Free Wheatables Crackers after MIR

You can get a free box of Wheatables Original or Honey Wheat with this mail in rebate.

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  • Dee S

    Since the form says that “it may not be reproduced”, will they accept this?

  • amanda

    i got the “drawing error” too – but then, i right clicked in the page area and selected “page display preferences”. i changed the “custom resolution” to 100piixels/inch. then, it displayed just fine. hth…

  • Diana

    Yes, I had a little trouble but then changed the resolution from 160% to 100% and it came right up. For whatever reason sometimes you need to adjust that with Adobe pdfs…I figured out that trick some time ago. Hope that helps.

  • Janice K.

    No problems here, Thank you!

  • Just hit “control” button when you click the link from the post — works perfectly!

  • Liv

    I didn’t have any issues. Here is the link, if you want to copy and paste into your browser.

  • Chantel

    Me either???

  • This link comes back as a drawing error. ??

  • Lauren

    The Adobe document didn’t load right for me. Is anyone else having problems?

    • Mel


      Yep! I couldn’t get it either.