Free Lunch Bag with Lean Cuisine Entree Purchases

Starting 1/1/11 through 3/31/11, if you purchase 20 Lean Cuisine Entrees, you can get a free lunch bag.

To receive your bag, set up an account here and start entering your codes from the package (marked packages).(up to 10 per day). There is a limit of one free bag per household and this promotion excludes Lean Cuisine Market Creations.

Thanks, Stretching a Buck

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  • i have been trying since last year for the lunch bags
    i have also tried to enter the upc codes from last year but wouldnt’ accept so i lost out on that promo..:( now this year i will try again and see what happens i think this is bA#%@#
    because is didn’t work last year ..but thinking outside the box maybe it will work this year.. you know a new year a new beginning :)
    please LC tell us the deal
    thank you

  • Sue F.

    Sigh. Thought I bought enough, but need 8 more codes. Email scrapinstampin(at)yahoo(dot)com if you have any to spare!!

  • Anna

    I used points to earn dishtowels to be sent to my mom. That was several months ago – I am getting the run around from customer service. It’s a scam.

  • Kristina Miles

    I entered the codes back in Oct 2011 for a free bag and I still have not received it. I asked customer services and they say the have a back log of orders. Then said if I don’t have it in another 12 weeks to email them back. I am starting to wonder If i will ever receive the bag plus other stuff I have ordered. I am about to quit buying Lean Cuisine if I don’t receive it soon.

  • I’ve created a user name and it lets me log in, but I can’t log into the part of the site where you put in codes. Is it over, or does their site just suck?

  • Theresa

    I purchased 32 Lean Cuisine dinners that would qualify to get the free lunch bag all after Jan 10th. Ony 3 had codes so I emailed Lean Cuisine and they told me to read the end of the box and send the info to them in an email which I did. I sent it in twice and they told me that they never received them either time. I then sent them another email telling them I never got my bag, but I have had no response as of yet.
    I asked the manager of my local Kroger store why only a few of the boxes had codes and he replied that they were not going to put out the newer stock yet and I should contact Lean Cuisine. I feel scammed. Needless to say, I have only bought a couple of Lean Cuisine combo pizzas since then and am very disappointed with this whole Lean Cuisine promo. This has left a bad taste in my mouth for their promotions and products. Will I ever get my bag? Feb to Aug is a long time to wait.

  • Jeannette

    Every time I enter a code I get the message that “it’s not valid”.
    What’s the deal???

  • kesha heath

    It’s now July, and I have not receive my free lunch bag. I’m beginning to think it was just a scam. Shame on you Lean Cuisine.

  • Harriet Rosenberg

    I completed the required number of codes to receive my Red Carpet bag, but to date (June 13, 2011) I have neither received it nor heard anything from you about when I WILL receive it.

  • ann peters

    Have not received my FREE lunch bag entered last code I needed around March 15 -2011
    I know they are are super cute should be delieverd by now?

  • ELIZ


  • Michelle

    I need ONE more code!! Checked all my boxes I have left and not one has a code, can anyone help me out with one code? It would be much appreciated!

  • Anon A Miss


  • Jojo

    Only have 4 codes…Threw away many boxes before I learned about the offer
    :( If you have any extra, please send my way.

    Thanks Mama’s!


    Boo…. I need 5 more codes – anyone have any to spare? I went to the store this morning and couldnt find any boxes with codes.

  • Mary

    If anyone has any extra codes, I only need 3 more. Please email me Thanks. :)

  • Rhonda

    I need 2 codes. Can anyone please help me out?

  • Maggie

    I saved up 20 codes (with the help of friends), ordered my bag and got it within 7-10 days! Very nice bag, well worth it.

  • Mary

    Anyone have any extra codes to spare? I only need 5 codes and there’s only one day left. Please email me Thanks!

  • Dottie

    I am finding myself in the same boat as many of you…..I purchased 20 boxes and 7 did not have codes….If anyone has extras they are not going to use I would appreciate the codes…….thanks so much….send codes to

  • Susan P

    Just wanted to take a chance and see if anyone could help. Just need one more code. Can someone pretty please give me one :)
    Thanks and have a cool day

  • Martha

    If anyone has 2 extra codes to spare, I would really appreciate them. I just need 2 more. I have 7 boxes with no code and still waiting for Lean to email me back on what to do. HELP!

  • Sara

    If anyone has extra codes, I need 10 more. I had about 5-7 boxes with no codes in them and didn’t think to contact CS and already threw them out :( I’d greatly appreciated it!!!

