Rite Aid Gift of Savings – Crediting Full Purchase Price???

Hmm, so Kim left  a note on the For the Mommas Facebook page about checking your GOS account.  So I logged in and to my surprise — all my coupons were gone.  The full amount of the purchases pre coupons has been credited towards the Gift of Savings. I am not quite sure what this mean, but maybe we will all get a little “gift” from Rite Aid.

What do you see in your account?

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  • Dawn

    Ironically, I just received an e-mail in my inbox stating “Your Rite-Aid gift of savings is available for printing.” ($20 amount) I had never requested it, nor did I submit enough receipts yet to make it to that level. I’m guessing that it’s tracked just from my wellness card? I am quite delighted to receive it!

    • Dawn

      @Dawn, Please disregard previous comment! I just had an opportunity to check my receipts with the gift of savings account – of the only two receipts submitted, there was enough to qualify for the gift of savings. I am so, so sorry for any trouble caused or leading you astray. Please accept my great apologies.

  • katiek

    I just got an e-mail from rite aid 25% off coupon from my wellness account valid till 12/14. This can work out to be better than some add prices.

  • I had an email from RA this morning, telling me that my $20 GOS had been requested for me already….How does one go about getting it via email rather than snail mail?

  • Single Check Rebates Customer Service

    Dear Rite Aid Customers,

    We heard your feedback, and we’ve changed our Gift of Savings coupon policy. To best reward you for shopping at Rite Aid, manufacturer coupons will not be subtracted from your total spend amount. Check your accounts within the next 48 hours to see your recalculated balance. We understand you have a choice of pharmacies and thank you for your continued support of Rite Aid.


    Single Check Rebates Customer Service

  • Sunny

    Rite Aid posted to Facebook:

    We heard your feedback and we’ve changed our Gift of Savings coupon policy. To best reward you for shopping at Rite Aid, manufacturer coupons will not be subtracted from your total spend amount. Check your accounts within the next 48 hours to see your recalculated balance. We understand you have a choice of pharmacies and thank you for your continued support of Rite Aid.

  • Lauren

    I was so concerned because previously not even my small OOP’s were registering. My receipts were just in a big list saying “does not qualify” and there was no total listed under GOS. I thought I was going to have to call to check it out. This morning my account still doesn’t say how much I’ve spent – but I qualify for the $20! Woot!

  • I was going to email you about this very thing. I was so *pleasantly* surprised when I logged in this morning and saw all the coupons gone from my Gifts of Savings purchases. Let’s hope it stays that way, right? :)

  • Terri K.

    My VV coupons are still there, but my Up Rewards have been subtracted. I gained about $10.00.

  • Terri K.

    My VV coupons are still applied, but not my Up Rewards. I gained about $10.00.

  • Hazel-Ann

    Woot! I’m over $450 today and yesterday I was at $50. Thanks RA!

  • mary

    FYI: I just receveived an email with my $20 certificate and it took about 96 hours not the stated 48 and with the weekend there might be a delay.
    But Yay I got mine already!!!!!

    • Diane R.

      @mary, What is the expiration date on your certificate? I remember that last year the one that was mailed had an expiration date of April (I think). I was wondering if the printed one will have a shorter life-span, sort of like UP rewards that are only good for 2 weeks. I hope not!

      • mary

        the expiration is 04/30/2011

        • Diane R.

          @mary, oh, that’s great to know! thanks for answering so quickly :)

  • Susan

    All my coupons and UPRs are gone too! Thanks for the post, Shannon! (Good customer service on Rite Aid’s part, too)

  • katiek

    Just an option and a little Christmas spirit with giving in mind. It is very easy for me to reach the limit on the gift of savings so I use my receipts an send them in for a person or family I know could use it. I live in a small town it is easy to know who they are and get the address. Why not do it for a nieghbor, co worker, friend, family member. Have you ever noticed the receipts left in the carts or even in the parking lot now you would not pass up a coupon why pass up a receipt. o.k. I admitt it I work at rite aid (ugh) and what joy I see when they get to spend it. I never let them know I sent it. Now if I could only get my computer to work right – it keeps freezing up and I can not print. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and don’t forget remember the reason for the season

  • Melissa

    There is an item in my holiday gift of savings list that says I used a $1.00 off coupon for that I didn’t buy or use a coupon for. It is for OMEPRAZOLE! I have never purchased that. Hmmm..I wonder what else is wrong now.

