Offermatic: Get $15 off any $30 Purchase at Target, Amazon or Walgreens

I was introduced to this new way to save a few weeks ago. I was a little skeptical, so I wanted to try it out myself before I shared it with you. I asked lots and lots of questions and tried it with my own purchases. I am super happy to report it works just like it says it does and costs you nothing.

Offermatic 0ffers automatic savings through your existing credit or debit card – without the need for coupons, codes, and vouchers. By signing up for the free service online and linking one or more cards, Offermatic anonymously and securely reviews purchase history and identifies highly targeted and relevant money saving offers from merchants.

So for example, if you are a frequent Target shopper, your offer may be for Target.  When I registered my card, I got an email offering $15 off a $30 purchase at Target.  I accepted the offer and received an email confirming that it was accepted.

If I spend $30 at Target, I will get $15.00 credit back to my card account. No rebate forms to fill out or anything. It is straight up 50% off ANY purchase at Target. It appears on your credit or debit card within 30 Days.  The nice thing, lets say you are buying the L’Oreal Youth Code to get the $10 Rebate – you can submit for that $10 rebate and get your $15 credit on your credit card statement. It can be a triple dip – coupons, rebates and offermatic rebate.

For a limited time, you can get either $15 off $30 at either Amazon, Walgreens or Target from Offermatic.

Here is how it works:

:: You sign up for Offermatic.

:: You add a credit card – you are not actually adding the number, only the online credentials (think online programs like Mint). Offermatic never sees your credit card number. (some credit cards or banks may not be eligible)

:: Once you add your card, you will automatically have an offer to get $15 off a $30 Amazon, Walgreens or Target purchase.

:: Make your purchase at the store you select spending $30 or more and  get a $15 credit on your next credit card statement. (it can take up to 30 Days to see your credit)

:: You will continue to receive offers based on your purchases and level.

Now, you must participate in online banking with your credit or debit card to be eligible for these offers.  You can check out the FAQ’s on Offermatic here to read all about the security and get more info.

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