA, Morning Call from Allentow, PA, and The Philadelphia Inquirer all have the Smart Source

    • Alice H

      @Janice K.,
      I get the coupons from Pottstown Mercury, and get the Phila Inquirer and the Allentown Morning Call and agree with Janice! I don’t always grab the Reporter!

  • amy

    I wrote a letter this week because since Jan 2nd, we have not gotten red plum in the detroit news even after trying different locations and this week, we also didn’t get the P&G.

  • Paco

    My local paper, the Daily Item (Sunbury) hasn’t run SS at all this month so far. I emailed the advertising department and they report that the missing inserts are due to ongoing negotiations with Smart Source’s parent company. (News America presumably).

    Since the issue seems to be more than just with my paper, I wonder if News America is trying to negotiate much lower insert rates with papers more broadly? RedPlum moving from newspapers in some major markets could be a bargining chip News America is trying to play in this negotiation.

    I hope they get it figured out soon, cause newspaper subscribers are the ones loosing out.

  • Cyndi Mac

    I live just outside of Baltimore. I get the Baltimore Sun and the Carroll County Times. I have Not gotten the Smart Source in the past three weeks in the Carroll County Times. I called them last week to ask why. They said they are in negotiations with Smart Source and she’s not sure when they will return. I still get them in my Baltimore Sun though.

  • Laura Chubb

    I ge tthe daily item from Sunbury, pa…I actaully contacted them about this…semms retail papers 9ones you buy inthe store) aren’t gettign them because the “coupon dept” insn’t getting enough…but they told me hoem delivery should get them still!

    • Sarah K.

      @Laura Chubb, that’s odd– I also get The Daily Item and we haven’t been getting the SS inserts since the new year. My neighbor gives me her inserts and she hasn’t had them either (and we both have the paper delivered). I contacted (via email) The Daily Item and could not get a straight answer from them. I will try asking again.

    • @Laura Chubb,

      Same problem here. I get home delivery as do my neighbors and daughter, and none of us are getting them. I haven’t contacted the paper yet, but my daughter did and didn’t get to much satisfaction. I plan to call them as well.

  • Michelle

    Live in Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch no longer has Smartsource coupons only Redplum & P&G. Local paper Sidney Daily News has all of them.

    • Michelle


      Hey, I’m Michelle too and I live an hour north of Columbus and I pick up my Dispatch at a gas station and it still has the Smartsource.

      • Hope L

        @Michelle, Our Smart Source in Newark OH has been coming in the “bag” with the grocery ads. Not the paper.

        • Michelle

          @Hope L,

          So if you pick up The Advocate it doesn’t have the Smartsource? I was in Newark 2 Sundays ago and picked up the Advocate and it had the Smartsource. My friend gets the “bag” that comes out of Newark and she told me that she started to get a Smartsource insert in hers. I think my “bag” comes out of Mt. Vernon. I have seen no Smartsource in mine.

      • Michelle

        That’s interesting. I live one hour northwest. I also recently signed up for the Dispatch & was told that I would receive all the ads with my subscription but as my earlier post said, I don’t. Will not renew.

  • Cindy

    Allentown Morning Call has still been carrying them all.

    • Christina

      @Cindy, Did you get 3 different things of coupons this week? I am also in the area and only got 1-believe it or not it was smartsource!

      • Janice K.

        I purchase the Morning Call last week 1/9 and it had all the inserts, this week 1/16 had Smart Source and Proctor Gamble

  • Kim

    Philly Inq. is missing inserts (Philly Suburbs) Not sure what is going on but they are missing. Intel and Reporter are fine. Interesting timing on this question. Never had ths problem before but all of the sudden now I am.

  • The Patriot News (east shore addition!) – We are getting Red Plum, Smartsource, and P&G.

