Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Craft

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Craft

Thanksgiving is next week and if you are hosting this year, you may be thinking about your table setting and decor.  Well, I have a cute and easy craft that will make an adorable Thanksgiving table centerpiece.  Try our Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Craft.  These could not be simpler to do and you can dress them up or paint them in so many different ways.


This cute craft only requires 5 easy to find supplies.  You may even have some in your home already.


Gather your lids together and tie with craft wire.


Pull the lids apart and shuffle them to make a pumpkin shape.

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Craft

Spray paint the lids.  I used white here but I think these would look great with a gold color.  Be creative and choose a color that fits you.  Adorn the pumpkin with a twig from the backyard and use pipe cleaners and leaves from the craft store to decorate.

 Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin Craft

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