    • Joanie

      it said that for mine too and i didnt buy the omeprazole but i think it is the one that was for $1 anything on video values and just rang up that way…

  • Mary

    I’m still only listed for $10.00. Nothing seems to be different on my account.Still have a few weeks though, right?

  • melissa

    Do you have to wait to see your totals? I entered my receipts tonight.

  • Miranda

    wow so glad I checked the email feeds before going to bed. I also went from around $25.00 to over $150 and requested my $20 certificate!! Thanks for all the help and feedback.

  • Woohoo! Thanks for the update, Shannon!

  • Kara

    Awesome surprise!! I was on yesterday and I only had a $5 gos and now I am at $20 with $150 worth of goods. WOW!! I do save alot shopping there. All the manf. coupons and UP are no longer deducted. That is awesome!! I am thinking about buying my photo cards to get the extra $5. Can you pay with UPS and use coupons and still get the $5 UP. I am hoping they use the price before they use these again.

  • Danae

    My total is now pre-coupon too! $20 coming my way!
    Interesting that we get to print the certificate instead of waiting for it in the mail.

  • Thanks so much for the heads up on this,I too,now need to enter receipts I wasn’t going to b/c of coupons…thanks Rite Aid,you are the best and always come through for your customers!

  • Bernell

    Same here!!! I qualified for the $20 certificate and I requested it before they considered it a “glitch”!:-)

  • Stella

    Same here, all coupons gone. What the heck is RA up to?

  • aw

    Guess I’m the foolish one because I did mine early and didn’t bother using coupons. Dang it RA why can’t you be clear. I could have saved a lot more money.

  • Courtney G

    WOW ! This is Awesome !

  • Woohoo! I requested mine too, as of yesterday I only had just under $5 and today it shows $104, and earning the $20! Yay!! Oh the little things that excite me…especially since the $5 I did spend out of pocket netted me way more in UPs and I’ll still get $5 back and then some in rebates. I love getting paid to shop :)

  • jodi beck

    What is the GAS how do you get it I am on my adverk and with the video values. How do I find mine it it through! What do I do? Help

    • heather lowe

      @jodi beck,

      You just enter your receipts where you would enter them for the SCR’s. To check on your gift of savings status, just scroll down to the bottom of the SCR page and click on check my gift of savings status.

  • :::thud::: I qualify for the $20 GoS. Two days, 5 receipts, $6.25 OOP, and I qualified with $141.06!!

  • Christy

    Wow! I suddenly qualified for the whole $20 so I requested it before they change their minds! Thanks!

  • Katie

    Woohoo! And ACK! I quit entering receipts because I had a 0 balance for all my transactions and it jumped up to $60.11. I got so excited and went to enter the rest and NOW I CAN’T FIND THEM!! Somehow, they aren’t with the rest of my receipts! I’m on a mission now… must. find. Rite Aid receipts.

    • Judy R

      @Katie, I am doing the same thing…lol

      • Katie

        @Judy R, Any success? I’ve found 2. My 3 year old was apparently playing “coupons and debit card” with them and they got spread out all over the house during her “shopping trip”. What have I done to this poor child? :P

  • Pam B

    ALL my video values are still on there but Im up to 101.56 with the manuf coupons taken off so I hurried and requested my $20 before they change it again. Good thing is it says my certificate will be ready to print in 48 hrs!

  • Jen T

    Daaaang… now I have to go enter in my receipts! Lol..

  • Yup, definitely worked for me, too! Now I’m just one box of diapers and a candy bar away from $20! lol Thanks for the tip!!!

  • Mel

    All my coupons except three video values coupons are gone. I”m totally ok with them keeping the RA coupons on there though!

  • Lisa

    Since MF coupons are a form of payment for which Rite Aid is fully reimbursed, seemed grossly unfair to have been penalized for their use.
    All I have to say is – WooHoo! Still love ya, Rite Aid!

  • LilKim

    I did a happy dance, and just had to share the news somewhere….I’m glad everyone else’s G.O.S. was the same.

