Free Kindle eBooks: Go To Sleep Mom!, Sourdough Creek and More

Free Kindle eBooks: Go To Sleep Mom!, Sourdough Creek and More

We have some of the best-selling FREE Kindle Books from Amazon here! The books include Morning Routine, Sourdough Creek, Go To Sleep Mom, Green Thumb Gardening and more


Morning Routine: How to Wake up and Bill McDowell

In this book, you can find many useful tips of how to start your day in the most effective way. You will learn all necessary elements, which are needed to feel full of energy during the whole day. You can find there also many ways of how to improve your health and habits, which will show you a new way of life.

Go to Sleep Mom! by Mary Eakin

This is the story of a young boy just trying to put his tired mom to sleep. It begins with him being woken by a strange sound. While sneaking out of his room to investigate, he discovers something terrible, a list of all the chores his mom needs to do in order to sleep.

Green Thumb Gardening: Make Your Home by Charlie Tucker

Growing your own vegetables at home has countless benefits. Avoiding unwanted chemicals is just one of them. It can be a challenging process to start, but don’t worry we have you covered. Everything from planning to building, germinating, planting, growing, and harvesting is included.

Sourdough Creek by Caroline Fyffe

Cassie Angel is used to taking care of herself. With a spirit of adventure, and a need to stay out of harm’s way, she departs a dying Nevada town for the golden opportunities that await in California–along with a new life. When charming Sam Ridgeway shows up, claiming to know her uncle, and offers her protection in her travels, she has no idea there is an ulterior motive involved.

Incredible Home Canning Solutions by Martha Millhouse

Food canning is done to preserve food for future use. It involves processing food in jars over heat. Learning how to can food at home will enable you preserve those vegetables you produce in your home. This book presents easy to learn home canning to preserve the food you produce in your little backyard garden.

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