Reminder: Giant Gas Gift Card Deal: $69.00 Moneymaker

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Details – There is an upcoming gift card deal at Giant. You’ll get 5x Extra Bonus Points with the your gift card purchases. This means for every $100.00 spent, you’ll get $.40 off per gallon, up to 3o gallons. These deals are valid 2/9/13 to  2/22/13.   Please check your  store for participating gift cards – however, Giant and Martins gift cards are normally excluded, so please check before purchasing these.

You can buy a Master Card Gift Card  but will have to pay an activation fee. The best bet is to buy a Mastercard Gift card at the highest amount your store has. This will mean you will only pay ONE activation fee. You can fill up to 30 gallons, but if you do not get the full 30 gallons, you can calculate your deal here on the FTM Gas Deal Calculator.

If your store has the $500 Master Cards, you can do this deal:

Visa Giftcard Deal:

Buy Master Card $500.00 + $5.95 Activation Fee
Pay $505.95
Get $75.00 in gas ($2.50 off in gas x 30 gallons)
$69.05 Moneymaker

They also have store cards like Gap, Macys, etc. These cards typically do not require a activation fee (check the back of the card to be sure).  I have not seen the denomination higher than $100.00 in stores, but since there is no activation fee, that is not a concern in this scenario.

Other Gift Card Deals:

Buy (1) $100 Gift Card $100.00
Get $15.00 in Gas ($.50 x 30)
$15.00 moneymaker per giftcard

Use the Gas Deal Calculator here to figure out your deals

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  • Alena

    It is the best gas deal at Giant. We only bought one $500 Master card because I already had a lot of points. Shannon, how often does Giant have gas gift card deals? Thanks for your answer.

  • Stacie

    The cashier at one Giant said that the MC gift card only went up to $100.00. I asked CS at another Giant if you could go higher (up to $500.00.) He did not know. Some of the the MC gift cards say $25.00 to $500.00. How do you know if these can be used in the deal?? There seems to be a problem of inconsistency among the different Giant stores. Anyone have any answers? The CS guys answer was to purchase the card for a higher amount, and see if you get the gas points. Thats great, but if you do not get the points can the transaction be voided??

    • Stacie, I purchased four of the $25-500 cards. You simply tell the cashier the amount you want the card to be.

  • I was able to buy 4 $500 MC gift cards today at my Gettysburg Giant by using the first to pay for the second and so forth. I put the $5.95 activation fees on my normal debit card. I am so thankful for finding out about this opportunity to save money. Thank you!

    • m.

      That’s a lot of free gas! I can only use 2 full tanks before the points expire in March.

      • I know! My husband and I figured out very carefully how much gas we’ll go through by 3/15. He has a long commute to work. This is essentially paying for one month of fuel for us — that’s why I’m so happy and thankful!

    • Kimberly

      I’d never thought about this angle. I’m a little hesitant to try it.

  • m.

    I bought a $500 mastercard & was able to buy some restaurant gift cards with it to get more points. However, when my mom tried it they asked to see her card and she was told that the mgr. wants to make sure nobody is paying with gift cards.

    • agreeable

      that seems hokey

  • Kimberly

    Hi, fairly new to all of this. I think my little Honda only holds 18.5 gallons of gas. Will this mean that buying the $500 card will be a waste?

    • You will still get $45 worth of free gas :)

      • chilidogs

        Why isn’t there an app for Android?

  • Stacie

    What are reloadable cards??

  • cj

    can you use a credit card to buy the mc gift card?

    • kc

      Yes I did last time. I understand you can’t use a gift card to pay though. We get points back on our credit card so that makes it better too.

  • Kasey

    Went this morning, the fine print said pre-paid only not re-loadable, and the master card only went up to 100.00. I bought 2 100.00 MC paid 11.90 activation got 1000 points.. Still a good deal. Did anyone have the reloadable one work for them?

  • Joanne

    Can anyone confirm that this deal actually works? I just want to be absolutely sure it is working before I shell out $506. Thanks.

    • Rick J

      I would trust this deal. FTM has saved me thousands of dollars in the past year and never steered me wrong! :)

    • Anonymous

      I did this last time they ran it. Bought a $500 (Visa or MC) and got the gas points. I then used the Visa gift card to do all my other shopping. I’m not sure if there is a limit on how many times you can do this. We had previously bought a bunch of store cards totaling $200 and also got gas points on them. We ended up with 30 gallons of gas for FREE

    • Linda

      I did this deal this morning, 2/9, bought a $500 Mastercard (FYI Visa is not listed in the eligible cards) and 6 cans of Campbells Homestyle soup. Paid the $5.95 activation fee and now have $2.90 off per gallon (2905 points). You would get 2500 points, or $2.50 off per gallon if you just picked up the $500 Mastercard.

  • KoreY

    Can you buy a Visa gift card with a Mastercard gift card?

    • Dani

      According to the sign in my store, NO. You can’t purchase a gift card with a gift card. Additionally, the cashiers ask, “How are you paying for this?”

    • Sally

      I did this deal several times at Christmas, and I would use the one gift card to pay for the next one. I never had any problems with it.

      • Meg

        What area are you in? I am tempted to try to buy a few $500 MC and use one to pay for the other but I know all stores are different.

    • Joe

      Its a prepaid credit card, i don’t see why you cant recycle it into another gift card, you will just have to pay the activation fee separate. So when checking out tell them you want to pay 5.95 cash and the rest credit, or give them the prepaid card and say to only run it through for $500 then pay the 5.95 cash or a different card.

    • Anonymous

      put a pin code on card,will work as debit cart