Giant PA: $10 P&G Giftcard Scenario


I usually skip over the P&G deals at the grocery stores, because I tend to do much better at the drug stores.  Well, ya’ll reprimanded me and told me that I needed to give this P&G deal another look.

The deal is buy $30 in P&G products and get a $10.00 Mastercard by mail at Giant.  You must buy $30 in one transaction.  Since I have never done these deals, I asked all of you if it was before or after coupons.  It appears as though the form definitely triggers on a $30 purchase before coupons. I would guess if you had a full shopping trip, you just highlight the items on your receipt that qualify.

So if you follow FTM regularly and request all the freebies I post, you can score a sweet deal like Kristin did! You can check out the P&G Coupons that are available.

Here is a deal idea:

(4) Gillette Bodywash $14.00
(1) Pantene $3.50
(1) Herbal Essence $ 3.00
(1) Gillette Fusion $7.99
(2) Ivory Soap $1.98
Total before coupons = $30.47
use (4) $2.00 Gillette Bodywash 7/31 PG
use Free Pantene Coupon (you requested here)
use Free Herbal Essence Coupon (you requested here)
use $4.00/1 Gillette Fusion 7/31 PG
Pay $11.97
Get Back $10 Gift Card
$1.97 after Giftcard & Coupons

I would love to hear your deal ideas! Thanks Kristin for sharing your deal. Kristin did the deal on Sunday when different coupons were available and turned this into a moneymaker.

Don’t forget the rest of the deals this week at Giant, including cheap ice cream and peanut butter!

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  • Shannon Murtoff

    is this still valid? Because I’m buying diapers this week and will do my shopping at Giant if it is!

    • Shannon

      No, this was last week.

  • Jaime

    Here was the deal that I did:

    (4) Gillette Body Wash @ $3 each = $12
    (1) Pantene Conditioner @ $3.50 each = $3.50
    (1) Herbal Essence Conditioner @ $2.79 = $2.79
    (1) Aussie Conditioner (bonus size) @ $2.79 = $2.79
    (4) 2-pack Safeguard soap bars @ $0.99 = $3.96
    (4) 3-pack Ivory soap bars @ $0.99 = $3.96
    (1) Crest Toothpaste @ $2.50 = $2.50

    Total before coupons: $31.50

    Use (4) $2 off Gillette Body Wash
    Use FREE Pantene
    Use FREE Aussie
    Use FREE Herbal Essence
    Use (4) $1 off 2 Ivory or Safeguard
    Use (1) $1 off Crest Toothpaste

    Pay $9.42, get back $10 gift card, $0.58 moneymaker!

    I should point out that, as I expected, the rebate form did not print out. No one was “able” to help me yesterday (because of the dispute of with/without coupons)..I returned today to a new CS person who EASILY found the UPC to force the print.

    I also combined this with the buy 8, get 200 gas points…3 Ragu Spaghetti sauce ($1 off 3 coupon) , 2 Wishbone salad dressings ($1.25 off 2), 2 Skippy peanut butter ($1 off 2), and Breyers Blast ($0.75), and got a few other items… PLUS used a spend $50, get 500 gas points (although, again, a dispute in language…discount vs. coupon led me to convince CS that my purchases should count for the extra 500 gas points. Actually won that argument…or else she was tired of me : )

  • Laura

    Does anyone know how long the Ivory handsoap is on sale for?

  • amy

    A coupon is a form of payment, not a discount.

  • KY-Dutch

    I had it all planned to get 10 Gillette Body Washes for $10 after coupons then get the $10 gift card… Reread the fine print and saw the only use 4 coupons rule from P&G. So I put back some and was going to rework what I bought. Then my sister read the fine print in the ad and called P&G for clarification. We were both told that coupons are considered a discount so we had to spend $30 after coupons. I put all my P&G back. As I nicely told the lady on the phone, it should not require a degree to interpret the fine print. I nicely shared that a discount to most people means the store has reduced the price… and does not include coupon savings.

  • Melissa

    Nothing printed for me either. I went to customer service and they forced the gift card form to print. Now I just have to wait & see if P&G will give me the gift card since I only spent $6.00 OOP with all of my coupons.

  • Tiffany

    I did this deal on Sunday and used a lot of coupons that expired 7/31. I was able to bring my PG total down from 30.48 to 9.99. However, nothing printed to send in for the giftcard. I spoke with customer service, showed them the ad, and explained what happened, and they gave me 10 dollars. I questioned them, but the manager said to do it.

  • Suzette Tipton

    FYI- Weis Markets has the P&G gift card promo too. Qualified for mine with Charmin (6 Mega Roll Pk for 6.99- got 4 of those, less $2.00 in coupons), and 2 Downy Fabric Softener ($4.99 less 40 cents off each). Since I use both fabric softener and dryer sheets, I water down my fabric softener, make 2 out of 1, works well and save a bunch.

  • Lauren

    I asked at Giant’s customer service, because the fine print says purchase must total $30 after discounts, and the 2 ladies told me my reciept must me 30.00 out of pocket total on the reciept, so AFTER coupons. I put all my good stuff back….:( Still got the 10 cereals get $5 off deal though!!! $8 for 10 boxes made it all better…

    • Kristin M

      I have a problem when stores refer to coupons as “discount” – this is incorrect. A discount would be you using a STORE coupon. They are reimbursed for the coupons you use, therefore, making your purchases just as much as someone who didn’t use coupons.

    • Anna

      I did this deal last time (actually just got my $10 card in the mail yesterday!
      HOWEVER, the form didn’t print unless my total AFTER COUPONS was $30….so in that case the above scenario wouldn’t work….it’s still a nice deal though, especially because the card works like a credit card, and can therefore be used at Redbox with the three codes DVDONME, BREAKROOM, and DVDATWAG (Walgreens)!

  • Katherine

    It’s def before coupons, I’ve done this at shnucks & it’s awesome :) I’ve gotten $20 in cards from P & G this year, I use Pampers & it’s usually the cost of a box, so I don’t even have to buy anything I wouldn’t normally… :)

    • I’ve done the Pampers deal in the past, too! They started leaking for out LO, so we’ve switched to Huggies, but I still took full advantage of the sale and got cheap paper towels. (click my name to see my trip!)