Rite Aid: Catalina Machines & Free Breathe Right Strips

So, I am jealous. Very Jealous.  How dare Rite Aid put in catalina machines and not include my stores! (Yes, they are my stores, I am very possessive, I like to believe that they stock the shelves just for me..he he)

So here is the deal… Karen from Koupon Karen, commented on the Free Breathe Right Strips catalina that is popping up at Walgreens. She said that her Rite Aid has a catalina machine and she got the free Breathe Right Strips Cat there!

So first, if your Rite Aid has a catalina machine – fess up – tell us where!  Second, Rite Aid if you are reading this, how about some cat machines in the the Philly burbs?  Please and thank you.

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