Giant Gas Deals FAQ

 Curious about how to use Gas Deals? Check out this FAQ on Giant Gas Deals!

If you have questions about Giant Gas Deals, you are in the right place!  Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Giant Gas Deals. You may want to read this post here as a starting point as well.

What are gas deals?

Giant gives gas points for almost all items that you purchase.  For every dollar that you spend, you will get 1 point.  When you reach 100 points, you will get $.10 off of every gallon of gas that you buy. Most weeks there are 2 or 3 sections that you can look at for “gas deals.”  These items are in boxes that say”Earn 5x gas rewards points” or “Buy any x items Save XX¢ per gallon.” You can see more about what Giant Gas Deals look like in ad.

When we refer to gas deals, we are almost always talking about the Buy x save xx¢ per gallon deals.


How do I know what items are part of gas deals?

Look for the box in your ad that looks like  the ad above.

Those are the items that are typically the best gas deals for that week.

Why should I do gas deals?

Doing gas deals are a practical way to save on gas and grocery store items.  There are two ways to look at it: you pay for your gas inside of the store and get free (or really cheap) groceries, or you buy groceries inside of the store and get free gas at the pump!  I don’t see the logic in NOT doing gas deals!

Giant Free Gas

How am I saving money on gas by doing gas deals?

Sometimes it’s actually cheaper to buy the grocery items than it is to buy a tank of gas.  SAY WHAT! Seriously. Take a look at this post from a few months ago when cereal cups were $1 and part of the Buy 6 Get $.40 off per gallon. You are spending LESS money than the cost of gas.  We call this a moneymaker.

kelloggs cereal deal

When can I see next week’s gas deals?

Next week’s gas deals are usually posted on FTM on Sunday mornings.  You can find them here.

I don’t use the items on sale for gas deals, is it still worth me doing these?

I’ll reference back to the Kellogg’s cereal cup deal above.  Even if your family doesn’t eat these cereals, do you think it is still worth getting a full tank of gas for less than what you’d actually pay at the pump?  Do you know anyone who would use the items that you got?  Have you ever wanted to donate more but didn’t know how?  Well, here’s your chance.  Many readers donate extra items to friends, family, food banks, and shelters.  I think it’s completely worth the satisfaction of knowing that you are benefiting others.

Points Summary

What is the maximum amount of points I can earn?

Right now, there is no maximum total that you can accumulate.  Just be savvy and only buy the amount of gas that you’ll use in one gas points cycle. You will be able to see them on your receipt {see above}

How long are my points good for?

That varies.  Some stores having a set date range that your points are good for and some stores have a rolling 30 day period for you to use your points (meaning they expire 30 days after you earn them).  Your best bet will be to check your personal Giant ad and read the fine print under the gas points section. {see above on your receipt for point expiry}

What are the most gas points can I earn each week?

Dollar for points there’s no limit to the number of points you can earn each week.  You can only do each set of gas deals 5 times, though.  So, if you have reached the maximum amount of gas deal points, you can still earn points for every dollar that you spend.

How many times can I do each deal?

First I’ll clarify what a “deal” is.  A deal is considered the number of items that you purchase to get the cents off.  So if it is Buy 4, get $.40 off per gallon, one deal would be 4 items. That said, you can do each deal 5 times.  Using the above scenario, you could get 40 items and $4.00 off per gallon of gas.

What if there are 2 sets of gas deals, can I do 5 of each set?

Yes! Sometimes there are two sections for gas deals.  For example one week there might be a box for buy 4, get $.40 off per gallon and another box for buy 7, get $.50 off per gallon.  You can do each of those 5 times.

Can I use coupons on gas deal items?

Yes! You can use coupons on the gas deal items AND still get gas points.

 I want to get the maximum amount of points.  Do I need to do separate transactions?

No! If you want to do 10 deals in one transaction, you can go right ahead.  Just make sure when you’re done that your receipt reflects your gas points correctly.

Point earning

I need gas now! Can I use my points right away?

Many times, yes.  But sometimes there is a delay of up to 24 hours until your points will track. You can see your points on your receipt at your time of purchase like above.

My car only gets 20 gallons, can I back my husband’s car up and fill his once I’m done with mine?

Unfortunately, you cannot.  It’s not exactly a Giant rule, either.  It seems that it is supposed to be the rule at all gas pumps.  If you want to get the maximum of 25 gallons, Giant does allow you to fill up gas cans.    Here’s a post that clarifies that a little bit.

How can I calculate the savings I’ll get from my Giant gas deals trip?

The best way to calculate your personal savings is to use the FTM Gas Deals Calculator here .  There’s a video that you can watch which explains how to use it

What’s the most amount of gas I can get when I fill up?

The most gas you can get using your points is 25 gallons. If you only can squeeze 20 gallons into your car, you may use gas cans to get the rest.

I have 4000 points, but gas is only $3.60/gallon.  What happens to the rest of my points?

3600 points will be deducted from the 4000 points and you will have 400 points left in your account.  You will be able to use those points until the end of your gas point period.  If you do more gas deals, any of those points will be added to the 400 points in your account.

I did one of the gas deals, but my receipt is not showing that I earned any points.  What should I do?

First make sure that you got the correct items for the gas points.  If you did, take your receipt to customer service and they will be able to add them for you.  If you’ve already made the trip home, you can give Giant customer service a call using the phone number on your receipt.


Can I go to any gas station to use my gas points?

No.  You’ll need to use a Giant gas station, see the list of participating stations here. (or if you are in MD or VA, a Giant partnered gas station listed in your ad).

I’ve been trying to find one item that is part of gas deals all week and it’s not in stock.  What should I do?

Take a trip to customer service and ask for a rain check!  Often times they will give you a rain check for the sale and make a note to add the gas points on for you.

I did 10 gas deals this week, can I do 10 next week as well?


I have enough points for a free fill-up, and I went to the pump and redeemed them, but it said I owed $0.03.  Why? What do I do?

Most of the time you won’t have to pay this.   It’s your choice.  You can argue or pay the $.03.  You can choose pay inside and  the attendant may tell you that you don’t ow anything.

If the deal is buy 4 and get $.40 off, do I have to buy 4 of the same items?

No! You can mix and match from the same box.  You don’t need to buy 4 of the same items to get the points.

I only get 13 gallons of gas and the maximum is 25 gallons, can I come back and get the rest of my fill-up?

No.  Unfortunately, the policy is use it or lose it.  If you want to get the most out of your gas points, you can use gas cans.


I see an item that is on gas deals but is on clearance.  Will it produce gas points for me?

Maybe.  However, if your ad says it excludes clearance items, then we can’t recommend that you use that item.  Make sure you’re following your store’s policy when it comes to items like this.

My store doesn’t have gas pumps, can I still do the deals?

You will need to check your ad and look for gas deals. Many stores without them will have an instant savings offer.

If you are ready to get started, head over here to the Giant thread!  

Happy Savings!