Checkpoints App: Earn Rewards & $1.00 When You Download

Here is a new concept! Earn gift cards while you shop for checking out products —

Checkpoints is  the first mobile app in the history of the App Store that costs less than ZERO dollars!  CheckPoints is the app that pays you back, from the moment you download it, and every time you check out products. (This product is for Iphone or Droid users)

Sign up now and you will get 300 Checkpoints when you use referral code: 4themommas.

:: To get started, just download the CheckPoints app for your iPhone.

:: Click on the “share” icon, then click on “register”.  Enter the bonus code in the first field to enter upon registering. Use Referral Code 4mommas for 300 bonus points. (Android is coming soon!)

:: Then, fire up CheckPoints whenever you go shopping.

:: Earning points is easy. Just tap on the item you want to scan, aim your phone’s camera at the barcode, and you’re done.

:: Cash in your  CheckPoints for  rewards.  From gift certificates to your favorite stores and restaurants, to airline miles.

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  • lovos

    Mine is lovos2015, and my sister got 500 points using it! I heard it might be different for everyone, but its definitely worth trying!;)

  • Crystal

    Please use referal bubu11, you will deff help me out am trying to save up to buy my baby clothes:)

  • jan

    Bonuscode: senui
    Bonus: 300 points + 5 coins.

    Worked for me!

  • use the code corey123123123 cuz all the cool kids are

  • Sayonara

    Enter code rahulkid for Free iTunes gift card! Hurry before the code is no longer valid!

  • Jessica

    Use code JNIESS for 1,000 points :)

  • Ashley

    Bonus Code: Jump

    Try this code out and instantly jump into the app with 300 pts!! =D

  • Blake Unlauf

    You can also use the bonus code, Blaker31. This is an easy way to get 3,000 free bonus points!!! It’s an amazing deal!

  • Bob

    Try bonus code awesome

  • ballerboy

    Enter aiverson14 when you register and get 2 free ITUNES CARDS!!!!!!

  • Sally Roberts

    Code did not work for me but applebonus worked for my friend she got Got 300 bonus points and 2 bonus coins and 5 Itunes gift card

  • Julia

    Use jrmhoops98 it gives u 1000 points and 5 coins it has worked every time someone has used it.

  • Anonymous

    Wish there were some bonus point codes for those of us who have been loyal users already….. I got 100 PTA when I signed up a few months ago.

  • MT

    Try bonus code : codehunter

    Gives you 300 points and 2 spins on the slot machine for a chance to win more points.

  • Michael

    I found a posting online from one of the developers of the Checkpoints app that said to use the bonus code “msiler” for 800 bonus points just for signing up! It worked for me so I thought I’d share the wealth!

    • Rap

      @Michael, The truth of the matter is, the bonus code is a referral code. Any one you enter will give you 300 points and two spins. You can believe this guy, and give credit to someone who lied to you, or enter the code at the top, or give it to me, the guy who’s giving it to you straight. If you want to credit the honest one, use Raptor2213 as your code.

  • Jim

    Use Bonus Code: djv426 when signing up to receive an extra 500 bonus points!!

  • Jim

    Greate site. Tip for new users, use Bonus Code: djv426 when signing up to receive an extra 500 bonus points.

  • Ryam

    Love this app if you sign up use the bonus code lazyiam and automatically get 300 points to start!!! Don’t wait sign up now!!!

  • Jim

    I used bonus code: djv426 to get 500 bonus points on Checkpoints!

  • JD

    Thanks Shannon! You’re the greatest!
    If anyone has questions about using the application- whether you have an iPhone or not- please feel free to reach out to me at

    We’re really looking forward to seeing you save and earn!


  • Dallis Edwards

    How long is the code “4mommas” going to work? The app for droid is not up and running yet.

  • Darn it!! Not compatible with older versions of the iPhone. Must be the iPhone 4.

  • I signed up but only got 100 points for using 4mommas.

  • This is awesome! I’m getting a new Droid phone within a month. I can’t wait to signup!

  • Rachel Durfee

    so u just scan studd when u shop and get points that turn into cash?

  • Heather

    I signed up for this and the proper code worked just fine! Got 300 bonus points and 2 bonus coins just for signing up with 4mommas! Thank you for sharing this easy to use, wonderful app!

  • Jennifer

    I got the same error with the bonus code.

  • Annie

    Same thing happened to me…

    • Shannon

      I messed up Annie.


      • Annie

        Shannon – no problem. “4mommas” worked great. I’m in now and ready to scan; sounds fun! :)

  • Jessica

    I just downloaded it but it told me 4themommas wasn’t a valid code :( still excited to use this though!

    • Shannon

      I messed up..its 4mommas .. so sorry.

  • jami

    I downloaded the app and when I put in the bonus code it said it was not valid. ??? I guess I’ll try it again later.

    • Shannon


      I messed up Jami, its 4mommas