    Email me at SARA9881 @ aol . com


  • Lorri

    Does anyone have any codes they can spare…I just found out about this promotion today and there are only 6 days left…i only have 6 codes so far, need 14 more. Thanks!

  • stacy scalise

    I have had no problems getting codes for the boxes that dont have them inside. You just click on the “contact us” link, tell them your problem (save the box). They will send you an email asking for the date stamp on the side, usually within a day or two the send an email with the code. Incredibly easy.

  • holly

    i only need one more code! does anyone have an extra that they can spare? i really want one of these bags… if anyone has an extra can you please email it to me at ? thank you!!!

    • PaulaETStack

      @holly, Here you go! L4K9-G3GY-NWWDF

  • BrooklynBlues

    Initially, I purchased Lean Cuisine meals that didn’t have codes in the boxes, and yes I still haven’t heard from the company regarding……..The key is to make sure the box has the lunch bag offer on the outside, there’s a little handbag on the front of the box.
    Stop & Shop has a great deal this week ending tomorrow. 5 for $10, and if you purchase 6 you get $5 off your entire purchase. So, that’s 6 for $7. That’s a good deal.

  • Tami

    Hi All – I need a few more codes and this promotion is almost over – does anyone have any extras … love it if you’d send ’em my way at


  • Natalie

    If anyone has any extra codes, email me! I just need a few more and am running out of time! Thanks!

    • KATHY

      Here are the codes I have. If you still have yours – I’d appreciate an email in return. Thanks


      Hope this helps

  • Karen S.

    This is clearly a trick to get us to buy more Lean Cuisines, because they said it would be in ALL boxes sold after Jan. 1, not just the marked boxes. MOST of the boxes I’ve bought, even in March, have no codes inside. Is there a consumer agency we can complain to? Lean Cuisine has made itself a reputation for deceptive practices. It’s pretty rotten that they limit us to just one bag per household, too, because my daughters both want one too.

    • Sara

      @Karen S.,
      When I entered my code in there was an option to contact them directly as long as you keep the box without the code. :)

      • Samantha


        I also had 4 boxes without codes. I clicked on the link Sara mentioned and had 4 codes within 48 hrs. The key is that they ask for the packaging information so you needed to keep the boxes.

  • Nicole

    I haven’t had any problems with this promotion at all. I heop everything gets straightened out for those of you having issues.

    If anyone doesn’t want/need any extra codes, I would be happy to take them off your hands.

    • marybeth

      @Nicole, Hey! If you have any extra codes i’d love to take them off your hands! a few a my boxes didnt have any and i have no more room in my freezer to buy more lol! thanks

  • After repeated attempts to enter last code necessary for ‘free lunch bag’, got kicked out. Would not let me enter last code, sent email and was advised it could be a week before anyone could respond. Called 800 #; was given case number. Waiting…. If I can find comparable lunch bag elsewhere, will buy it and not lean cuisine again.

  • desi

    I logged in and found that some of the codes i previously entered were missing as well… and on top of that, many boxes that i recently purchased did not have a code.

  • Erin

    I had previously entered two codes into my account back in January. I just logged in to enter some more codes and it shows a zero balance! My account was correct, however there is no previous transaction history. I’m not sure the headache and hassle of this promotion is even worth the lunch bag. I am very disappointed with Lean Cuisine. :(

    • Julie


      Same thing happened to me! I am so very pissed!! I’m starting to think this is not worth the trouble either. BS, Lean Cuisine! >__<

  • Mishmosh71

    Hi! Is anybody out there NOT using their codes? I would really like to get some of these bags for my 12 year old daughter – she is soooooo picky about her lunch boxes. I bought the ones a few years ago for the Susan G Komen foundation and she loved those. She now would like some of these and I cannot get a code out of a box to save my life.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Sue

    I signed up weeks ago and have sent at least 2 emails about not finding the code in the box. Now I see that you need to buy one that has the lunch bag offer on it. So now that I have a box with a “code” – I can’t decipher the code! It looks like LSRP (the “S” could be a number or a letter) and there are 2 letters that are a “H” or a “K”…….I’ve tried all combinations and none work. I do believe this is a scam to get people to buy their product! I GIVE UP.

    • cheryl

      @Sue, don’t give up! I have half my codes already entered!!!! I am also waiting for an email response as of today. I purchased 6 boxes w/o a code!!

