Rite Aid Deal Updates – Free Tape & More

I know we can all use tape at this time of year and free is even better.

Buy (2) Invisible Rite Aid Brand Tape $1.49 (BOGO)
Get (2) $1.00 UPR
Free after UPR

* There does not seem to be a limit on the Colgate, there was a sign in store that said 3 per, but I decided to try 4 and it worked just fine.

* Eco Tools – Some of the Eco Tools line have $1.00 hang tags on them.

* Becareful with Crisco if you are doing the baking items deal. Some of them are not ringing up at $3.00 and are not included in the deal. I only know because I had to do a return. Make sure you stick to the Blue label. If you have the 20% discount – the Crisco deal is may not be  worth it, because you have to buy 5. Your price comes down to $2.87

*The Dominos Sugar is producing two $3.00 UPR wyb $12.00.  (some people have reported that the Pam is also 2 UPR, I tried with the only Pam in stock (olive oil type) and did not get an UPR. (Thanks, Living Rich with Coupons)

Buy 4 Domino Granulated Sugar (4 lb.) $12.00
use (4) $0.40/1 Domino Sugar Products 10/17/2010 RP Insert (exp 12/31/2010)
get (2) $3.00 UPR
$4.40 or $1.10 each

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  • Edward

    Can I roll the UPRewards. If I buy 8 tapes, can I use those upr for another tape transaction as well?

  • kara

    i shopped last night and only got 1 upr for the domino sugar :(

  • sherry

    I tried the sugar deal but only got 1 $3 UPR. Luckily I had some UPR to roll and other items that paid UPR so overall a good deal. Had just hoped on $3 extra UPR.
    Wish RA would all get on the same page with their rewards…and stock their sale items. I got the only 4 sugars in my store. Lots of items were out of stock. :(

  • sandra

    I’m glad you posted the colgate limit, it made it easier to just get a few in one go. whew. (the second RA was completely out too)

  • Cathy

    Thanks for the tips, I made money today, woohoo!
    I got:
    8 rolls of tape – BoGo = 5.96
    4 boxes of envelopes – BoGo = 4.58
    3 boxes of Gas-X = 5.39 each with 10% discount = 16.17
    2 Ecotools sponges = BoGo 50% @ 2.99 = 4.49
    Total = 31.20
    5 off 25 (I still have a couple of RP ones and my store still accepts those)
    3 – $3 off Gas-X MQ’s
    -14.50 in UPR’s
    = 2.70 OOP
    Plus I got 22 UPR’s back (8 for tape, 4 for envelopes, 5 for Gas-X and 5 for Ecotools)

  • Caroline

    Woo hoo! Loving Rite Aid! Any updates on UPR limits? So far I have purchased 4 Colgate toothpastes, 8 rolls of tape, and 8 Eco Tools items with no problems.

  • Kristin


    Do you know if the 2x3up+ rewards will print for buying 4 Nestle Toll House Morsels?

  • aliza

    Did anyone see this? I was thinking about trying it, but hadn’t seen it posted anywhere.

    Sonicare Essence $44.99
    Buy 1, Submit for $20.00 Single Check Rebate
    $10.00/1 Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush, any excluding Xtreme model from SS-11/21
    Mail in FORM Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush $10 Rebate Offer from SS-11/21
    And Use $3/$20 – Rite Aid – (adperk.com)
    Pay $31.99, Submit for $20.00 Single Check Rebate and Submit for $10 Rebate offer from Sonicare
    Final Price: $1.99

  • Amber

    Did the tape deal but the eco tools were completely wiped out of EVERYTHING as of 2:00 Sunday. I thought the snow would keep most people away- guess not.

  • Thanks for the tape deal-just in time for xmas!Also for the domino sugar deal.We go through that like water as we are hot tea drinkers around here.I had to go to 2 stores just to find 4 sugars,but I did receive two $3 ups back!

  • Virginia

    I got 6 tapes at $1.49 and second one free it was AWESOME plus my 6 $1.00 UP rewards! THANKS for this! Also the envelopes might be a good idea its $2.29 second one is free plus $1.00 UP reward for each which makes it .29 cents for 2 Boxes of envelopes!!!! Thought I might share that and thanks!!

  • Melissa

    I was able to do the EcoTools deal four times today. I might go back later in the week to look for the more expensive items with the $1 off on them. I found lots of items to choose from in the $1.99 – $4.99 range. Thanks for the info on this one! I plan to use them in gift baskets with some other spa freebies.

  • msrossdaboss

    Tyhe ecotool sponges are $1.99. Buy 2 for 2.98 +tax. Get the $5 +UPs.I used two of the $1 coupons for a $4MM. The sponges are located next to the regular(Dove, olay) bodywashes not with the ECOTOOLS items.

  • Dee

    Also, any word on whether or not there is a limit on the EcoTools UPR???

    • Sandra

      I purchased A LOT of EcoTools today for stocking stuffers and have received all of the UPR’s. I don’t believe there is a limit.

  • Dee

    Do you think it’s wrong to tear the $1.00 EcoTools hang tags off the more expensive body sprays and such to use on the $1.99 beauty tools? It’s for $1.00 off ANY EcoTools product. However, I was wrestling with myself as to whether or not it would be a right thing to do.

    • Shannon


      I used them on the Body Product that was $4.99 and got a $1.99 loofah, so it looked like this:

      – $1.00 Coupon
      $5.00 UPR

      You could do that to get free products.

      • Meghna

        I could not find the hang tangs near eco tools. When I asked a store person they said there aren’t any. Is there any other way to get them ?

        • Shannon


          if they are not in your store — unfortunately no.

  • mary

    I did 4 Revlon items all in one order, bought 4 small nail clippers and I got 2 seperate +UPs for each pair.

  • Ann

    I couldn’t find any Eco Tools that were decently priced. What did you find with $1 tags?

  • Thank you sooooo much for the tape info! It’s the only reason I got motivated to make scenario and head out. I even grabbed 2 newspapers, and was able to score about $8 UPR profit.

    Also, the Gift Wrap tape is working for the deal too (probably the empty slot in your photo?) but just so other people know. It’s got a purple stripe on the packaging.

  • your single tape is way less than mine. Ours was $2.78 a roll I think. The 3 pack was $3.39 so I got that one instead! BOGO and $2 UPS back… so I paid $1.49 for 6 rolls of tape!!

    No limits of the Revlon tools deal either! I did it 5 times. Buy 2 get $2 ups back. Bought in 5 separate transactions (wasnt sure if it would work all in 1 so I just played it safe) 1 pack of emory boards (with discount) $0.75 and 1 nail clipper (with discount) $0.87 = $1.62 and get $2 back!! MM

    Today I spent $5.96 + $3.46 tax = $9.42 and earned $13 + UPS!! saved $97.81 … another MM day at Rite Aid! :)

    • Shannon

      @Tina Seymour,

      There are two different kinds of tape – there was one that was alot more up by the register. I am going back to see if the Nestle Morsels work on the UPR ..

    • Andrea

      @Tina Seymour, I love For The Mommas and stories like this inspire me even more!