  • Giovanna

    Weehawken, NJ…..I receive the Smartsource in the Jersey Journal on Saturdays. On Sundays I purchase the NY Times or The Post, which also includes Smartsource

  • Melissa M

    I live in Southern MA (Swansea, MA to be exact). I buy The Boston Globe and they usually have all three (Redplum, P&G, and SmartSource). Some weeks I have noticed one or the other won’t be there when it should be. My friend has had the same experience. We also will buy the Providence Journal (just more money, which is insane to pay ;) when you are saving $$). That carries all three as well.

  • I am on the other side of the country in Las Vegas NV but I thought I would still check in ;-)
    Here we only get the Smartsource in our paper.
    The RP and P&G come in the mail.
    I have been using online services to purchase my inserts instead of the paper. I get way better deals this way since our paper only contains 1 of the inserts…


  • Twila

    Do you know the cost of subscribing to the Philly Enquirer if you’re from out of the area, and is it possible to only subscribe to the Sunday paper?

    • Shannon


      email me Twila :)

    • Janice K.


      Yes, I get a half empty Saturday paper with coupon inserts and some flyers, then on Sunday I get just the paper. I believe it was $1 per week the last time I signed up.

  • Elle

    jacksonville, florida and we have The Florida Times Union, i checked 5 different papers when i went to buy mine and they only had the P&G

  • Janelle

    In Greenville SC—Greenville News still has the inserts from: Smartsource , Redplum and P&G if you buy them at the right place. Some newstands do not have all the inserts in them. I buy at Walgreens or Publix or my church and all 3 places have the inserts!

  • Amy B.

    Harrisburg, PA- The Patriot News- gets the Smartsource inserts.

  • lena j

    jupiter fl…..i get the sunday paper delivered to me….all the inserts are in there so my husband got 3 more from publix and not all the inserts were in there….not fair…i would like to know what going on too….i thought it was me only guess not..thanks for the info

  • Krissy

    I noticed this weekend when I bought the Philadelphia inquirer on Sunday it had a different smart source insert in it then the early edition inquirer I bought Saturday. I don’t remember it being like that before.

  • Ginny Bass

    Central Florida – Florida Today Newspaper – Included a rather large SS insert as well as P&G but no Red Plum this week.

  • lena j

    jupiter fl…I was complaining to my husband about the same thing…..i purchased 3 sunday newspapers at publix….the 3 sunday papers i purchased from publix didnt have the smartsource but the sunday morning paper dropped off to me has them all…im not gonna sit there and go through every paper at the supermarket…i would like to know what going on too

    • Nicole

      @lena j, I find oddly enough that the SmartSource inserts are usually the ones that people take out of the newspapers most often. I can go through 10 at my store (that look as though they’ve already been gone through) and only find 3 or 4 with them in. I suppose they could accidentally not get put in also just like sometimes I’ve gotten multiples of the same insert in one paper. I guess it could go either way. :-) That’s why I always check before I buy them.

    • Irene

      @lena j, I don’t leave the store without checking my papers. That’s the whole reason I’m getting the papers to begin with!

    • Kelly

      @lena j,

      I live in Port St. Lucie, FL and since the new year begin there has not been one Smart Source insert. I wrote an e-mail to the newspaper, the St. Lucie News Tribune and this was their response,

      “Good afternoon,

      I apologize for the delay in the response regarding you inserts. We have checked with our production department regarding the question on your coupons. The Red Plum coupons were the only ones in the Single Copy editions (when purchased at the store or newsstand), the SmartSource coupons done by ‘New America’ only chose to be in home delivered copies not in newsstand editions. We do not designate what papers the coupons go in this is done by the manufacturer who sends them to us.”

      This past weekend I decided to purchase the Palm Beach Post instead since I thought maybe they would have the inserts. When I got home I found not one insert! Even P&G wasn’t in there. I am done wasting my money on newspapers without coupons. It’s so frustrating!

  • Wendy

    The Patriot News (Harrisburg, PA) has smart source, redplum, and P&G.

