Free Olay Products Deal Gets Better!

Well the free Olay products at Rite Aid just got better! Andrea let me know about this $12.00 rebate or free magazine offer when you buy $30.00 in Olay Products. Also, you can submit a photo copy of the receipt instead of your actual receipt – you will need your actual receipts for Olay direct rebate. (I did call the number to confirm that you can submit a copy of the receipt, instead of the actual receipt – however, this does not 100% guarantee the rebate – but since you are already getting this for FREE, why not try?)

So here is what you will get:

  • 3 Free Olay Products
  • 1 P&G Coupon Book from Rite Aid
  • 1 $12.00 Cash or free magazine subscription
  • Overage!

I was not able to find this in the first store, but I did find it in the second store. You only have until Tuesday to do this deal.

Thanks, Andrea

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