Weis: GM Catalina Money Maker

If you are heading to Weis, here is a great idea for the GM Catalina deal.  Even if you don’t need these items, they can be donated!

A big thanks to  Danielle for this idea.  Remember, please check your shelf prices at Weis, because they may vary.

Here is the deal:
9 Hamburger Helper (Shelf Price = 1.99 ea = 17.91) Sale=9.00
4 Suddenly Salad (Shelf Price = 2.69 ea = 10.76) Sale=4.00
2 Betty Crocker Cake Mix (Shelf Price = 1.69 ea = 3.38) Sale=2.00
2 Betty Crocker RTS Frosting (Shelf Price = 1.99 ea = 3.98) Sale=3.32

Total Shelf Price= 36.03
Total Sale Price= 18.32

(3) $1/3 Hamburger Helper
(2) $1/2 Suddenly Salad
(2) $1 off Purchase of Betty Crocker Cake mix & frosting

11.32 after coupons

get $10.00 Catalina for spending $35.00

plus there is a catalina on the Hamburger Helper for $2.00

Made all this free  + overage

You can see all the coupon matchups here to get specifics on the coupons she used.


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  • Amy

    I have a question how the Catalina’s work. Do you get it back AFTER you have already paid and have to use it for next time you buy more of that product or can you use it on that order before you finalize the checkout?

  • amy

    I put a knot in the bag, and then bagged it again, and returned them to the store. They gave me a refund, but did not seem too surprised.

  • Deborah S

    I’m wondering why I haven’t seen much about the other Catalina deal this week? Everyone talking about General Mills deal… I’ve seen posts about buying Clorox2, but there is a good deal on other items too…

    KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce x 4 (shelf $7.16/sale $6.00)
    Hidden Valley Salad Dressing x 4 (shelf $13.16/sale $10)
    Total Sale Price: $16.00 (Total shelf price $20.32)

    – $1/1 Hidden Valley x 4 = -$4.00
    – $1/1 KC Masterpiece x 4 = -$4.00
    Total Coupons: -$8.00

    Total After Coupons = $8.00 – get a $7 catalina, so only $1.00 for 8 items. This is especially good for Hidden Valley that has a great fat free dressing that is very seldom on sale, let alone a few cents each.

    • Shannon


      I posted the clorox because well I got 20 free bottles of dressing a few weeks ago, so no need for me to shop the Dressing this week.

    • Shannon


      I posted the Clorox part of it because thats what I shopped. I got 20 Free Dressings a couple weeks back, so am stocked on dressing – no need to shop it this week.

  • Kathy Bolton

    Did my catalina purchase last night. I got the following:

    4 Suddenly Salads
    1 cake mix
    1 frosting
    3 Fruit Roll Ups
    4 boxes of Chex

    Used $5 in Maufacturer coupons.
    Had $9 in catalina coupons from last week
    Received the $10 catalina

    MM of $2.25
    Plus $1.20 in BoxTops for my school

    YEAH !!!

  • amy

    Be careful off your Suddenly Salads. Mine were full of little black bugs. I had left them on the counter inside of the bag, was talking to DH, and looked over and they were crawling all over them. So gross.

    • chrissie

      did u call the store?

  • Janice

    I was so skeptical about trying this on the shelf price, but I figured that I would give it a try. I am so glad that I did!!!! I purchased 8 Suddenly Salad (no danger of shelf clearing and we are having a graduation party for about 60 people this weekend), 6 Hamburger Helper, and 1 Chex Mix. I used my coupons and spent $11.48 OOP (my shelf prices are a bit different that those listed). I received a $10 GM Cat and $2 off meat from the Hamburger Helper. I then went to a different Weis to stock up on items for the party. For that store I had $8 off $50 coupon from the mail and used my $10 cat to purchase most of the bread and veggies that I need for the party. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself :-)

    • Shannon

      he he Janice :) Fun stuff right! Have fun at your party on a dime!

  • D

    Hope you’re not sick of scenarios but here’s an even better deal if your shelf prices are the same as mine:

    9 Hamburger Helper (Shelf Price = 1.99 ea = 17.91) Sale=9.00
    6 Suddenly Salad (Shelf Price = 2.69 ea = 16.14) Sale=6.00
    1 Bisquick (Shelf Price = 1.49 ea = 1.49) Sale 1.00

    Total Shelf Price= 35.54
    Total Sale Price= 16.00

    (3) $1/3 Hamburger Helper (5/1 SS or 5/22 SS or 6/12 SS)
    (3) $1/2 Suddenly Salad (6/5 SS)

    10.00 after coupons
    get $10.00 Catalina for spending $35.00
    Get $2.00 meat Catalina for 5+ Hamburger Helpers

  • Kathy Bolton

    Not catalina related but Weis related:

    JollyTime microwave Popcorn is BOGO this week. I had a $1/1 coupon (can’t remember if it was RP or SS). Made for cheap popcorn. Plus, there were boxes that had a Free Weight Watchers magazine coupon — you need 3 UPC codes for this offer. I did the magazine subscription last year via the JollyTime offer.

  • Christi

    Wow I didn’t know it was the shelf price that had to add up to 35.00. I thought it was after the sale price. Boy I am glad I read this.

  • Kelly

    Yep, I’ve been buying 6 Hamburger Helpers, 8 Suddenly Salads (I love these), and a Chex Mix — HH is $2.19 shelf at my store– and have used $1/3 HHs, $.50/2 Suddenly Salad IPs, and $.50/1 Chex Mix IP. Comes to $9.00 and I get back $10 and $2 on beef or chicken. Though I’m donating all but 4 of the Hamburger Helpers, we just don’t care for them here. Awesome deal!

    • D

      Kelly, did you do the $35 deal more than once this week? I’ve already done it once but am wondering if I can keep doing it and just “roll” the catalina…

      • Doug

        I have done the $35 deal multiple times on the same card and the catalina rolls!!

      • Bonnie

        I’ve rolled this cat 6 times this week. My favorite MM scenario:

        12 boxes of HH
        4 boxes of SS
        pay $8, get $10 OYNO and $2 OYNO (meat, chicken, tuna)

        • D

          Thanks! Going back ASAP! :)

  • M

    I had a $10 catalina and a $2 off a hamburger helper purchase from a previous trip this week.

    Last night I went and got 15 suddenly salads, 5 tubes of aquafresh, 4 pillsbury brownie mixes, 3 hamburger helpers. and two frozen Celeste pizzas.

    I used 7 $.50/2 suddenly salad coupons, 4 $.55 pillsbury brownie coupons, 5 $1 aquafresh coupons, 1 $1/3 hamburger helper coupon, plus the two catalinas.

    I paid $1.50 and got another $10 catalina. :)

  • Holly

    I just came home from a trip to Weis. I did lots of yogurt and pillsbury with mine.

  • D

    Just wondering how the $10 printed, if shelf price didn’t achieve $35…

    Also, I’ve already done the $35 deal. Has anyone else done it multiple times? I’d love to go back! :)

    • Shannon

      oops, I think she messed that one up! LOL