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How to Organize A Pantry

I posted this photo of my stockpile recently. Many of you said you wish you knew were to start with organization.  I am very lucky to have a fantastic  organizer in my closet.  It makes it so easy to use every inch of space.    Many of you don’t have the space to do this or it just isn’t in the budget.

Organization is really important when you have a stockpile, even if you have a small space. I thought I would share some frugal pantry organization ideas. I would love to hear/see your unique organization ideas.


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Mandi at Life..Your Way has some great ideas, including using pasta jars for her baking items.

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This is a genuis idea – use Magazine racks for can storage – check out this fabulous pantry for even more ideas.

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I love this idea of using baby food jars for your spices!

You can check out this post on tips and ideas for pantry organization.

Do you have any tips for pantry organization?

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  • Cmat

    If you have a dollar tree store nearby, check there for the cloth organizing boxes. Overall, they have a lot of options you can look at for organizing. They have a few different sizes of the cloth boxes at mine and of course, they’re $1 each. I use these in my stockpile to store razors, candy, toothpaste, toothbrushes, batteries etc. All that little stuff that is hard to store if you don’t have something to put it in.

    I also use them in the kid’s closet to make things look a bit nicer. They have a hanging closet organizer and the biggest size of these cloth boxes fits perfectly in the compartments. So I can store bibs, socks, shoes, legos etc without people being able to see the clutter.

  • Kim V

    I am absolutely in LOVE with your pantry! Did you have your shelves custom made? I am so jealous of the zero wasted space! We have a pretty large pantry, but didn’t have the money to get custom shelving so we bought a black wire unit from Lowe’s and it’s done the job, until I started stockpiling! :)

    As for the toiletries and overflow of sealed foods, we are lucky to have a huge 2-sided work bench in our basement that separates the 2 sides of the basement with peg board to the ceiling. I haven’t had a chance to buy extra pegs yet, so I’ve just been using what the last homeowners left behind, but I love it bc I can hang stuff up, which saves alot of space! My husband calls it, “Kim’s Store,” which is kinda funny considering I always played Store when I was a kid! ;-)

    • Cmat

      I love the store thing, Kim! lol. Any time I’m asked if we have something I tell them to “go shopping.” Or DH jokes that is on aisle 4.

  • I love that magazine rack idea!!

  • theresa

    on the cheap, you gotta think outside of the box – i use a lot of aldi’s boxes to house like items and shoe racks for canned goods – i am always watching craigslist for free shelving – who cares what it looks like, it goes to the basement – i also used my old kitchen cabinets and i have labels on the doors listing what’s inside – it helps my husband and kids not tear things up looking for stuff!

  • Jessica A

    I seriously need to organized my pantry. I just went to Albertsons tonight and it was hard cramming my groceries in there. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Leslie

    I had to find a solution to use some spaces in my house that are deep and run the risk of “losing” the things in the back. My temporary solution: cardboard boxes. Free and I can pull things out when I need them. I blogged about it with pictures here:

  • J

    Our storehouse is a plastic and metal shelf in the basement. We operate on a FIFO system and stock back to front, right to left; then pull for use from the front, leftmost to keep things from getting lost and expiring. There’s nothing fancy about it; it’s actually sort of ugly, but it does the job.

    On a side note, we only keep “sealed” food there; anything that is not sealed we keep in the kitchen…so pastas in cardboard boxes and things like that.

  • Ruby

    Great ideas .. thanks!

  • Kristina C

    I have two long drawers in my kitchen. I use one for utensils, but in the other I found a drawer spice rack like this one so I know EXACTLY what I have and how much of it, and an in-drawer knife rack like this one Both fit in the same drawer and keep these much used items organized and at my fingertips.