How To Coupon At CVS


What is the CVS coupon policy?

Here is the CVS Coupon Policy!

What are Extra Care Bucks (ECBs)?

ECBs are rewards that you get for:

  • buying a qualifying item
  • spending a certain amount in the store during a quarter of the year
  • spending a certain amount of money on certain items (like beauty items).
  • They will either print out at the bottom of your CVS receipt or they will print out when you scan your CVS card at the Red Machine.

What is the Red Machine?

It is the big red store card scanning machine when you first walk into a CVS store. It looks like this:

CVS Red Coupon Machine

Scan your CVS card at it in the beginning of each trip to the store, and coupons may print out just for you!

Tip: Scan your card again once the coupons print out. The machine will give you coupons until it tells you that you are a super scanner. At that point, you have flexed your super scanning muscles to the fullest and no matter how hard you try, you won’t get more coupons until at least the next day.

What is a CRT?

Cash Register Tape. When we talk about CVS, usually a CRT is a coupon that prints from the red machine or at the end of your receipt (a coupon, not an ECB. ECB are still called ECBs and CRTs are not ECBs)

How do I use ECBs?

Use them like cash, but don’t expect them to hand you change. If you buy an item that is $2.50 and you give $3 ECB, they’ll just adjust it down. You don’t get $.50 change.

Does CVS double coupons?


Can I use a CVS store coupon and a manufacturer coupon?

Yes! As a matter of fact, you can use a manufacturers coupon, a store coupon, and ECBs to help pay for your item!

Can I use a CVS store coupon and Extra Bucks in the same transaction?


Can I use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale at CVS?

Yes! And this is a great question because it is even addressed in the CVS Coupon Policy. If you use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale, you’ll get both items for free!

Can I use a coupon on a free item in a BOGO sale?

Yes! That’s also addressed in the CVS Coupon Policy.

I have a percent off store coupon and a dollar off store coupon. Can I use them both at the same time?

Not usually. The percent off coupons typically say that they are not good with any other offers or promotions. Make sure you read the fine print.

Where do I find CVS coupons?

You can get CVS coupons via email or snail mail (directly from CVS), in store at the Red Machine, in store at the bottom of your receipt, or from time to time CVS throws up a printable coupon directly on their website.

I forgot my Extra Care card. Can I still print coupons and do deals?

Yes! Many of the Red Machines have been updated and now give you the option to enter your phone number into the machine. Once you do that, coupons will pop out just like they magically do when you scan your card.

Same deal at the register. Just tell them your phone number and they can look you up that way.

How soon can I use my ECBs after I earn them?

Right away. Do you want to buy another item with the ECBs you just earned? Go right ahead. Just be mindful of the people standing behind you in line. Maybe get back in line so you don’t upset others.

Can you roll ECBs?

You can use ECBs to buy other items that are eligible for ECBs as well.

Does the total amount spent on the spend $xx get x ECB deals have to be met before coupons?

Yes. As long as you meet the requirements before you hand over any coupons or ECBs, that will qualify you for the ECBs. CVS is cool like that.

I saw a buy $30 get 5 ECB advertised. My total is at $29.98, will I still get the ECBs?

Maybe. If the deal is only buy $30 get 5 ECB, then yes. If this is a “tiered” deal, no. You must meet or exceed the total in the case of tiered deals.

What is a tiered deal?

A tiered deal looks like this :

Spend $15, get $5 ECBs OR spend $25 and get $10 ECBs.

It is a deal that has 2 levels to it.

What are Beauty Bucks?

You can sign up online or in store for a program called Beauty Bucks. With this program, you will get a $5 ECB for every $50 you spend in eligible beauty items like shampoo, makeup, lotion, etc… It usually takes a day or two to credit to your account once you hit the $50.

Does CVS give rainchecks?

Yes! And the best thing about them is that they NEVER expire!

When can I see next week’s matchups?

Saturday. Check here for the most recent deals and matchups.

I have an expired CVS coupon, will my store still accept it?

No. It is in the official CVS Coupon Policy that they do not accept expired coupons.

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