Target: Brummel & Brown Spread $.10 {No Coupons}

Here is a great deal at Target – no coupons needed.   Several readers have mentioned it and Natalie was able to confirm it in the Reading, PA area.   This is on price cut for $.10 down from $2.59.  I am not sure if it is on price cut everywhere, but be sure to check your stores!

Thanks, Katie & Jess.

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  • tiffany

    well i got 20 tonight in va. and a raincheck for 8 more at another target good till dec. the dairy guy said it wa an error and will be fixed soon….soo hurry and get them while you can!!

    • Anonymous

      I got mine tonight at the Target in Lionville, Pa…yea!!

      • Anonymous

        Just a heads up, I returned to my Target today and the Brummel & Brown’s is now ringing up at FULL price…bummer!!!

  • maureen

    The shelf price was $2.69 in Quakertown PA but they scanned at 10 cents!

  • ck

    Price tag shows $0.10, but empty shelf at Johnstown Rd in Harrisburg, PA.

  • gloria

    if this is really on price cut until 11/10 – would target do a raincheck?? i don’t really want to drive there if they’re gonna be sold out

    • For the Mommas


      Who knows with this kind of thing?