  • Judy

    I was at my sister in NJ over the weekend and the New Jersey Star Ledger had the Smart Source insert. I have a separate problem – I am not able to print the Smart Source coupons from the internet – I think it’s because my laptop is not Java enabled. Any advice would be welcome.

    • Busy Mama

      @Judy, I have the same problem. Even when I follow the directions to enable Java, I can not get the coupons to print. All I get (if anything at all) is a mini-sized version of the item icon.

    • Janice K.


      I can’t get them to print either, so frustrating

      • Twila

        @Janice K.,
        I’m having the same problem. All the SS coupons I try to print, print without the bar code. My Java is enabled, so I don’t know where the problem lies. I gues I’m destined to do without SS coupons. Sigh. :(

  • Erin

    The Intelligencer, Doylestown, PA carries SmartSource, Red Plum, and P&G. In the Philly Inquirer I get SmartSource and P&G.

  • Lexington, KY. I get the Lexington Herald Leader which has all the inserts however not all coupons are the same as larger cities. My boyfriends mother sometimes brings me papers from Louisville, KY and they have a whole lot more.

    • Emily Fraiser

      LOUISVILLE, Ky – We are still receiving all three inserts – P&G, Smartsource and RedPlum – in the Courier Journal. However, we tend to get lower value coupons.

  • Kristi

    The Little Rock paper has been lacking lately also. I never get all three and sometimes only end up with the P&G. Its frustrating.

  • jennifer ontko

    Toledo, Ohio has all smartsource, p&g and redplum inserts.

  • Dawn

    Asbury Park Press in central NJ still carries all inserts, thankfully!

  • Bonnie Stone

    I subscribe to the Plain Dealer from Cleveland, OH and have continued to get SmartSource and P&G. Our RedPlum is delivered mid-week with grocery adverts.

    Occasionally, I have not gotten an expected SmartSource. I call the circulation customer service and ask if I should have gotten it (most of the time the answer has been yes) and they either bring it the next day or with the Wednesday paper (which is included in a Sunday subscription for some reason).

    SmartSource pulled out of the local Vindicator (Youngstown, OH) quite a while ago (a year?). They only have the montly P&G.

    Also, I found that the Tribune (Warren, OH) was unreliable with inserts for “out of area” deliveries. (I am in Lake Milton, OH)

    I have not experienced barcodes not printing…I wonder if there is a tech support or customer service link that can be contacted about that?

  • Deidre

    The Pittsburgh papers are still carrying Smartsource. I’m not sure which papers since our apartment building just receives the ads and coupons delivered on Sundays.

  • Tina

    I have been getting them. However I think the papers have no control seeing that each insert is regional. I have found that I have several coupons other regions don’t have and vice versa. I would suggest calling the paper and seeing if they know what is going on with the inserts just to make sure they haven’t decided to not include them. I have also had a problems with inserts missing in one of my copies. This could be an error on their part.

  • Anne

    I am receiving it in my paper (St. Louis Post Dispatch).

  • Helen

    Charlotte Observer in NC still has all the coupon inserts.

  • Jamie

    Dayton OH-Since the new year we have been getting the smartsource coupons in the weekely ad’s that come on Wed. Not sure why. Never happend before. We hardly ever get the Red Plum or the P & G coupons in papers that you buy at the store. If you pay to have them delivered then you will get all 3 most of the time. I haven’t had any problems with bar codes printing….

  • Jennifer K.

    I get the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Chester County Daily Local. They both carry Smart Source and P&G / General Mills when they come out. The Daily Local also has the Red Plum, while the Inquirer does not. We get an additional Red Plum in with the ads in Wednesday or Thursday’s mail each week.

  • Jennifer

    I get the Detroit Free Press and get all of them all the time.

  • Vilma

    Here in New Jersey, the Asbury Park Press still carry the Smartsource as well as the P&G and the Redplum. So we are lucky. Hopefully, the AP continues to carry these inserts.


  • Carolyn

    The Reading Eagle and the Lancaster paper do still have all 3.