    • Nicole

      I have bought lots of them without the offer on them and they always send me codes. You need to save the boxes as they will ask for the date stamp (in the grey bar) from the package, what type it was and the UPC. I have gotten 5 different codes from them. Good luck!

  • Jenny has a $1 off coupon on the purchase of 4 Lean Cuisines. I printed mine a couple of days ago and it worked.

  • Tracey K

    I put four codes in my account and the next time I logged in they were ALL gone! Has anyone else had this problem? I am a “little” annoyed!

  • Lyndsay

    Just found out about the promotion today. I want the codes too!!! Good luck everyone!

    • kim


      I have codes that I won’t use. Would you like them?

      • Chelle

        @kim, Yes PLEASE!

        • kim


          Should I just give codes on this site or can you give me an email address to send them to?

        • mARY


  • Becky

    My boyfriend just lost the third insulated lunch bag that I bought him. So I told him that once we reach 20 codes, he will be carrying his lunch to work in the “The Ashley” (Fun and Flirty) — and if he loses that one, I am done fixing lunch for him!

    If anyone has any spare codes (after reaching 20, or if they give up), send them to me at bwellston(at-sign) They will go to a good cause: A girly lunch purse for my careless boyfriend. This will be awesome!

    P.S. Thanks for the free code ( LEANLUNCHBAGS ), Leila.

  • chaser4

    I bought a ton of lean cuisines and emailed them with all the info on the 30 boxes I had with no codes. It took a few days but I got three separate emails from them containing 10 codes per email. They did tell me that only one lunchbag per household can be redeemed. I already entered all the codes and they won’t let me transfer them to someone else that could use them. Nice. I am thinking Weight watchers smart ones next time!

    • v Martin

      Now it is impossible to even register. The name slot is blocked

    • Beth

      I read that the “extra codes” will transfer to their NEW promotion after this one is over which is the end of March. NO worries! Hope this helps.

    • Nicole

      @chaser4, I read that you can use extra codes for future promotions….

  • Lavone

    I don’t think this is quite a scam, but they definitely are getting more business without following through on what is advertised.
    Mid-January I sent customer service the info they requested about 4 boxes and they said I would be receiving an e-mail “within a few hours” with my codes. It’s now the end of the first week of February, and still nothing, even after I have sent e-mails requesting they send them.
    I now have another 6 boxes with no codes, and I am not looking forward to going through this again. What a rip off.

  • laura

    You all do know that it is only MARKED boxes that have codes……right?

    • Lavone

      @laura, I have had 3 UNMARKED boxes with codes inside, I was quite surprised when I peeked inside and saw them there.

    • Jessica

      @laura, No, you can get codes for boxes that are not specially marked.

  • Mine worked fine after I figured out the O and D thing. The codes look pink to me and hard to figure out..but I want that lunch any extra codes my way. Thanks

  • JEN

    I emailed them with box info for 2 boxes and got a response telling me to reply with all the info I had already sent. The email reply also said they included a copy of my original email, which it did not. I replied as they told me to…told them they didn’t include my original email with all the info, told then I already sent that info in, and they replied a couple days later with ONE of the two deserved codes. I emailed back again, saying I gave them info for TWO boxes, not one. It did work. This whole bit took about 1-2 weeks. I have a feeling one reason why it is taking so long to reply with codes for their codeless boxes is that there are so many boxes out here without codes. Also, their statement of Info desired for cordless boxes can be rather confusing. I definitely added on more than obthonk they desired. But better safe than sorry. I do not think it is a scam, but o think it is a VERY poor put together promo.

  • Dayna


    • Stacey


      I am beginning to think this is a rip off just trying to get people to purchase more Lean Cuisines. Personally, going to 3 different stores, out of 25 that I’ve purchased only 2; YES 2, have had codes in them….

  • Shirley

    I served five more Lean Cuisine dinners and none of them have code numbers inside the boxes. What is up with this promotion?

  • Leila

    You can enter LEANLUNCHBAGS and that will count as a code! :)

    • Monica


      Hey! That actually worked! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thank you that did take care of one code!

  • update: I submitted a request for ‘no codes on box’ for 5 codes about a week ago and just got a response email with 5 correct codes! It actually worked!

  • I’ve gotten some that have codes and work, but others that were bought after Jan 1st with no codes and no response from customer service.

    send any free codes my way!

    rgeddy at gmail

  • Christina

    I have been going around and around with LC about the issues with their codes – I have successfully been able to enter 2 codes out of eight attempts, and they have not responded to requests to enter the remainders.

