Rite Aid: Huggies Scenario for 20% Discount

Here is a Huggies Scenario for those with 20% off. This is based on shelf price of $11.99 for Huggies and $8.59 for the Little Swimmers. Please check your store prices for shelf prices as they may vary. Thanks to Robbin for commenting about this.

Buy (2) Huggies $9.59 each
Buy (1) Little Swimmers $6.87
Total: $26.05
use (2) $3.00/1 printable Huggies Coupons
use (1) $2.00/1 Huggies Little Swimmers in 5/15 inserts
use $3.00/$15.00 Survey Coupon
Pay $15.05
Get $5.00 UPR
$10.05 after UPR
$3.35 each after coupons & UPR
or $4.35 without survey coupon

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  • Judy

    Thanks for the lead – I got 2 packages of Huggies and, with all the coupons, up rewards, and $3 off $15, they ended up costing only $3 each!!!! I am too happy!!

  • Misti

    I didnt get any little swimmer coupon in my flyers!! UGH!

  • Gina

    Does anyone know if the smaller packages of wipes are included? I saw a sign for the $8.99 case at my Rite Aid but didn’t see any tags for the smaller packages. So maybe you could buy 2 packs of diapers and a small pack of wipes to get over $20 with the 20% discount?

  • kris

    It was actually on the candy bars, last week, that I first noticed it. they rang up .44 each. I told the cashier they are BOGO, we stared at the ad and we were both puzzled…she then decided to price modify to correct it and then the manager came over to ok it and was puzzled. then she said, wait, you already got the discount…I was so confused and the receipt was a mess (more voided items then items bought!) so it was hard to tell how many candy bars I was buying…she explained they are .88 each, so .44 each of bogo and then they said I owed $2.02. I had already swiped my card, so I thought I’d already paid for it all and didn’t understand why they were asking for that much more money, I’d only owe then .44 because she discounted it…So the manager said to just re-ring it all and the cashier said, I’ll have to get her coupons out of the register (sigh from the manager-poor lady doesn’t like how much coupons complicant things). Anyway. Then re-rung and they explained the the first transaction was canceled, so even though I swiped my card they said I hadn’t pay. I’m sure the manager thought I was trying to pull one over on her…HA! She should know I try to be honest in all my couponing, but I do sometimes make mistakes, and this was super confusing to me…plus they didn’t even get it for a few minutes…sheesh.

  • kris

    Hi Shannon:
    kristen (in above comments) also mentions it tracking…but I do suppose some stores may have more updated systems than others?

    My store just changed something…BOGO promotions ring up different now and it was confusing at first…They used to ring up for example, 1st item $2 second item $0 and now it will ring up, 1st item $1, second item $1…at first I thought I wasn’t get the BOGO.

    Anyway, if your store register tracks, you will see the numbers at the bottom of your receipt saying example: $2.77 towards $20 huggies 5+up

    • Shannon


      Heres what i have found out, its not a tracking issue – its the actual UPR printing when you reach the $20 – so it may be a phone call to Customer Service.

    • Shannon


      That happened the other week.. is there an item this week that rang up bogo with the split price?

  • Judy

    If I buy 2 Huggies at $10 each, and then use a $3 off coupon for each one, then my total purchase is only $14 – will they still let me use the $3 off $15 voucher?

