Rite Aid: February SCR & Date Changes

I just wanted to point out that the Single Check Rebate dates will change this week. They will be valid from Wednesday to Tuesday instead of Sunday to Saturday. This means the SCR dates will not matchup with the ad dates.

So there will be a little break in SCR – no SCR’s are valid from 1/23 to 1/26.

Also, don’t forget to watch your Video Values before tomorrow – as they will be removed from the site.

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  • Jen

    So I have a random question for this current week’s ad. I’m considering getting the Charmin and Tide deal (get $30 worth for a $10 UPR). Does this look like a good deal to anyone? I can never seem to remember what’s a good deal for toilet paper. I know I’ve seen better for the Tide, but we’re low on laundry soap… Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

  • Amy

    That could actually be really cool. A one-week SCR will now pop up during 2 weekly ads. So if you can’t find a good deal or coupon this week, you might be able to find one next week. I get their next week’s circular in the mail (usually Wed.), so I think it could be cool to compare weeks.

    Also, Food Lion, for example, starts their sales week on Wednesday, so they may be testing out a mid-week strategy. I find it helpful because I get busy on weekends and sometimes don’t make it over there until Monday.

  • Katherine F

    Personally, I think it would be great if they did change their whole ad to start mid-week. It could possibly give them an advantage over the other two major competitors who also start on Sunday. I think some people do not shop the first day of the Sunday-starting ad for religious reasons. I also know most people work during the week so a sale that starts Tuesday could be a challenge but if there is a will, there’s a way, right? :)

  • Pixie

    Are they closing stores? I hadn’t heard this…I would hate to lose rite aid as it is the only store close by. I think we shouldn’t give them so much grief about limits…I mean cvs has limit of 1 on almost everything…and rite aid rarely has limits although with all the phone calls they have been getting I would say they are coming. Thank you for all the rite aid info it helps so much.

  • Brenda

    Do you know where I can get some Tom’s of Maine printable coupons?


  • Anthony

    Well! They have to do something their profits are lower than what it was expected second time in a role and stores are closing, if they don’t act fast all the stores will be closing very soon unless they sell like they did a few years back.

    • Yulean

      @Anthony, I have to agree with you.
      Their stock used to be $50 per share but now down to $1. I hope they will do better after the changes, I hat to see Rite Aide closing their door. I will be heart breaking if they are out of business!

  • Melody

    Do they change the Video Values for the month on Sunday morning or after midnight the night before?


  • sherry

    Like I need added confusion in my life!

  • Danielle

    Is Rite Aid trying to make things more difficult? They seem to be all over the place lately….advertising deals, then pulling them, then reinstating with different limits….now this? Don’t get me wrong, I still love their deals…but this is just a new challenge, I guess… :(

  • Janet

    Sounds like they are trying to change the sale week???0