Free Mini Photo Book {Free Shipping too!}

If you are a new customer, get a free Mini Photobook Book from My Publisher.

Just head over there to create your book.  Enter your email address to get a one time usage code.

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  • Ali

    hey y’all – I added this on FB so sorry for the double post if you read up on FB….I made a mini-book a while back and just went back to the site to do another one…well, come to find out after speaking with Tech Support, they use your photos directly from your hard-drive so if you happen to delete a photo in My Publisher, you will delete it as well from your hard-drive. I am not thrilled about this process b/c had I known, doubtful I would’ve signed up with them. They shouldn’t have access to my photos for all eternity. Some of us are not so great about backing up and personally think they should let people know what their policy is about your photo’s and how they are really used to make the books. I am not familiar with any other photo website that operates like this. Just wanted to pass along the info….

  • erica

    i did this last time and I love it!! they are so adorable!!!

  • Sandra

    Thank you for this. :) They actually sucked me in…I wound up buying 3 more; they were so cute!!!

  • Susan

    Thank you

  • Toni Lawshe

    Thank you..

    • Shannon

      your welcome :)