Giant 2X/5X Gas Extra Rewards Explained {Kinda}

Update: To make a couple things clear – Giant has confirmed that they are testing phasing out gas bonus deals – so that part of it is not speculation.

The rest of this post is just speculation on how the  2x/5x program is working and as we learn more we can share it here. Please read the post in entirety so that you can get a clear picture. I also highly recommend reading the comments on this one. 

Some of you have asked what the Giant 2x/5x Gas Extra Rewards are. Basically, I think they are a waste of ad space!   I am not 100% sure how they will be working, but it seems like it would be a bit hard to squeak out a deal.  I am really bummed that the gas bonus deals are being possibly being phased out.  Giant has been on a roll, I guess I will be looking at Weis and other stores a little closer.

Here is how it works:

Regular Rewards: From October 7 – November 24, 2012, earn 1 Extra Rewards point for every dollar you spend with your BONUSCARD. Save $.10 per gallon of gas for every 100 points you redeem at the pump or redeem 400 points in-store for a FREE Turkey certificate.

So, basically you need to spend FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS to get a free turkey. 

5x Rewards would mean when you buy these items you get 5x the gas rewards.

So, if you spend $20.00 you will get 100 gas points or $.10 off per gallon. There still doesn’t seem like many deals that you could do.    The question is –  would need to spend $100 to get the $.50 a gallon. If you do have to spend $100.00, you would spend $15 in gas if you filled up 30 gallons.  Doesn’t seem worth it. Right now there are conflicting answers. What are you hearing at your store? Has anyone tried it?

Will the lose of gas deals impact you?  I would love to hear your thoughts.



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