Rite Aid: $5.00/$25.00 Saga

I posted this in the weekly matchups and there seems to be some confusion.  Note: None of this is official from Rite Aid – it is all based on what I and other readers are experiencing in stores.

One of these things may happen to you when you go to use the $5.00/$25.00 coupon:

1. The cashier may tell you they are no longer accepting $5/$25 coupons, period regardless of source. (my store is doing this)

2. The PDF expiring 11/30 WILL beep as invalid. You may have a cashier who will push it through or threaten to call the coupon policy because you are using a fraudulent coupon.

3. No, the PDF coupon wasn’t fraudulently made – it was hosted on Rite Aids server.  It was pulled by Rite Aid.

4. The PDF coupon expiring 10/31 has also been an issue for some readers – I have gotten this email from several of you:

I just went to Rite Aid tonight to use one of the ones expiring 10/31 and it “bonked” (my term for when the computer/radar won’t accept the Q for some reason and the register makes a “bonk” sound).

I don’t want to start mass rumors, but I just want you to be prepared that you probably should not try the November coupon and that you may run into issues with the October expiry coupon as well. I have not heard anything about the Red Plum coupon that was valid until 12/31.

Hope this clarifies things a bit.

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