    Four other boxes did not have codes, so to expedite the request for assistance I emailed them with all the information on the proof of purchase panel initially and I received an email back asking for the exact information I sent in, I pointed out that I already sent this information to them and never received a response and it has been more than a week.

    I’m really not counting on getting any assistance, it was a poorly executed promotion and they’re obviously having a lot of trouble with their customer “service.” It’s disappointing, but what can you do?

    • Denise

      So glad to hear I’m not the only one having those problems! I’ve decided it’s merely a scam to get people to buy the Lean Cuisine and the lack of response indicates no one actually mans it. If they really do have lunch bags to give away, they’re going to be sitting there with a lot and wondering why they haven’t been given away.

      • Denise

        @Denise, I just got another response from their customer service asking for the info I’ve already given them. I got another box with a code today that the system won’t accept (shock!). I’ve thrown everything out. I’ll just go buy a lunch bag elsewhere.

      • Ann

        I can’t even enter my codes now. I go to the page where it says I am logged in. then I go to enter the codes and it tells me to sign in. then when i sign in at the bottom AGAIN! a box comes up saying error click here to go back to the main page. All of this really for a lunch bag that costs about 5 cents to make? I have 3 or 4 codes entered in there somewhere but i doubt ill ever see them or be able to enter the other codes i have. I guess its time to stop giving them my money and go to weight watchers or healthy choice. I think we have been scammed.

    • Karen

      I am having the same trouble with LC. I have 8 codes and have only been able to enter 1 successfully. I have sent a request for help but have not hear back from them. Is this a hoax?

  • Melinda

    What looks like an O to me is actally a D and the code works. Hope it helps.

    • Reggie


      THANK YOU! I tried “O” and the number zero but your “D” worked perfectly.

      Now if I just get the form to enter info for ones with NO CODES in the boxes, I’ll be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PAT

      @Melinda, thanks, i tried it and it worked

  • beverly poole

    I’ve opened 7 boxes and no codes, I did send note to LC about it and they said to send the type of dinner, code on the side and date and I have done that for 4 but no reply yet. Giving them several days. Why don’t they just let us mail in the end pieces and they would know you bought them….

  • marina

    tried to use 2 codes inside specially marked packages. first of all they are not clearly printed and neither one worked. smells like a scam to me

    • Angi

      I found that I had read the letters incorrect so I started tracing them with a pencil which made them easier to read. Might try that.

    • Natalia


      I feel the same way, but I’m discovering that the printing of the codes is pretty badly done. For example, not only is the “O” looking character a “D” (thanks, Melinda!) but the “K” looking character is an “H”. Looks like we’re going to have to decode this lettering a few times before we can get it to work.

      And, like many others, I have not heard back about a code for the product I have purchased that didn’t have one. What a letdown…

  • Casey

    There is definately a problem with this promotion. I have entered 4 different codes on 4 different days (and printed out the confirmation that they were accepted) but each day when I went back in, it always says my balance is 1. I too emailed customer service with no reply.

  • Ashley

    Target has them for $2.00 plus buy four get one free this week (so 5 for $8.00) from 1/9-1/15 if your nearby target has a grocery section. About half of the lean cuisines Ive purchased have had the codes, the other half I’ve emailed customer service about. Still waiting on a reply.

  • if anyone has codes they don’t want or know they’ll never finish the promotion – send them to me!!!

    see blog for contact info!!


  • Jolene

    I’ve also had problems! Got a free code on a catalina that I’d entered with no problems. Then I stocked up on meals at Kroger this week and didn’t pay attention to the special promo marking on the box because the Lean Cuisine website says not to worry. I opened my first box and no code so I emailed CS. Today I logged in to enter a cde from another box and it credited me 1 giving me a balance of 1. So where did my Free code go!?!?!? Emailed CS again but 2 out of 3 codes have’t worked for me.

  • Lynnie

    I just logged on to the LC website and had no problem putting in my first code. I must have logged on to the site before because it said my email address already existed. I just hit the “forgot password” button and they sent my password to my email. The codes are located INSIDE specially marked boxes in red ink. You have to make sure you include the dashes. I put mine in with all caps and it worked fine. I’m just bummed that some of my LC don’t have codes in them but I bought them in Dec. According to the website “Even boxes that don’t mention the lunch bags specifically should still contain a code as long as they were purchased after January 1, 2011.” So that may be my problem. My local Kroger has them onsale for $1.55 this week if you buy 7 – I’m buying 21! LOL! They are cute lunch bags. I want the “Nicole”! :)

  • Christine

    I also have tried to enter two codes with no luck. I emailed Customer Service yesterday but still have not heard back. How frustrating!

