EXPIRED: Nerf Rebelle Deal: Pink Crush $2.78 at Kmart


Nerf Rebelle Pink CrushNerf Rebelle Pink Crush $2.78

Kmart has the Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush on sale for $10.99. In addition, there is a $5.00 off Nerf Toy Coupon, making it $5.99. Apply coupon COOLTOY and use in store pick up.

NOTE: For some reason, when you apply the coupon it’s bringing down the total to $2.78! {YMMV}

You can also use Shopathome for 4% cashback.!  

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Note:  The price on this may vary by area.

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  • amanda t

    it’s no longer on my kmart website.

  • Darn, guess I missed out. Got a message saying “item is no longer available”. Oh well. Thanks for posting the deal.

  • Alisa H

    I’m glad I waited until tonight to get these. A lot cheaper! Thank You.

  • Andrea

    Bummer – apparently it’s sold out at my Kmart (but it did come up at 2.78).

  • Sarah K.

    Thank you! I have been waiting to use my Shop your way free points on something and this is perfect. This will be a great gift for my niece or I will give it to Toys for Tots.

  • Amanda

    Where is the $5 coupon??

  • Amy

    Thanks I got it for FREE after I used my points!!

  • Melissa

    I got mine, went back to try to get another and the price was 10.99 Thought I could grab 2 no dice. But I did get the one for 2.78 Thanks!!!

  • taneah

    My store in janesville, wi has them in sale for 7.28.. with the code its 2.28! It only works with in store pickup and had to do two transacrions seperatly online to get two. But it worked! :)

  • Amanda

    I just ordered one a few hours ago for 10.99 and now it’s down to 7.28, so I ordered another one. Can they refund my money on the other one when I go to pick it up? Hey 3 bucks is 3 bucks, plus I needed 2 anyways!!

  • Heather R

    Out of stock for shipping… most stores on the Kansas side of KC metro are out of stock due to going out of business. :(

  • Tara

    What is the nerf coupon code

  • Chrissy

    It’s actually regularly priced $10.99, on sale for $7.78. That’s why it goes down to $2.78 :)

  • Kristina

    I just got this! It was marked down to $7.78 so that’s why it came down to $2.78. Thank you!