  • J

    The Reading Eagle (Reading, PA – Berks County) still has the SmartSource inserts!

  • Sandra

    We’re getting the smart source insers in The News Journal (Wilmington, DE)

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Central Jersey…Bayville, NJ I buy the Asbury Park Press and they have all inserts expected.

  • Melody

    Last week my Philly Inquirer did not have coupons and I called to let them know and they were sent to me in the mail. I received them on Thursday, not as good as Sunday….but I did get them.


  • Sherri Spichiger

    Still getting them all in Metro Atlanta, but I’ve noticed that I do have to check my papers A LOT more carefully these days to make sure all the inserts are there (especially the SmartSource inserts)…

  • Lauraly

    I subscribe to the Houston Chronicle and have not had a smart source insert in about two months. I live in a small town about 150 miles from houston, but they deliver locally. My neighbor buys our local paper (the orange leader) and gets an insert(smartsource) here and there.

  • Diana

    We are still getting them in Austin TX American-Statesman.

    • Megan

      @Diana, do you have home delivery of the Statesman? I live in a small town north of Austin and am considering subscribing to the Sunday Statesman because the store is always out of papers when I go to buy one on Sunday. I am just curious if the inserts vary depending on whether you have home delivery or you buy at the store (as some papers do). I subscribe to the smaller Temple Telegram, but they only carry RedPlum and P&G inserts, never SmartSource.

  • Rhonda

    Last Sunday…I bought 2 papers, got home and NO coupons! So, I took them back up to where I purchased them, looked through 6 papers to make sure they had coupons before I left…NO coupons again. I went to another place and looked through 6 papers again before I purchased them…NO coupons again. Finally I went to a stand and bought 2 more papers. ONe paper had all 3 inserts and the other only had 1. This past Sunday, I bought 2 papers again, there were smart source inserts, no proctor and gamble inserts. I went to another place and bought 1 paper, they had both inserts. I don’t know what is going on. The Bi-Lo around here said they were having problems with people stealing the inserts out of the papers.

  • Memphis Area- Commercial Appeal: We get SmartSource and P&G.
    Our RedPlum comes in the mail with the midweek ads.

  • carol

    The Pittsburgh Post Gazette will have the smart source coupons. No redplum or P&G. If I want the P&G I buy the Washington Observer Reporter. The WOR also has the Smart Source.

    • Missy

      @carol, Hi Carol. Mind if I ask where you buy the Washington Observer? I get the P&G and Redplum in the mail, but often would like extra copies. Thanks!

      • carol

        @Missy, I’ve only gone to 7-11 for it. The Sunday Observer doesn’t come out until Sunday. They sell for $1.00. (The Sunday Post Gazette comes out Saturday).

        • Missy

          @carol, Thanks, Carol!

  • In in Houston and I get the Houston Chronicle. They seem to have all inserts expected…

  • Rachel

    I received Smartsource in my papers in the Sacramento Bee and Daily Republic.

  • Ann

    Smartsource disappeared from The Press Enterprise and The Daily Item here in the Susquehanna Valley…

    • Ann

      @Ann, I was blaming my husband for not checking coupons when he went to buy the papers….

    • Twila

      Is the Press Enterprise the one from Williamsport? I was thinking of checking to see if that paper had them. I have some friends that get the Lewistown Sentinel, and I still want to check with them and see if they still carry them.

      • Irene

        @Twila, The Press Enterprise is from Bloomsburg

    • Sarah K.

      @Ann, Yeah, I get The Daily Item here and no more Smart Source. The local Weis sells a variety of papers on Sundays, though. I’m going to have to figure out what I should get based on all these responses…

      • Angelica

        The Press Enterprise may have lost Smartsource inserts, but you can still get them from The Times Leader. I had the hubby check each type of newspaper this morning to find it. Press Enterprise had Redplum, and sure enough, The Times Leader had Smartsource. I hope this helps!