More Rite Aid Deals: Free Nivea & More

Rite Aid has a few good matchups for the new video values coupons!

Veet $6.49
use $3.00/1 printable
use $3.00/1 Video Values Coupon
$.49 after coupon

Bengay Pain Relief & Massage $7.49
use $5.00/1 printable
use $1.00/1 Video Values Coupon
$1.49 after coupon

Clearasil $5.29
use $2.00/1 Printable coupon
use $3.00/1 Clearasil Video Values Coupon

$.29 after coupon

Nivea for Men $5.99 (the $5.49 will not qualify for the $3.00 off, see the fine print – $5.99 and above)
use $3.00/1 in 05/02 RP
Free after coupon
Get $5.00 wyb $15.00
$5.00 in overage when you buy 6 with coupons
Note: This qualifies for the #555 rebate, but it says that it is after coupons – so I am not sure how they will apply this.

Rolaids 3 pk. $2.69
use Video Values Coupon
$1.69 after coupon

Marc Anthony Touch Up Kit $4.99 Clearance
use Video Values Coupon
$1.99 after coupon

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  • Jen T

    Did you try speaking to a manager Ash? Rite Aid printable coupons aren’t considered “manufacturer” coupons even though it’s printed on the coupon. It says it in the Rite Aid coupon policy.

  • Ash

    I tried to buy the Veet @ 6.69 and use the two coupons ( $3 vv and $3 manufacture) and the cashier wouldn’t let me. She said they were both manufacturer coupons and that if she were to allow me to use both it would be coupon fraud. Very frustrating

    • Shannon


      Irritating is right.

  • Jaime

    Ionizer – If you’re nervous about these coupons, you can email corporate. I did that and they emailed back stating that they do take those coupons with manufacturer coupons. Now I have that email in case I have a cashier who doesn’t know their policy well enough. :)

  • Ionizer

    whenever i use toothpaste, lotions, etc. i am really skimpy. i only use the amount i need and nothing more. with this stuff, ive only used it on a big zit or so. since i’m way past those teenage years, i dont get a giant one too often, thank god.

    • Shannon


      I am WAYYY past those teenage years too. Unfortunately. I picked up the cleansing scrub tonight.

  • Ionizer

    picked up a thing of clearasil tube thingy to replace my cvs generic brand that i bought 5 yrs ago and never finished… figured it would be good to have some on hand for those one off spots!

    • Shannon


      5 years? You must have pretty good skin!

  • I bought 2 packs of Huggies, 1 Bengay, 1 Veet, & 1 Clearasil – and spent $7.75. Plus, a coupon for $11.99 printed out on my receipt for my next purchase. So, it was like getting everything for free, plus a nearly $4 overage.

  • lilia

    hi tahnk you so much for all the deals you share with us i did today in one transaction the ‘veet ,clearasil, bengay ‘i needed to add something eles cause with all this coupon my total went to minless so all my items was free thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Stephanie

    This sucks – is anyone else having trouble with the Clearasil VV? I watched the video, and instead of letting me print the coupon at the end, it just keeps playing over and over, and it isn’t coming up in my “Rewards” section to get the coupon either!!! I’m gonna try logging out and then back in – hopefully that works!!! :(

  • Ionizer

    here’s my question about these video value coupons

    they (always?) say they are mfg coupons… so cashiers have no issue taking them with additional mfg coupons?

    for example, sometimes there are TARGET specific coupons that are target’s coupons, not the mfg so combining them with the mfg’s coupon is no big deal

    but these clearly say they are already mfg coupons…

    tomorrow will be my first time shopping at rite aid, so just wondering

    • Shannon



      The best way I can explain this is that they are like Walgreens IVC coupons – if you see RC in the barcode, the coupon is RiteAid Corporation – meaning they are actual rite aid coupons. If you see a 5 or 9, its a true manufacturer coupon. HTH.


  • Mel

    No it didn’t. So I bought 4 of the $4.99 ones and a candy bar for myself : ) Then I used 4 $3 off Nivea Men’s Body wash and a $5 off $20 and will get $5 back from the SCR. Oops! I guess that’s only a $2 MM! Can’t do math today : )

  • Mel

    The ones in your picture are only $5.49 at my RA so I did the scenario you posted yesterday! Was a $3 MM after coupons and SCR. These are great deals, as I’m donating all of the body wash and deordorant I can get to a local nursing home collecting tolietries for the troops. Thanks so much for letting us know about the deals!

    • Shannon


      Did the $3.00 come off the $5.49? The ad says $5.99 regular price or more?

  • Heather

    For the Nivea for Men body wash, wouldn’t the 2.99 count towards the $5/$15 SCR and not the $5.99? So you would need to buy 6 of them because 5 would come to $14.95.

    • Shannon

      yes sorry I had to update the post because I had them priced incorrectly and forgot to change the amount. Thanks for pointing it out.