Weis: Cottonelle Bath Tissue Scenario

This week at Weis, there is a $10.00 oyno catalina coupon printing when you spend $30.00 on participating Kimberly Clark products.

Note: Most stores run on shelf price to reach the $30.00.  This deal has been confirmed by Amy to be working on shelf price, but I cannot guarantee it. This deal is based on a shelf price of $8.49 and a sales price of $6.99. Please be sure to check your store .

Check the Cottonelle Bath Tissue for $1.00/1 or $1.00/2  Cottonelle Peelie Coupons to use with this deal.


Buy (4) Cottonelle Bath Tissue  $27.96
use (4) $1.00/1 Cottonelle Bath Tissue  (peelies)
$23.96 after coupon
Get $10.00 oyno catalina coupon
$13.96 or $.29 per double roll

$0.55 off ONE COTTONELLE Bathroom Tissue 9 pack

If you can’t find the Cottonelle Peelie Coupons:

Buy (4) Cottonelle TP $27.96
use (4) $.55/1 Cottonelle Printables (DND)
$25.76 after coupons
Get $10 Cat
$15.76 or $.32 per double roll

Please note most stores are based on shelf prices.  Please note your store may or may not work on shelf price.   If your store doesn’t work on shelf price, you may want to purchase Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues $1.67 as a filler item.

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  • Lori

    I tried this tonight. I got the 4 cottonelle. No peelies ,so I used two of the .55cent off coupons. I used the self checkout. The good news is it automatically doubled my coupons (which were not supposed to double) The bad news is that my $10 catalina did not print. So I lugged my four packs of toliet paper over to customer service. I was able to plead my case and they gave me $10 cash in place of the catalina.

    • For the Mommas

      You should have atleast got a $5 one! I don’t understand why this happens :( Glad they gave you the cash!

      • janet

        I went back today to buy 3 12 packs of Scott TP. Used my other cats. Nothing printed AT ALL! First time for the deal not to roll…service desk told me I used too many coupons!!!!!!!! That’s why it wouldn’t print???

  • Diana

    It DOES work on the Scott. I bought 3, paid 19.98 and got a $10 cat! Sooo excited! And the shelf price of Gevalia is 8.99 for Rachael.

    • For the Mommas


      Thanks for the shelf price for the Gevalia!

  • Holly

    My heart skipped a beat because I tried the deal with just 4 packs. Nothing printed till I was just about ready to walk away from the register after my transaction was completed. Then, there it was – my lovely $10 cat printing. :)

    • For the Mommas


  • Colleen

    Same here, Sherrie! I did the deal this afternoon & it worked on shelf price.

  • Joy H

    I was able to do this:
    (3) Cottonelle Bath Tissue $20.97
    (2) Scott’s Wipes $4.00
    Use (3) $1/1 Cottonelle
    Use (1) $1/2 Scott’s
    Pay $20.97
    Get $10 ONYO

    Second Transaction (Kraft Instant Deal)
    (3) Gevalia Coffee $17.97 (Shelf Price took it over the $25 requirement)
    (3) Hellavu Dips $5.97
    (1) Simply Be Orange Juice $1.25 (filler – total after bonus card needs to be $25 for instant to trigger even if its not all Kraft item)
    Use (3) $1.50/1 Gevalia
    Use (3) $.50/1 Hellavu (all doubled)
    $5 instant savings
    $10 ONYO from previous order
    Pay $2.69

    • Rachael

      Can you tell me what the shelf price for the Gevalia is?

  • SherrieB

    I’d love to know if anyone tried this with the Scott TP shelf prices, as the Cottonelle rolls do not last long in our house. The Scott is much more of an economical choice for us. Either way I’ll try tonight and report back!

    • For the Mommas

      Thanks Sherrie!

    • SherrieB

      Not to be redundant, but it worked at my Allentown, PA store on shelf prices. I was SO happy, b/c I really didnt know what I was going to do if it didnt, lol. Bought 3 Scott Toilet Paper (the regular 1000 sheet per roll) sale price $7.49×3= $22.49. There are NO coupons for this toilet paper so I was excited while I was ringing this up at the self checkout a 1.50 coupon printed out for the Scott Toilet Paper. I decided to try and use it and it worked fine (no issues about using on next order). So my total was $22.49-$1.50=$20.97 and then received $10 oyno. Worked out to $10.97 which is .30 cents per roll. (And I want to mention that this toilet better is SO much better than Cottonelle. It lasts MUCH longer, so IMO, this is a much better deal than the Cottonelle.)

      • janet

        WOW !I have some Weis store coupons that I must now execute at ‘my’ Allentown store!!(by Fridays’s…) Should make the deal even better!

        • janet

          I did the Scott deal at my Allentown store. $25.11 with tax before coupons(1 towel pack,1 TP pack,5 tissues); $17.61 after; $10 catalina from Weis and a $2 cat from Scott!