Litchi Manicure Pedicure Kit 29.99 (Reg. $80)

Litchi Manicure Pedicure Kit 29.99 (Reg. $80)

Amazon has Litchi Manicure Pedicure Kit 29.99 (Reg. $80) with free shipping.

This incredible 13-1 electric set is here to save you time and money, by offering you a slew of different accessories that you can utilize to keep your hands gorgeous!

The unit includes:

The Main Station: A comfortable base where you can easily store all of its accessories!

Nail Bath Tub: Attached to the one side of the main station, there is one comfortable tub where you can soak your hands to soften the cuticles for easier removal later on!

Round-head Nail File: File hard nails without fearing for cutting your fingers with the round head end. Can be used on both natural and acrylic gel nails.

Dust Brush: After you’re done filing them, gently remove the dust on your nails, by moving the brush softly in the same direction.

Large Coarse Grinding Disc: Give your long nails the perfect shape, by grinding their ends; suitable for both artificial and natural nails.

Bullet Bit: Smoothen calluses or corns on both your hands and your feet.

Nail Buffer: Give your nails a natural shiny look with the buffer.

Cuticle Pusher: Push back your cuticles with this attachment’s bigger end and scrape off excess cuticles with the smaller end.

Built-in Fan: After you have applied your base, nail polish, or top coat, put your hand in front of the fan to let your nails dry in a matter of seconds!

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