    • kris

      Judy: you give them your 3 off 15 first.
      then your $3 diaper coupons

  • Kris

    Here’s an example, for those 20% people…
    IF you have a lot of survey and $3 diaper coupons…
    I don’t but this is just to show how the discount could work to an advantage…this is just diapers (no swimpants/kotex-so you could adapt it to what you need/want)
    Buy (3) Huggies $9.59 each
    Total: $28.77
    use (3) $3.00/1 printable Huggies Coupons
    use $3.00/$15.00 Survey Coupon
    Pay $16.77
    Get $5.00 up
    have 8.77 toward next 20 spent
    Buy (2) Huggies $9.59 each =19.18 (+8.77 for the first=27.95)
    use (2) $3.00/1 printable Huggies Coupons
    use $3.00/$15.00 Survey Coupon
    use 5up
    Pay $5.18
    get 5up
    have 7.95 towards last purchase of 20 because the limit is 3
    Buy (2) Huggies $9.59 each =19.18 (+7.95 toward the 20 =27.13)
    use (2) $3.00/1 printable Huggies Coupons
    use $3.00/$15.00 Survey Coupon
    use 5up
    Pay $5.18
    get 5 up
    overall paid:16.77+5.18+5.18=27.13 for 7 packs is 3.88 each PLUS a 5up for next purchase.

    • Shannon


      Someone mentioned theirs did not track. Wondering what the case is. I don’t buy Huggies, so I am not sure.

  • kris

    Hey, did you guys read EVA’s comment…this deal tracks. So you can buy more and it will roll to the next one, so if you don’t get to the 20 because of discounts, do the deal again and it will and the left over the 20 will count towards the next twenty. No need to return, price modify, etc. but know that 20%discount probably can be figured in…i have the 10 % so I probably don’t have to worry about it.

  • Danielle

    Wish I saw this before shopping this morning. This is the first time I received the wellness discount instead of the sale price, or at least the first time I noticed and was at a disadvantage. I bought two packs of Huggies and of course they rang $9.59 instead of $10 and the up didn’t print. The cashier was very nice and returned/rerang each pack by price modifying them to $10.00 each. The swim pants would have been a great idea for about a dollar more. Oh well!

    • Shannon


      Its one of the down sides to the discount.

    • ariana

      I was wondering if they would re-ring the stuff w/o our discount. I had a similar situation with a vitamin deal a while back.

      • Shannon

        You wont get the UPR though, so that doesn’t help.

  • Eva

    This is what I did(by accident):

    1st transaction
    2 pkgs huggies baby dry-used $2 cp and $3off $15 cp-no $5 ups yet because I didn’t figure in the discount

    2nd transaction
    2pks goodnights pullups
    1 case huggies wipes-
    I used $3off$15 cp
    I got back 2-$5ups

    3rd transaction-
    I got 10 sobelife waters
    2 snapples
    4 pks orbit gum
    1pk stride gum
    I used:
    $3off $15 cp
    2 orbit $1 cps
    1 RA printable Stride? .50 cp
    2-$1.50 sobelife cps from the Moments to save
    2-$5 ups
    Total oop: .96 not bad I think


  • Tiffany

    I have the 10% off and I bought 3 jumbo packs, used 3 off 15, then 2 $3 off 1 and I just got my Huggies Rewards Free jumbo pack coupon! Scored great today cost me $6 for 3 packs!!!! THANK YOU!

  • Leslie

    the deal you posted may not work b/c the $7 price for the little swimmers is a sale price – no discount.
    I have a discount but the diapers rang up as the $7 sale price.

    • Shannon

      It would be off by $.13, but still would work. It is depending on your stores shelf price as to whether the discount is less than the sales price.

      $6.87 is the 20% off price at my store, sales price is $7.00 — so $.13

  • kristin

    Here’s what I did and it only works because the reward is tracked and a limit of 3 (although I only did 2 transactions).

    3 Little Swimmers in the first transaction get 5up+ wyb $20

    This gave me $1 over the $20 needed so I could use it towards my second huggies deal:

    2 Huggies Box diapers $9.59 ea (w/20% discount) and I got a 5up+ because this promotion keeps a running total so in the first transaction I was over the amount by $1. I could use that $1 towards my next huggies transaction to reach $20 and get the $5 up+ reward.

  • Jessica

    Does anyone know if the Pure and Natural Diapers are included?

    • Mel

      They usually are. I haven’t been to the store today to confirm though.

    • Christina

      Yes they are