Giant PA: Expression Card Instant Savings Update


Quick update on the $5.00 Instant Savings Card promo at Giant.  A few of you were wondering what the $1.49 cards looked like – see photo above.  Keep an eye out for the Saturday Cards. They look like this on the back:



Have any of you done this yet? How did you do?

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  • Kristen

    Does anyone know when this deal ends?

    • Shannon

      Kristen, its in the ad again this week.

  • Jamee

    Hilarious! I couldn’t find any cards under 1.99 but was thrilled at the variety @ 1.99. As I stood in the checkout line with my 3 cards, I watched the girl ahead of me hand the cashier 30 .99 cent cards. When the cashier told her the total she FREAKED that she didn’t get them all for free…I then switched to a different lane as the entire order was voided. Now if she would have just checked you out Shannon, she would have saved herself the aggravation. Signing out, loyal forthemommas fan forever…

  • sharon

    The “You’re a Mom” cards are hilarious! I found some in my store and had a great time just reading through them. I found several that fit friends of mine to a T.

  • jessica

    I wish someone hadn’t been so greedy to take ALL of the $1.49 cards at the RL, PA store! Whole 4 ft section EMPTY! Cust svc offered a RC for some cards since she knew that “one person came in and bought them all”. Behavior like that leads stores to impose limits…ahem….CVS? RA? geez! Sorry for the vent!

  • Diana

    I got 3 Graduation $1.49 cards. They were the only ones we could find. My husband was looking with me and we found none! They are rare. AND they took away all the .99 cards! That last deal must have wiped them out!

  • Kara

    I bought 3 $1.99 Father’s Day cards. There were very few $1.49 cards a few graduation cards. So with the 10% discount only .70 for 3, not bad:)

  • Andrea

    I did the Mom cards too. You CAN do more than one in one transaction. I tested it out today =)

  • J

    I ended up trapped at my Giant waiting out a severe thundestorm/tornado watch, so I had time to scour most of the cards and found none under $1.99. I noticed from the last card promo, that the card selections vary drastically from store to store. I’ll be in a different area tomorrow and might try the Giant there.

  • RuE

    I didn’t see any $1.49 cards that I liked, so I chose the $1.99 cards. I did it twice, not bad six cards for $2. :)

  • Cassandra

    I used the funny “You’re a Mom” kinda cards that have “Saturdays” tag on the back. I forget the exact label that is in the store, but they were next to the Christian Expressions. They were one of the few I found for that price.

    They retail for $1.49 but my store also does the 10% off so i got 3 cards for $1.34 a piece ($4.02 total).

    This meant it was a $0.98 moneymaker!

  • Yes – I found the Saturday cards and bought 3 sets of 3 in separate transactions. I was not “in the mood” to try them all in one transaction in case it didn’t work. With hubby and baby in tow, you choose your battles. Three transactions took less time than 1 with a wait at the customer service desk. :) Did anyone do this in one transaction?

  • Our Giant has NO $0.99 cent cards which is a bummer bc I needed to get 1 (even though they aren’t a part ofthe promo) but they have 3 different $1.49 cards. All of the are graduation cards. Guess I’ll get a few for next year when a bunch of people I know graduate :)

  • Susanne

    Our Giant actually removed all of the $0.99 cards from the $0.99 section, even took down the signs. Just to check I tried three $1.49 graduation cards and they worked. I found a few straggler $0.99 cards in the graduation section and they don’t generate the $5.00. The cards ring up at a 10% discount, so buying three of the $1.49 cards is about $1.00 money maker.

  • priscilla

    I went to this one giant with HUGE selection of cards. Like huge and NONE!! They had 1.99 cards but none of the 1.49 ones. I was hoping they had them but they didn’t! Hard to find!

    • I just read on AFC one couponer bragging about taking 168 of them. So I guess she lives in your area, sorry. I’m debating about driving down to Easton since the Giant near there has a huge card section(and they had the $1.49 Mom cards last time), I’d hate to wasted all that gas if I find it empty. I tried to make it there yesterday but we went to the LV zoo which is in the opposite direction.

      • JennK

        Hoping to get to the Easton or Forks Giant tomorrow. If I do I’ll give you a heads up :)

        • Andrea

          Easton store has a selection of them…not huge and not a lot of each but it might be worth checking it out. I was just there a couple of hours ago.