Rite Aid: Veet Deal Clarification

There has been some confusion about the Veet Deal starting tomorrow.   I have received a bunch of emails asking whether the Rite Aid ad is suggesting that you can use the Video Values coupon and the In Ad coupon together.  My opinion is no.  Since August of last year, Rite Aid has limited coupons to one RC49 coupon per item.  {this is clearly listed in their policy}. You can use a manufacturer coupon and an in ad together.  If there was a RC48 coupon, you could use it with an in ad coupon.

You can read this in the Rite Aid Policy here.  Also, some people have said that it was previously in ads showing both. Those ads were before Rite Aid changed their coupon policy. I confirmed with RA corporate that it is still one 49 coupon per item.

I think they are just letting you know its available. There is a limit of 6 Veet UPR offers and many stores will only allow one in ad coupon per person, per the coupon.  I know it is confusing, but I try to stick to the policy, plus it is free anyway without the video values.   Cashiers at many stores will give you hassle about this, regardless of the ad.

Obviously, you can make the choice for yourself, but that is my two cents.

What is your interpretation of the policy?

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  • nikki

    Cathie, they are now tracking the spending so you can go back & buy that $1.31 worth. To get the UP. I had to go to several different stores to do the cleaning one because most stores were out. Esp of the Dixie!

  • Cathie

    While I feel it’s wrong to fraudulently use coupons, I also think that the store’s computers should match its policy. I have been couponing for many, many years, and lately it’s become a lot more complicated. So while I am not trying to get one over on anyone, and I am certainly more honest and concientious than most people, I don’t feel it’s our responsibility to police our coupon use. In other words, if the register doesn’t beep, I tend to assume it’s allowed. If this is a problem for RA, they should fix it.
    On an unrelated note, my nose was somewhat out of joint on Saturday…..after painstakingly matching up my coupons with deals, and bringing extra coupons in case my RA was out of sale items (which they constantly are) I headed out to spend my expiring +UPs and get my new ones. So I carefully added up my cleaning supplies in order to get my $10 +UPs for spending $30. I was even about $3 over. EXCEPT that I had 2 Dixie products (BOGO) in the mix. I wish I had known that they (unlike most other stores) didn’t “count” the “free” one. So I bought $28.69 worth of cleaning supplies, and no +UP.
    Now that I’ve written it down, I’ll let. it. go.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Julie

      Sorry that happened to you. I had to go back twice as well because they didn’t count some of my “free” items(I got Purex Crystals and Finish B1G1). And then my UPR still didn’t print! So now it is in the mail…… RA can be aggravating but still love them….. lol

  • Jen

    A different question about VV coupons –

    Can you use two different months coupons (fictitious ex. an April & May Veet coupon) when you only buy one product?

    Thanks for explaining everything, Shannon! I hope RA has issued you some kind of honorary doctorate :)

    • Shannon

      No Jen, just one RC49 per item.

      Hope that makes sense.

      LOL a Doctorate in Couponing ROLF

  • Melissa S

    I just wanted to make a quick note that my local store is still refusing to adhere to their own coupon policy for the Buy One Get One items and I still have not received a call back. This is so unusual for Rite Aid which in the past I have never has anything to say but good things. I must say my opinion of Rite Aid has been tarnished by their failure to adhere to their own coupon policy.

  • Ruth

    It is always best to stick with coupon policy. It is the few people who try to beat the system that spoil it for the rest of us. I know since the show Extreme Couponing, where the woman used the wrong coupon for the Colgate Toothpaste, my local Acme is now carefully checking every coupon. The cashiers know me very well and know that I always use the right coupons but they said that even one mistake could cost them their job. They even go through the items purchased and verify if the coupons are correct. I have been shopping at Acme for 6 years and they were always very lenient about their coupons until now.

  • Lynn @ MavenofSavin’

    I agree that it is a shame the marketing people showed it this way as I do not believe that is the intent or the policy. The deal is good enough without violating the policy and I believe that Rite Aid is more than generous with their coupon policy and deals so it is not necessary to get even more.

  • Melissa

    I just called my Rite AId and spoke with the manager. She said that they are not to take a video values coupon with a In ad that are both RC49. I asked her about tomorrows ad. She said No. I asked about them advertising it, she said that she saw it and didn’t think it meant to use them together and that she can get in trouble for taking both.

    CONFUSING! I don’t want her to get in trouble, so I won’t use them.

  • Penny

    I previously used two 49 coupons on a product, but I had NO Clue.

    Thanks for the clarification and next time maybe I should read the policy.

  • Kristin M

    While using both coupons would be against their policy, there is no doubt in my mind they are suggesting you use both (their own fault for suggesting it!)

    I HIGHLY doubt they put the video values tip in there to suggest you can use the $1.00 video values coupon instead of the $3.00 in ad coupon, if you prefer.

    Nor is the language suggestive that you should buy 2, and use the in ad coupon on one and the video vaules on the other. The ad is perfectly clear to me – use this in ad coupon PLUS you can save another $1 by using the video values one.

    They should have been more “with it” when creating the advertisement in relation to what their coupon policy actually is.

    • Shannon


      Yes I agree its confusing, but I don’t think they are suggesting using both (I asked corporate that specific question and they said No.)

      So confusing marketing yes, for sure.

  • Katie

    All I can say to that Tory is remember the 5 off 25 coupon — it is no longer around for a reason.

  • Tory

    Hi Shannon,

    Thanks for the clarification! I don’t know – I sometimes feel we get too numbers conscious with our coupons. We’re a small group of people who walk around saying “I’ll be combining a 48 with a 49 and 5 from the circular.”

    On this one, I’m going to try to use the VV with the in ad. If the computer beeps, I’ll completely understand – I never ask or expect cashiers to put through coupons manually.
    I kind of feel this is Rite-Aids way of offering their own coupon match – up!


    • Shannon

      Tory, it won’t beep I can tell you that, but I don’t think its right per the policy, but each has to do their own thing :) I try to stick to the policy and figure I am getting it free, so why try to beat the system.

      • yulean

        I agree with you 1000% Shannon, why abuse the system since we get it for free :) like I told you before I will be heart breaking if Rite Aid out of business. HONESTLY IS THE BEST POLICY !