    • Natalia

      @Christine, Check for “D” characters that look like “O” and for “H” characters that look like “K”. So far I have made those two changes and entered three codes successfully!

  • Jill

    I have opened 5 boxes that I bought this week. None of them have any codes in red. I sent an email to customer service 4 days ago regarding that and still no response.

  • Lynn

    I always eat Lean Cuisine meals for lunch, and received starter code from a coupon I received at Acme. I was so excited to know that I could get a Hot New Lunch Bag as advertised. I opened one of the boxes today and was unable to find the code. So I entered all numbers that I saw and got invalid entry. Don’t know if this is a scam or not to purchase Lean Cuisine products. It’s very confusing and disappointing. Maybe there are only a select few boxes that will have the code to limit the number of Lunch Bags to be distributed. If that is the case then the communicate on the website should be revised.

  • Jennifer

    I have tried to enter 2 codes and they will not work, invalid code. I will try calling customer service.

    • Michele

      @Jennifer, I tried to enter the red code from inside my LC box last week and kept getting an invalid entry message. Then after you try a number of times, it shuts you out for the day. Some of the letters/numbers are hard to decipher — N or H, O or 0, etc. I tried every possible combo and still no luck. Also, the last two LC’s I have had for lunch had no codes on them. Two emails to customer service have gone unanswered. So much for getting a “free” cute little lunch bag!

      • Angi


        I had that problem with a couple of the codes. I have found that I had read the letters wrong. I have started tracing the dots with a pencil so that the letters are more clear and it seems to be working.



  • Kellie

    I bought a bunch of Lean Cuisines and have eaten 2 already and there are no red dots or codes in either boxes so far.

  • Debbie

    The code is supposed to be inside the box in a RED dot matrix pattern. My Spa Creations box did not have one, so I called the 1-800 # on the back of the box and they will send my comments to the fulfillment center for resolution. FYI

  • Tammy

    I tried entering a code I got with a coupon from Ralphs, and the LeanCuisine site tells me the code is not valid. I think this is all a big scam to get your email and inundate it with junk crap.

  • Vanessa

    I’ve been trying to put the codes in to towards the free lunch bag and everytime it keeps telling me that the code is not valid. Is anyone else having problems?

    • Rob Shultz


      I have been doing this now for a couple of weeks. I have input nearly 20 codes and have accumulated almost enough points to get the free bag. I have not had one code rejected yet. Are you opening the boxes and getting the red code that is imprinted inside the boxes?

  • Faith_Bookluvr

    Shoprite has LC for 1.66 an entree this week. Like Jenny I went out today and purchased 20 LC not realizing that I could use the ones already in my freezer. I tried to register and its telling my my email address is already registered.. then I tried another and that one too but when I tried to log in it wouldn’t let me so I don’t know what’s going on. I emailed them, hopefully they’ll figure it out quick, I want one of these cute bags for my lunch!

  • Jenny Dombo

    I was at the grocery store this evening and thought I would buy some more Lean Cuisine to get started on my way to a free bag… just wanted to let you know it is not the UPC code. Apparently the code will be contained inside the specialy marked box. I was bummed because I already have some Lean Cuisine in my freezer, guess I wont be able to use those.

    • Debbie

      @Jenny Dombo,
      You should be able to use them. The code is supposed to be inside the box, even ones not marked with the promotion. According to the customer service folks at Lean Cuisine, the code will be a RED dot matrix code printed inside the box. You will likely have to open the box entirely to see it; this is to prevent fraud, I suspect.


  • Stella

    If you have a Giant Eagle… GE has Lean Cuisine Entrees 5 for $10 through 1/5.

  • Meredith

    I love Lean Cuisine and the bags are super cute! Thanks for this info!

  • katie z

    reading the terms of this deal, the codes are inside the packages…they arent upc codes…

  • kim

    Is it a free lunch bag or fashion bag?

    • Shannon


      its a lunch bag.

  • Nicole

    Wow – I’m excited about this freebie. I eat lean cuisines all the time so it shouldn’t be hard to get a free bag.