Save Money Using Coupons: Grow Your Coupon Collection!

Save Money Using Coupons: Grow Your Coupon Collection!

We have lots of people joining the coupon community and we want to share some great articles for people that are getting started on seasoned couponers that may need a brush-up. Here is the first article with a few tips to help you get started.

1. Grow Your Coupon Collection

To start couponing, you need coupons. Makes sense right? Here are a few tips to get you started with growing a collection of coupons. You can’t really coupon without a decent collection, so you may need to take a week or two to start printing and finding coupons.

Check out this article on places you can find coupons (some are in places you at least expect it)
This site here is the premier website for online coupons – there are anywhere from 200-400 coupons on a daily basis. Print coupons for products you know you will use.
Book the printable coupon page here on FTM and visit frequently for updated coupons.
Subscribe to your local Sunday newspaper or find a place to purchase them on Sunday. You will receive RetailMeNot, Smart Source and P&G inserts in your paper.
Sign up for Savingstar and add your cards to your account, clip coupons at least once a week. Be sure to clip ALL coupons to your account.
Keep an eye out in store for coupons that you might use.

Sign up for extra savings with applications like Ibotta, Checkout 51, Savingstar.

Check back soon for the second article to help you save money using coupons.

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