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Zyrtec Coupon June 2011

There is a new $5.00 printable Zyrtec Coupon.  There is a good deal at CVS this week:

Zyrtec 5-ct  $5.99
Use $5.00/1 Zyrtec 5-count printable coupon
Get $5.99 ECB
Free Plus overage!

Thanks, Chief Family Officer

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  • Stella

    I think this might be regional. My CVS in Albany, NY has the 5ct. Zyrtec for $6.79 and no ECBs printed out.

    • Shannon

      this deal was last week.

  • Kathy

    I have a Mac computer so I had to log on via Safari. When I try to print the coupon for Zyrtec, it says I am not allowed to print it. When I go on Firefox, it says for me to use Safari. I wonder why it won’t let me print it. I am going to try on another computer that is not a Mac and see if it works. Anyone else have this issue?

    • I just printed on a Mac using Safari. It had to think about it for quite a while, but it did work.

    • J

      I had this same problem on my laptop with the Zantac coupon and the SmartSource printer. I did try reinstalling the most recent Java update too with no success. I also use Firefox (and Google Chrome) on that, so maybe it is a browser issue. I never did get it to work and ended up printing from another computer. The good news is most of them let you print two from one computer if you can get it working somewhere. Let me know if you get a solution.

    • Lauren

      I was just about to ask … I have a Macbook and every time I click a SmartSource coupon (using Safari) it locks up my whole system and I have to force quit! If I KNEW which ones were SmartSource I wouldn’t even click. What am I missing here?

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  • The deal is Zyrtec for $5.99 and get $5.99 in ECB back. I just got it yesterday.

    • Debbie

      I don’t do much at CVS but my hubby uses Zyrtec. Can I do this multiple times as long as they are different transactions and still get ECB each time? I didn’t know if it’s tied into my CVS card and would only allow it once? Thanks so much!

      • Shannon

        Debbie, I think the limit is 1.

      • Laura

        Yes. I have a CVS card for myself and one for my husband. I printed the coupon twice and did 2 separate transations. I got $5.99 EXbucks with each card.