Shop Text: Free Gillette Fusion

Gillette Fusion

Shop Text is offering a free Gillette Fusion Razor.

To get this freebie, text message PRUEBA to 467467. If you haven’t used Shop Text before, you will want to follow the instructions here before texting. It makes the process much easier.

This particular offer comes back in Spanish when they confirm receipt of your request.

Also, Shop Text freebies are limited, so I suggest you texting  immediately. Remember, standard text messaging apply.

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  • Simon

    Does anyone know where this promotion was published? Is it in magazines or just blogs?

  • April

    does anyone know if you receive spam messages back after signing up for something like this?

    • Shannon


      With Shop Text, I never have.

  • Dizzy Mommy

    Code worked fine for me just a moment ago

  • Dizzy Mommy

    1 text says:Thanks for your interest to receive a razor Gillette. Please esponde with your age (ie 25)
    2 text says: Please respond with two letters of your state(ie NJ)
    3 text says: You will receive your razor gillette in 4-6 weeks. Please it calls 888 778 3221 to obtain the date and terms

  • Debbie

    Received text back saying the code is expired just now.

    • Shannon

      Are you sure it said expired?

      Or did it ask you your age :) he he