Heads Up – Free Excedrin Extra Strength

Tomorrow at 10:00 am, Excedrin will give away 100,000 Bottles of Excedrin Extra Strength, 24 ct. Head over to Facebook and become a fan now and then check back at 10 am EST for the freebie to go live.

Request Free Excedrin Extra Strength

Giveaway is going live at 10 am on 3/19/13.

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  • Tawna

    Thanks it did work but very slow. Free stuff is worth it.

  • Tawna

    I think the site crashed. I was on it and they said wait a little while then my computer was closed off the net and now I can’t get on the link.

    • Anonymous

      It’s working, but it is VERY slow. I had to wait 10 minutes before the page even loaded.

  • Anonymous

    It was taken off the selves a year ago. It’s dangerous to use them

    • Victoria

      They are not dangerous they were taken off the shelves because during the manufacture of them foreign object and pieces of other medications got into the bottles. They are back on the shelves now.

      • For the Mommas

        Right :)

        • Anonymous

          I used to take Excedrin for migraine headaches every day. When they took it off of the shelves, I went through severe withdrawal (I’m talking chills, sweating, and vomiting) from it from the high levels of caffeine in it. My doctor said that’s another reason that it was taken off of the shelves. I’m nervous to try it again, but I would assume that they have re-constructed it.

          • Jaime

            I don’t think the active ingredients have changed at all (I could be wrong). I use Excedrin for migraines, and I swear by it; however, if you are taking it daily, that is the source of your problem. And not just for the caffeine content either, the acetaminophen can cause severe rebound headaches when taken daily (trust me on this, I’ve had it happen). If you are getting migraines this often, why hasn’t your doctor put you on a triptan to control the symptoms? I’ve actually had to go to a couple of doctors because some, really, did not believe me that I was getting migraines. Finally, I found a doctor who’s wife got them daily, so he believed me. This article may help you understand better….http://www.rxlist.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=104593. Don’t give up!

            As I’m typing this, I’m still waiting for the Excedrin page to load. I think it’s been at least 30 minutes.