Nat’s Newbie CVS Shopping = Free

Natalie decided to hit CVS before church, so that she could get the best selection.  This week she was starting with $5.99 ECB from last week.

Here is what she did:

(1) Renu $8.99
(1) ThermaCare $3.79
(2) Excedrin $1.98
(1) Schick Quattro $8.99
Total $ 23.75
Used $5.00/1 Schick Coupon (nla)
Used $2.00/1 Renu Coupon
Total after Coupons $16.75
Got $1.98 ECB for Excedrin
Got $4.00 ECB for Schick
Got $3.79 ECB Thermacare
Got $7.00 Renu
Free after ECB & coupons

It was a relatively painless shopping trip, everything was instock! The only deal she passed on was the softsoap. She did not have the coupons and already had a few bottles of bodywash from prior deals.

How did you do this week at CVS?  See all of this week’s CVS deals here. 


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  • SherrieB

    Hey, Shannon, I see you’re getting lots of opinions about your newbie posts so here’s mine ;) :
    I’ve been following since you first put them up, so I understand the point of them – just helping those like your sister who may just want to save a few bucks here and there and not be “extreme couponers” like ourselves (he he) but if in the future you would decide to put a little intro of sorts including that info, you might want to just add that for people to check out the comments for different transaction ideas if they want to take it further. Then it saves you work and keeps the CVS die-hards happy. :)
    I do appreciate all your work, and for those who comment with all their work, too! Have a great weekend!

    • Shannon

      Sherrie – great idea :) You know that I am not the CVS expert.. now rite aid.. thats another story!

  • Amy

    I actually liked Janelle’s breakdown. Any way you could do more posts like that in the future?

    • Shannon

      Amy, all of my Rite Aid posts are done that way. For CVS, I do not shop there. Natalie is not going to be doing three transactions a shop for this series.

  • Jenn

    Shannon –
    Did you see the regional insert for CVS coupons this week?
    Some of the coupons (food items like progresso soup) are store coupons and not MQ’s. Think they would stack?

  • Rikki J.

    I bought the (1) ThermaCare $3.79, (2) Excedrin $1.98, (1) Schick Quattro $8.99, (2) Soft Soap Hand, (4) Hershey’s Candy Bars and (1) 100 ct. Advil for $16.08 after using coupons, Extra Bucks and a buy 2 candy bars get one free sale, plus free candy coupon from Facebook. And I received $14.77 back in Extra Bucks.

  • Mindy

    I had an awesome trip to CVS! I had to do 4 separate transactions to maximize my savings, but it was worth it. The store wasn’t busy so I took advantage of being able to do separate transactions. Otherwise, I would have just done one and saved my EB for another trip.

    Transaction 1

    (1) Re-Nu Contact Solution $8.99
    used $2/1 Re-Nu coupon
    used $5.69 EB’s from last week
    PAID: $1.30
    Got $7 EB

    Transaction 2

    (2) Softsoap Bodywash 2/$6.00
    (1) Quattro for Women razor cartridges $8.99
    used (2) $1/1 Softsoap bodywash coupon
    used $5/1 Schick Women’s Quattro printable
    used $7 EB from Trans 1
    PAID: $1.05
    Got $4 EB for softsoap
    Got $4 EB for Schick

    Transaction 3

    (3) bags Hershey’s Snack Size 3/$10
    (2) Pantene products 2/$6.97
    used $1/3 bags Hershey’s coupon
    used $3/2 Pantene coupon
    used $8 EB from Trans 2
    PAID: $4.04
    Got $3 EB for Hershey’s
    Got $1 EB for Pantene

    Transaction 4

    (3) bags Mars Fun Size 3/$8
    used $1.50/3 Mars coupon
    used $4 EB from Trans 3
    PAID: $2.50
    Got $2 EB for Mars

    TOTAL OOP: $8.89

    • Shannon


  • Janelle

    If she did this all in one transaction, she actually had some OOP expense. I always try to limit the OOP expense, so if I was to buy these items, I would have broken it up into 3 transactions:

    Transaction #1
    8.99 Schick
    1.98 Excedrin
    -5.00 coupon
    Use 5.99 ECB and get back $4 + 1.98 ECBs

    Transaction #2
    3.79 Thermacare (Could add something for 50 cents and pay a little overage)
    Use $4 ECB from trans #1 and get back $3.79

    Transaction #3
    8.99 ReNu
    -2 coupo
    =6.99 total
    Use $3.79 ECB + $1.98 ECB (from trans #1)
    and pay only $1.22 OOP

    Get back $7.00 ECBs for next week

    • Shannon


      This series is for people who are not looking to be serious couponers only to save money long term. Many people quit because it gets way to confusing. So, the objective here, for someone who has never couponed to learn to start simple. So we are keeping it super simple for these readers.

      • Janelle

        (My name is actually Janelle not Janette – honest mistake!)

        I can understand that, but then I would be sure that I would ONLY buy the things that I would actually use and need, not just because they were on the ECB deal. I buy things that I don’t need, in order to turn over some ECBs – and I simply pass it along to a relative, friend or charity of some sort.

        • Shannon


          he he that is called looking at the computer without glasses and two l’s looking like two t’s – the joys of getting older. Sorry about that.

          Yep, I think Natalie is doing just that. You will notice her shops do not include everything each week that is available. I guess I should be the introduction back in the beginning of the post as to what the series is about. Thanks for the thoughts.

  • liz

    where is the Renu coupon from? The one from their website says no prints available.

    • Shannon

      Liz its probably gone now.

  • Cheryl

    Where in CVS did you find the Excederin? I looked in the Travel Size product location and the regular Pain Reliever aisle but could not find it? Any help is appreciated.

    • Jen

      Cheryl- I have found it on a hanging display in the front of the store attatched to the end caps. I have also found it right around the cash registers in the impulse buy area. Since this is a product that they do not always carry I usually just ask someone.

      • Cheryl

        Thank you :-)

  • Lisa

    I had a problem with the buy $10 of Physician’s Formula and get $7 ECB. The ECB did not print, but the manager printed it for me. I bought the Plump Potion for lips. I also did the same deals as Natalie, plus cheap Dove body wash and U by Kotex.

  • Jess

    Thank you for all your posts because I’m constantly logging on to your site to see what great deals are out there. It’s all very much appreciated..

  • Jess

    I brought the Washington post this morning and it had a 4.00 off coupon for the Glade sense spray which is on sale for $6.00 at CVS. I brought the sense spray, Schick Quattro and 2 soft soap my total was $6.35. I got $8.00 in ecb. I’m very proud of myself because I’m fairly new at this..

    • Shannon

      way to go Jess. Natalie is new too, she just started couponing in August. She obviously has a little extra help, but she is doing it on her own!

  • Tiff

    Anyone try using the $3/1 Rimmel Accelerator Mascara or Serum coupon from the Sep. All You magazine? The machine beeped for me and the cashier said I had to use it at Walmart because on the coupon it does say “Purchase at Walmart”. That was my only problem at CVS today.