Recyclebank Points – Earn 35 Free Points


Here are two opportunities to add 35 free points to your Recyclebank account.   To get started, just click on the banners.

Become a Roads Scholar! Learn why the Chevrolet Volt is the answer to greater savings at the pump and a lighter impact on the planet for 25 Recyclebank Points!


Nearly half of all trips in the US are three miles or less; more than a quarter are less than a mile. The next time you’re faced with a local errand, leave the car at home and walk or take a bike. If you go 38 miles gas-free this month like the Chevrolet Volt, then together, we can save $150,000* on gas!

Pledge to leave the car at home and go 38 miles gas-free this month for 10 Recyclebank Points. Brought to you by Recyclebank and Chevrolet Volt.

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