Rite Aid Questions Part #1

I was able to speak with the Rite Aid representative and ask a bunch of questions. He was super gracious and listened to me ramble – even after my cell phone hung up on him 3 times!  I will be breaking this up into several posts because its a lot of information to digest.

Why are there different ads and how do I know what ad I have?

First, I did let him know that you cannot currently tell if you have an ad with a wrap online. That would save alot of headaches. He said he will pass that suggestion on.

Second, the biggest difference is geographical ads.  East Coast vs West Coast. There are also different ads for different markets within these geographical areas.  I highly suggest that you check your printed ad in store.  You also should be aware that different stores within your area could have some items that another store doesn’t have.  You should be able to discern fairly quickly if you are in a long ad area (about 12-16 pages) vs the short ad area.

Can I use more than one UP Reward  in a transaction?

Yes and No. There are two types of UPR.  One is a reward earned for a specific purchase.  The other is $ off a set $ amount.  One type can be considered a coupon and the other can be considered a store credit of sorts.

So if your UPR says $1.00/$10.00 household purchase, only ONE of these may be used per transaction. If your UPR say $1.00 off Non Prescription purchase from the purchase of  xxx, you may use more than ONE.  UPR cannot be adjusted down, so the purchase price, before tax must be over the amount of the UPR.

For example,  if you purchase an item for $1.99 and it is $2.11 after tax – the UPR will not work – you must spend $2.00 before the tax amount.

I did let him know that if they are scanned and the dollar amount is below – it is voiding the UPR. Pay careful attention to your amount before tax.  I suggest asking the cashier what your total is, if you store doesn’t have the small screens for you to check at the registers.

Will Rite Aid Be Updating their coupon policy?

At this time, no, they will not be issuing a new policy. This could change in the future.

Are SCR’s going away?

At this time, there are no plans to end the SCR program.

What is the policy with Video Values coupons usage?

They are one per person  for each coupon offered for each month, regardless of how you obtain it – a friend etc. You are permitted to redeem one per individual.   The serializing of coupons has been in the works for awhile and will be the way all coupons will be in the future.

More to come…

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