Stock Up Prices: Beef, Pork & Poultry


I am often asked what a good price is on meat. This is really a good question.

Not all beef is created equal. There are so many different cuts and grades of meat that it is difficult to answer. Premium beef is much more expensive than most beef we find in our grocery stores. Also, think of something as simple as ground beef – the 93% lean is going to be much more expensive than the 70% . Just be careful to read your labels. You can educate yourself about beef by reading up HERE and pork HERE.

Although prices of meat generally vary by region, I typically stock up when I see meat at these prices. I do buy meat when it is not at these prices depending on my needs.


  • 93% Lean Ground Beef $2.25/lb
  • 80% Ground Beef $1.59/lb
  • Ground Chuck $1.99/lb
  • London Broil $1.99/lb
  • Rump Roast $2.99/lb
  • Pot Roast $2.29/lb


  • Boneless Chicken Breast $1.99/lb
  • Whole Chickens $.89/lb
  • Chicken Quarters $.79/lb
  • Split Chicken Breast $.99/lb
  • Chicken Thighs/Drumsticks $.79/lb


  • Porkchops (boneless) $1.99
  • Pork Tenderloin $2.99
  • Pork Butt $1.49
  • Pork Cased Sausage $1.19
  • Porkchops (bone in) $1.59

What are your stock up prices?

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  • Anonymous

    The Store apparently closed a year and half ago

  • sonya

    Sharon, yes I live in the area and go there for the breast and tenders. You have to buy a case that is 30.00 for breasts, 25.00 for tenders and 17.00 thighs. 20lbs box, 5lb bags.

    • Jacque

      Can you post a number, or do you have a flyer you could post about the chicken store in Cumming?

    • Marie

      Does anyone know the number to the cummings Ga store that sells chicken. It is the little store in the parking lot of the Tyson plant. Any help would be appreciated I have looked and cannot locate a working number? Thanks ahead of time!

  • Sharon

    Doing research and found your comment. Do you know if this is still open to the public? I’m in NW Georgia, but might be worth the drive. thx

    • sonya

      Yes I actually went there this week and bought two cases. Prices are all the same but the tenders have gone up to 26.00 per box. Each box has 4 bags with 5lbs per bag so its nice if anyone wants to go in with you.

      I know that they are open on Tuesdays and they are in the south parking lot of the plant in Cummings across the street from Wachovia/a bit diagonal. The building is in the parking lot and is a small building. I will see if I can find the address and phone number for you.

  • I stock up on fresh Chicken breasts from Sam’s Club.. 1 case is about $65, but it is 40+ pounds! I then package it in dinner size bags… Half of which are 2 huge breasts per bag and half are a single breast cut into 3rds for our lighter nights when we eat tenders. One is generally enough for me.

    For 2 adults this is perfect…. our baby isn’t eating solids yet.

  • May I share this info (in part) and link back to you?!

  • Natasha

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great lists on stockpiling!!! I just started this 3 months ago, and I was just thinking the other day what is the best deal when I am in maintence mode. I guess that would be the best word to use. Thank you! I printed both of these off and put them in my binder! This will be a great tool for the future!

  • Kristin M

    Hey Stacie, I’m in Allentown and never heard of them. I will be checking them out!

    Thanks for the heads up!

    I can usually find chk @ 1.99 per lb @ Wegmans or Giant, and the cheapest I have personally ever see it was $1.79 last week @ Giant.

    Hamburger is outrageous @ Giant- I’ve found it for $1.99 for 90/10 @ Wegmans which I thought was a GREAT deal.

  • hcantrall

    I’m a couple of months late on this post but, if anyone lives in the north Georgia area, there is a Tyson Chicken processing plant in Cumming, GA and they have a little store there in the employee parking area that sells boneless/skinless breasts (frozen) 20 lbs for $20.00. They also have other Tyson products like their breaded chicken nuggets or tenderloins, it’s not always the same things but its always an unbeatable price. They only accept cash also.

    • JT

      do you know the hours of the tyson store

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  • I don’t think I ever see 80% lean gr. beef for $1.59/lb. Wow!

    Don’t know how many of you are close to a Dutchway Farm Market, but they have boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale this week for $1.29/lb (must buy 10lb). I can often get boneless, skinless chicken breast for around that price.

    • Cindy

      ♦This info has been so interesting. I live in the Hershey area and I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any places that are offering the same deals? Dutchway Farm Markets are in Myerstown and I could go there if needed.

      • Shannon


        Have you ever been to Shady Maple? Hershey is about 40 minutes from me and Shady Maple is about 20 minutes towards Hershey, so it can’t be far from you?

    • Shannon


      Do you have a Giant near you? They run this three times a year. Time to stock up for me.

  • Thanks for this – I’m with you – I need a price book for meats. I agree with Janel – it would be nice to have a rockbottom price for other things too – like toilet paper (not all created equal), otc medicines, lightbulbs, batteries…the more unusual items.

  • Janel

    I would love a stockpile “rockbottom” price list of most things you buy Shannon! I just started about three months ago, so don’t know always if its the best deal, something like that would help so much! thanks for a start to my list!

  • Wow, this really is great information. It’s hard to determine if the “sale” price is really a good price and you have helped me so much! I love the idea of buying fresh and freezing but I have a tiny freezer. We are moving so maybe in the next house, we’ll have room for me to freeze more meat and save more money! Thanks for the tips – I learned alot from this post!

    ~ Elizabeth
    The Thrifty Divas

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  • Stacie

    I have just recently discovered a store in Allentown with great prices. You have to buy in bulk, but it is worth it. I paid $1.57 for boneless chicken breasts(minimum 20 lbs) and .$47 lb(or $.57) for leg quarters(I bought 40lbs). I have never seen chicken breasts or quarters so big, either. It is a family owned business (been around for a long time) called B & M Provisions Co. They advertise in the Morning Call on Monday and Friday.

    • Shannon


      Wow those are good prices!
      You can get about the same prices at Shady Maple in Blue Ball, if you have a large family that is a great option!

  • This is awesome, thank you!

  • Dan

    Thanks for this, really useful to know…

  • Jami

    Do you find it more economical to buy frozen chicken tenders/breasts or fresh (and freeze what you don’t need right away)?

    • Jami,

      I always buy fresh and freeze. It is more economical.
      I have a deep freezer and just use ziploc freezer bags.
      I always date my meat and rotate my stock – so that I do first in first out.

      • Jami

        Thanks, Shannon!
        I always buy frozen. I’m going to have to start looking at fresh!!