Free Jesse Tree Printables

Just a quick reminder – if you are going to do the Jesse Tree – today is the day to get them all printed! 

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many of us forget the true reason of this season. I love this idea – simply to bring us back to the meaning of the Christmas Holiday.

A Jesse Tree is an advent project. Each day you color an ornament that represents a bit of the lineage of Christ. The tree begins with creation and stretches through the Old and New Testaments until we reach the wonderful story of the birth of Jesus.

The Jesse Tree project takes place December 1 through 25. It’s similar to an advent calendar, but it’s more about tracing the history of the coming of Jesus.

For this particular set of ornaments, you’ll need to cut 25 squares (3 inches x 3 inches) that can be used as backers for the coloring ornaments. These backers could be made from cardstock or scrapbook paper. Print the ornaments found in this document.

Each day read the scripture and color the corresponding ornament picture. Cut out the picture, and attach it to one of the square backers that you cut. Punch a little hole in the backer paper, and thread a ribbon through it. Hang your ornaments on a small tree, some branches in a vase, or whatever works for you. There’s no right or wrong way to do it.


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