Free Kindle eBooks: The Advocate, Homemade Organic Baby Food and More

Free Kindle eBooks: The Advocate, Homemade Organic Baby Food and More

We have some of the best-selling FREE Kindle Books from Amazon here! The books include Trees Tall as Mountains, The Rhino Who Swallowed a Mountain, The Advocate,  Home made Organic Baby Food and more


Trees Tall as Mountains by Rachel Devenish Ford

For eleven years Rachel Devenish Ford has been writing about her not quite normal life at her blog, Journey Mama, telling stories about her days with characteristic honesty and humor. Now for the first time, this writing is captured in book format in the Journey Mama Writings Series.

The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm by LeVar Burton

Actor and longtime educational advocate LeVar Burton has had more than 30 years’ experience speaking directly to children about grown-up situations, and The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm is a story that helps ease the fears and worries of a young child.

The Advocate (The Advocate Series Book) by Teresa Burrell

For Sabre Orin Brown, life is good; she has it all…or would have, if only she could solve the mysterious disappearance of her brother. The search for her brother and her career as a Juvenile Court Attorney collide when she defends a nine-year-old whose father will go to any length to obtain custody.

Homemade Organic Baby and Toddler Food by M A Perkins

From day one start giving your baby the nutritious food he/ she deserves for a healthy growth. Making your own baby food is the best way to watch over them and it is easy and cheap. This book contains over 100 carefully researched and selected homemade organic super recipes for mums, babies and toddlers.

The Book of Teaby Kakuzo Okakura

This modern classic is essentially an apology for Eastern traditions and feelings to the Western world — not in passionate, oversentimental terms, but with a charm and underlying toughness which clearly indicate some of the enduring differences between the Eastern and Western mind.

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