Rite Aid Deal Updates 2/27

Here are your Rite Aid updates for today:

  • BodiHeat is producing a $1.00 UPR for sure. However, it will end 3/1/11.
  • All the snacks are printing as per originally thought until 3/1/11. (meaning after Tuesday, the Lays Stacks and Combos are no longer free)
  • Butterfinger Snackerz are included in the 2/$1.00, making them free.
  • There is a new way to get the $3.00/$15.00 coupon – see here.
  • Some people are finding the 80 count Rite Aid Dryer Sheets ringing up at $.99 (clearanced) and producing $1.00 UPR.  (Have a price check done)
  • The $2.00/$10.00 Video Values coupon – is on very specific beauty items – so don’t waste your time watching that if you are looking for a generic $2.00/$10.00
  • Remember to stay under 20 UPR – not $20, but 20 individual UPR – or you can have problems with your UPR printing.

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  • Nina

    Ugh, I thought the Body Heat UPS was all week. I went to one RA today and they had a bunch of boxes. They also had TONS of the Combos and the Lays. I only bought 2 of the Lays because I didn’t want too much junk food in my house. As soon as I left the store and was back at work I wished I bought more chips since they had so many, lol.

  • I would suggest that anyone who is fed up with the shelf clearers taking it all and want to see limits placed on the free items, that you contact RA customer service. Call 1-800-Rite-Aid or email RA via the website.
    The only way you are going to get anything to change is to grumble to the right people. ;-)

  • ashley

    My store made a mistake and posted 75% clearence on Jane make up TODAY, but it actually starts 3/1. They adjusted the price for me, making 6 tone eyeshadow and mascara about $1.39-$1.49 each. I didn’t have any coupons, UPRS, etc. on my trip today, so I’m sure others can do better if you are prepared. Keep an eye out!

  • Kelly

    I am a typical Rite Aid shopper at 9am on Sunday morning! However, I was so disgusted yesterday morning with the behavior of other mothers that were waiting in line outside at 850am! People were taking every single item on the shelf! I think that is extremely rude and unfair to other people who are there to pick up ONE of the same things! A woman had swipped all 8 of the Bodi Wraps, 9 cans of Folders coffe, and every single bag (except the 1 bag I grabbed) of combos, and she also took 6 bags of TGIF snacks! I understand that everyone is out to get a deal…but if your taking the entire stock on the shelf, then how can anyone else get a deal too!?

    • Wilma

      I went to two Rite Aids yesterday to get the Bodiheat patches. The first had a limit of two, the second a limit of four. Then when my friend went to go pick some up, they were all gone. Apparently a SHELF CLEARER picked up all the rest at both stores right after I was told about the limits. I agree, I wish the limits were enforced to make it fair for everyone. I have a very sore shoulder, and could really use all the Bodiheat patches I could get.

    • R Bolla

      “I am a typical Rite Aid shopper at 9am on Sunday morning!”
      …This is not typical.

      “other mothers that were waiting in line outside at 850am!”
      …If this is true, I actually feel sorry for these people.

  • Jason

    Would you people know I went to between my daughter and I to 8 rite aids and found no body heat?

    I have been using these as if they were water due to the amazing snowfall latelly.

    Are they in a different section or something?

  • Jessica

    I used my $2.00/$10 Video Values from the Beauty Bonus Offer on my purchase today. It was actually the cashier’s idea to try ringing it up to see it will work and it did.

    • Shannon


      I wouldn’t advocate using it on items that it is not listed for, even if a cashier suggests it – it is not the proper usage.

  • themommyliza

    Thanks for the updates. I didn’t know that about the 20 UPRs. That means having no more than 20 items which would print a UPR, right? What about using them on the next purchase? Are there any restrictions then? My receipts seem to be getting longer each time I shop there!

    This tip may have been share here before, but since I’m new, I’m not sure. I visited a new Rite Aid this week and learned something VERY interesting from the manager on duty. He said he suggests holding back some coupons to be rung up AFTER you’ve used your UPRs. He explained that, while a UPR cannot be used toward tax at all, a coupon can! It takes a bit more calculating than my brain can handle, but today I asked what the tax was on my order before I started ringing in any coupons. I saved out a couple of $1 coupons and had him ring them up after my number of allowed UPRs, and it reduced my tax by $2. I paid $1.12 cash on a $39 bill. Very cool, in my opinion!

    Thanks again, for all you’re teaching us, Shannon!

    • Shannon


      Eh Liza, that advice from the manager is not always true. Sales tax laws vary greatly from state to state, so it may not work for all areas.

      • themommyliza

        @Shannon, why do they have to make things so complicated? Ugh.

        • Shannon


          Well Liza, I only know this because by trade I am an accountant and have done one to many Sales Tax filings over the years. :)

  • Kathy

    I just wanted to say Thank you and to let you know that I really like your blog and how you cover all of the Rite Aid sales. No one else covers them as well as you do. Your enthusiasm for Rite Aid really shows and I enjoy it!

    • Shannon


      he he Im glad you enjoy it because most days I feel like a dork over a good deal :)

      • themommyliza

        @Shannon, I am definitely grateful for the time you invest!

    • Krissy

      @Kathy, I agree with you Kathy! Shannon is the best at reporting the updates!

  • Candi

    At my Rite-Aid some of the boxes of Bodiheat also had a .50 cent peelie coupon attached. Makes a great deal even better!

    • Cindy

      @Candi, I found two boxes at my store today and both had peelies! I was very excited to get these as I hurt my shoulder this week.

  • Cost Cutters on Facebook

    The Bodiheat DID NOT print for me this mornin….what is the UPC?

    • Kathy

      @Cost Cutters on Facebook, I got 2 different kinds and the +Up printed for me for both of them.

      Neck, Shoulder, Wrist – 3 pack – UPC – 0-28373-76983-6
      Standard rectangle – 4 pack – UPC – 0-28373-74984-5