  • Lauren A.

    so, if we hit $20.00 certificate should we request it now? You can’t get anymore then $20.00 can you?

  • tanya

    they must have changed this today! i actually contacted rite aid’s customer service today and asked them if they were deducting the coupons and ups applied toward the purchase. they told me that what i paid in the end was what was applied to the gos and now i’m reading this. how do i get to see my gos? did u guys enter all your receipts already and it’s showing you on there? thanks.

  • Elizabeth Horton

    Most of my coupons were removed and I went from $19 something to over $79. It looks like the only coupons they didn’t remove were the video values ones.

  • Selena

    Yep, coupons gone. Thank God. I’m now up to $10 and have to put in a handful of receipts I have here. I wasn’t in a rush before because I thought it wasn’t worth it. Thanks for the heads up =)

  • D

    HOORAY!! Merry Christmas to us! :) Thanks for the heads up! Changes my strategy for sure!! :)

  • Angel in Perrysburg

    OMG! I just logged in my receipts at 6:30 pm and it was $26.54. I check just now and it was $387.91. This is fantastic!!!!!

    • Shannon

      @Angel in Perrysburg,

      That is rockstar that you got $387.91 for $26.54.. we are not worthy LOL!

      • Sandra

        WOW! I thought I was rocking out with $3.81 for $153. That’s awesome! Thank you Rite Aid for changing your mind about coupons! :)

  • AJinnette

    Wowwy wow-wow! I’m only $15 away from getting the full amount now! All the coupons are gone from mine too!

  • Tara

    Oh my gosh, they must have just done this today! I logged in this morning and I was at a $25 purchase price (and the $5 certificate) and I just logged in now and my purchase price was up to $150 and I was eligible for the $20 certicficate. I hurried up and requested it now in case they decided to change it back! It said my certificate would be ready to print within 48 hours. Pretty sweet considering I paid NOTHING oop! Thank you again Shannon!

  • carol

    GEES!!!! I went from having $17.00 towards my gift of savings to…..$149.00!!! They did adjust the sales and coupons! I’ve reached the $20.00 reward! So excited!

  • cassie

    Nice! Just logged in to check mine and I have earned 20$ so far. A few days ago it was only 10$. Wish I had know this 20 mins ago as I just put in a 25$ receipt that I could have just let my sister use on hers!

  • emma

    same thing happened to me! I’m already at $20 thanks!

  • nicole kaplan

    my coupons are gone too and now i’m past the $25 mark so it’s allowing me to claim my rebate if i want it. i have to say smart move on their part. i shop at my rite aid because they have the best prices and selection in my neighborhood however i hate the store. the other day my up rewards for buying the hersheys miniatures wouldn’t print. first the store manager tried to tell me that i was not buying the right products (i was and in fact was buying what was pictured in the ad). after asking her what they sold that was smaller than what i was buying and asking her to just refund my purchase and give me back my coupons so i could make the purchase at another store she told me she couldn’t return my items because he didn’t know how to return it with the coupons i used. i was stunned by this answer. finally she hand wrote a credit foe the up rewards, which she honored today. this is just one in a line of ridiculous stories about this store but i think it takes the cake.

  • i see the same thing and i *like* it!!!

  • jane kay

    Oh my god! I also found all my coupons were gone. What a nice present.

  • Kim

    Yippee!!! They changed mine also. No more deducting the coupons, only the video values! Now I will be able to hit the $20.00 gift! Thank you for the heads up :)

  • Sonata Ringfield

    OMG! I just checked mine and all coupons have been erased. Thanks for the heads up!

  • julie

    YAHOO!!! I went from $1.52 credit to over $300 and earned the $20! So should I request my certificate now?? I am new to this!

    • LilKim

      @julie, You should only request it now if you are NOT planning on participating in the “bonus” $5 for $25 photo purchases. You can only request the GOS once, so make sure you’re really ready before hitting “submit”

  • lindsayR

    All my coupons and UP’s are gone!! That’s awesome!!

  • Brianna

    Yep, all the deductions for my coupons have disappeared too! Yay!

  • Good call! All my coupons have been removed except the $1 off video values coupons.. thanks RA!

    • Janet

      It’s obvious that I save ALOT by shopping at Rite Aid!!!!