Free Nook Book Friday – The Well Lived Laugh & More

You know you’ve felt the pressure. . .pressure to lose a few pounds.pressure to keep those wrinkles at bay. Pressure to be everything and do even more (and all without smudging your mascara!).

The Well Lived Laugh

Brenn Owens, the new Earl of Merton, has come to London to choose a bride. The broad-shouldered war hero has his pick of the season’s debutantes, but once he gazes upon Tess Hamlin, he knows he won’t rest until he’s made her his own. But behind Tess’s light-hearted facade is desperation. She has no choice but to marry quickly, before news of her family’s ruin becomes common gossip, so she accepts Brenn’s sudden proposal—without letting him know the truth.

Married in Haste

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