Rite Aid: Cheap or Free Ziploc Sliders

In case you missed my Rite Aid post, you can get cheap Ziploc sliders this week at Rite Aid.

If you have not submitted your rebate for SC Johnson, here is your deal:

Buy 4 Ziploc Sliders $1.99 each.
use (2) BOGO Coupons in 04/11 SS
Pay $3.98
Submit $5.00 SC Johnson Rebate here
Free + overage

or if you want to buy alot:

Buy 10 Ziploc Sliders $1.99 each
use (5) BOGO coupons in 04/11 SS
use $5.00/$20.00 VV coupon (you may need a small filler if you Rite Aid requires you to before tax total of $20)
Pay $5.05 after coupons
Submit $5.00 SC Johnson Rebate here
$.05 plus the cost of stamps

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  • Sandra

    I did not think I would be able to use the b1g1 and the $1/2 so I told the manager I had 2 coupons and the one might not work, he said he would see if it went through and it did. I understand what you are saying and I did not expect it to work. Has anyone else tried this successfully?

    My store only had 2 boxes so I’m going back for more Thursday. I wonder if it will work again?

  • Sandra

    I had both the b1/g1 coupon and the $1/2, I purchased 2 boxes of baggies total. The store manager rung me up and I said I was not sure if both coupons would work and both went through!

    • Shannon


      That is not technically the right way, you would need to buy 3 to use those. YOu are using 2 manufacturer coupons on one item.

  • NewBee

    Thanks.. the cashier didn’t want to take it and had to ask the manager! It all worked out – $31 in saving , $10 OOP, with $2 SCR pending! Woo-hoo, I’m getting better at this!

    • Shannon


      Great !! Glad to hear you are saving!

  • Michelle

    Just an FYI the rebate states at the bottom in fine print that you can submit up to 3 rebates per household! wahoo!

  • NewBee

    Hey.. I’m new at this and wondering.
    Can I use the B1G1 coupon and an other coupon when buying 2 ziploc bags. I have the following:
    1 – $1/2
    2 – 0.4/1

    • Shannon


      You cannot use the $1.00/2 but the $.40/1 yes!

  • Tiffany

    We didn’t get BOGO in KY either.

  • Dang it — we didn’t get the BOGO in SoCal. Dang. I looked both in the purchased newspaper SS as well as the freebie thrown on the driveway.